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Hey Darlin', a couple things, if I may: 1. Your blog is very entertaining, so thank you for writing it :) 2. 2p Prussia- you are adorable little honey bunch, and I'd love to give you a hug. & 3. May I ask how the 2ps would react to being asked for help with getting ready for a first date? ~That's all, thank ya kindly Darlin'

((*speechless* aaaah what– >/////<

hhhhn, thank you… and btw, gilen said you could hug him but only if you’re gentle with him ;//w//; ))

2P: *gets asked for help with a date*

2p!america: huh? you want my help? i-i mean, of course you want my help! listen bro, just be at the place five minutes early and don’t take her to some shithole restaurant– in other words, no fuckin’ place that serves meat, got it? *lowers sunglasses and grins*

2p!china: wait, you got a date? *pouts* lucky… er, i mean, hey, we should go on a double date! *pauses* uh, not that i have a date… yet! and we could go somewhere fun, like a carnival or something. girls love ferris wheels, don’t they? *smooth chuckle, lights up pipe*

2p!england: oh goodness, first of all, congratulations, my boy! i am glad you have finally found yourself a nice girl~ anyhoo, i suggest you give her compliments on anything you like about her, such as her pretty eyes or hair, because we all know they’ll look lovely! also, don’t forget to bring flowers and smile for her!~ *grins as an example*

2p!france: *grimaces* uh, i dunno man, i don’t do dates…

2p!russia: *somber look* my apologies… i suggest you ask someone like luciano about this… i am no good with relationships or dating… however, i wish you the best of luck.

2p!italy: *sly smile* no worries dear, you’ve come to the right place~ forging relationships is my specialty. oh… what’s that? you really like this girl? *chuckles* i see. then, i suggest you treat her as the gentleman that i know you are. make eye contact, smile at her, listen to what she’s saying and be polite, never forget to open doors or pull out chairs for her! you hear me? oh, and be charming. i know you can do it. only make jokes when it’s appropriate and be sure to do things that’ll make her swoon, such as placing a strand of hair behind her pretty ear~

2p!germany: *laughs* just be yourself, man! you can be funny and she probably knows this. pff, don’t even be nervous. you got this cadet. *salutes*

2p!japan: *sighs* how would i know? you should just be glad she even said yes…

2p!canada: uhhh, i don’t know? tell her she’s cute…?

2p!romano: *gaspu* nO WAY?! OMFG, MY DARLING IS GROWING UP!~ come, we must decide on what you’re going to wear! a shopping trip sounds good, does it not? of course it does! you could use some new clothes anyway. *flips scarf* don’t worry, Flavi’s got you covered~ now, let’s decide on what tie color goes well with your eyes…

2p!austria: ohohohoho, why of course you’ve come to the beautiful me for assistance~ i am stunning in everything i do and i am glad you’ve come to realize this, lad! now, it is time for you to see the true austrian charm at work~ let us take for a social outing and you can watch how i handle the ladies, yes? be sure to take notes, oho!

2p!prussia: er, w-what? you’re asking me…? *squirms* i-i’m not exactly comfortable with this… and i’ve never been on a date before… *blushes* i’m sorry, i don’t think i would be of much help… you should talk to my brother about this, girls seem to like him. but if you really want my opinion, um… tell her she has a great smile, because i’m sure she does, right?

All Hallows Eve - Part Six

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thank you for reading. Feedback always appreciated. xoxox

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It was longest three days of Loki’s life. Even the year he spent waiting for the portal to her realm to open felt like a heartbeat compared to this torture.

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