They keep getting more and more perfect omg

An illustration for @forgedzine, an anthology of girls with swords. My personal stake in this theme is me skipping kendo practice so ofc I drew someone actually heading to kendo practice

Thanks to all the artists, writers, and our mod Camille for bringing these 72 pages of stabby girls to life! And thanks to everyone for their support in making this zine so successful. Btw, pdf copies are still available on storenvy, if you missed the pre-order window but still want a zine!

Imagine, when Loki fires Gungnir for the first time, the magic backfires spectacularly and de-ages everyone else in the room – including the Jotun hit squad, Odin and Frigga.

Loki and Thor have to rapidly forget their differences. Not only have they got two realms to run, but they have to bring up their parents.  Lacking a good example to follow, they turn to parenting books from Midgard. 

They actually do quite well at it and the tots get along just fine. A lasting peace is forged between Asgard and Jotunheim, but probably not the way Odin intended.