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An examination of the drafts and finished letters written from Valley Forge shows that Tench Tilghman wrote about a third of Washington’s letters, Robert Hanson Harrison and John Laurens were next in line in the amount of correspondence they prepared for Washington’s signature.

Arthur C. Lefkowitz George Washington’s Indispensable Men

Alexander Hamilton would arrive on January 20th to become the 4th largest workhorse at Valley Forge.


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Week 22 (?) [who knows] ~ Captain Swan fics

2 lists in 15 days? as if it’s actually a weekly thing? who would have thought. let’s celebrate killian looking delicious in that cop outfit and our collective fangirl dream coming true. read and comment!

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MCs from FF net *fresh*

One Shots

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New headcanon, and I blame @forgedobsidian for it.

forged came up with the idea that All Might could need glasses at one point, probably needs them already. For those people who haven’t read the newest chapter yet – let’s just assume that Toshinori isn’t getting any younger here, and that he could need reading glasses when his eyesight is getting worse. 

But Toshinori doesn’t want to wear glasses. He isn’t able to be the Number One hero any longer, his health is already so bad that he has close to no stamina and spits blood on a regular basis. Wouldn’t wearing glasses make him even weaker? More useless, part of him says?

So he is completely against it when Recovery Girl brings it up. No thanks, he doesn’t need glasses. He will be fine. No matter how much he gets scolded and other worries that his eyes will only get worse, he remains adamant.

Somehow, Class 1-A finds out about their teachers dilemma. It’s Izuku who immediately frets, alongside with a few others – they can’t just leave the situation like that! They can’t allow their teacher to let his eyesight even worse just because he’s afraid how it will make him look. So they start plotting something – Izuku mumbling and thinking, the others helping out with their own ideas.

They have an idea when they see Iida adjust his glasses nervously, and they grin at each other as the perfect plan forms.

When Toshinori comes back to the dorms, Recovery Girl and Aizawa in tow who are still trying to talk sense into him, he is greeted by all of his students – wearing glasses. Iida’s spare glasses, to be specific. Each and every one of the children shows of the glasses, greeting their surprised teacher cheerfully, even though some of them are squinting and a few are already rubbing their temples against the upcoming headache.

When Toshinori asks what’s going on, he gets a simple answer:

“We’re just trying to show you that glasses aren’t that bad – especially not if they help you. So, please… think about it? We want you to be okay.”

And how could he refuse that? His students are worrying about him that much that they wear glasses for him just to reassure him – getting headaches and being blind as bats just for him.

He can’t bring himself to refuse such a request.

That’s how one evening after that, you can find Toshinori in the dorm’s living room, comfortable in his place amidst his students, reading a book while the kids goof around the room and a few crawl up to him on the couch to cuddle against him.

And the glasses perched on the bridge on his nose are not really bothering anymore, he notes absentmindedly as he smiles at something one of the children said to him, and adjusts his position so that the children can cuddle closer to him.

SSS - “Forged Love,” Chapter 1

There aren’t adequate words to express my appreciation to @akai-echo for the gorgeous work of art she created for my banner. Thank you! :’-)

Forged Love is complete—18 chapters in length. I will post the first chapter on Friday, July 7 and then a chapter every following Friday as I complete final revisions.

An excerpt from Chapter 1:

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clonewarswriter  asked:

1 4 5 13 for forge please?

1. Their physical weak spots

4. Best places to kiss on their body

Tawn belongs to @the-pyromaniacs-lily!

5. Guilty pleasures

13. What gets them flustered

Tonev is forge’s sister-in-law and she can beat him at pretty much anything he can’t stand it


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ADV.1 Wheels is a global leader of custom forged wheels for high performance and luxury cars. We design, manufacture and market concave wheels for the automotive industry.

Forged in Fire (1/?)

A CS Bladesmithing AU for @thesschesthair

Here’s to kilts, damascus and banging it out! (Eventually, so this one will get an E rating.)


She took everything the show threw at her.

Forging her signature blade – a mirror-shined bowie with an antler handle – out of reclaimed lawnmower blades.

The producer who seemed to want nothing more than to test the mettle of the rare female contestant and added the canister Damascus angle to the first round – a feat not only for the amateur home forge bladesmith, but some professionals as well.

A tough final challenge that had the semi-finalists returning to their home forges with five days to return with a weapon worthy of a win.

And this was all under the umbrella of a male-dominated profession. To hear the vast majority of her fellow smithers tell it, women were rarely up to the task. The working conditions were too hard, the women too physically weak to hammer out their steel.

When they were backstage during the meet and greet before filming started, he knew in a split second she was tough as nails. Chin held high, back ramrod-straight, arms strong, and a schooled expression that had just a hint of “fuck you” thrown in for good measure. He could tell she was used to glances and whispers, probably as much for her looks as for her chosen profession, or maybe a bit of both since she was beautiful; lithe and blonde with high cheekbones and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

Her three male counterparts all but confirmed his suspicions as they huddled together talking quietly amongst themselves, their interest in her as a specimen coming through loud and clear as their eyes raked over her body. When one caught his eye and winked conspiratorially, inviting them into their douchebag fraternity, he looked back at the man with a steely gaze.

He had a reputation as a hardass to live up to after all, plus he didn’t give a damn what was between a bladesmith’s legs as long as they produced quality work. And she did.

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Forged Love - Chapter 1

Forged Love - Chapter 1 is now posted on AO3.

I could not have written “Forged Love” without the tireless assistance of my wonderful betas: @papofglencoe, @finduilasnumenesse, and @titaniasfics. I am so grateful for your suggestions, advice, and encouragement. It was invaluable and is deeply appreciated.

A huge thank you to @akai-echo for the gorgeous banner she created for this story.

And finally, thank you to everyone who reads my story. I hope you enjoy it. 

This story is complete. Chapter 2 will be posted next Friday.

In the early 1830s on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a trading ship meets with a terrible fate, sparing only two lives, and a bond is forged that transcends survival.

When their captain’s rash behaviour results in a violent confrontation with the people of Nootka Sound, an adventurous, seventeen-year-old blacksmith and the thirty-year-old, dejected wife of a Hudson’s Bay Company officer are taken as slaves by the “tyee"— the powerful chief of the region. As months stretch into years, and expectations of rescue drift away, Peeta and Katniss discover that hope…and love…can bloom, even from within the crucible of their captivity.