Have I ever mentioned my fanatical love for the Forge of Solus Prime? Honestly, I don’t even think of these shots as featuring Ultra Magnus, awesome though he can be. I just sit and look at it sometimes and think “Primus, that’s a beautiful hammer.” I’ve adored the Forge of Solus Prime ever since it’s first appearance. It’s definitely my favorite Artifact of the Primes. And in these shots, what I can’t help but think of looking at it is just how big the Thirteen were. I mean, look at that hammer, right? The head of it is practically as long as Ultra Magnus’s entire arm, minus the massive shoulder pommel… things. But when you look at it in the hands of it’s original owner…

There’s Solus Prime leading the charge against Unicron with her fellow Primes. I’ve always loved that, by the way, that the one swinging a hammer charged first. She just wants to smash that into Unicron’s face so badly. But I digress. If you look at the size of the Forge, glowing brightly, the head is only about as long as one of Solus Prime’s upper arms, from shoulder to elbow. It’s a bit more than half the length of her arm, not even close to the whole length like it is in Magnus’s hands. Which I think gives a pretty neat idea of the actual scale of the Thirteen Primes. Simply put, they be huge. Especially Prima, right there at the front, when you consider that the sword he’s wielding one-handed that doesn’t even look that long in his hands is the Star Saber… I mean, come on, here’s Optimus using that one both one- and two- handed…

That thing is huge. Optimus needs both hands to get a really, really good swing with it. But I like using the Forge as my reference better, because totally biased towards hammer.

I cried a little when they broke the Forge…

TFP has a lot of great eps, but i’d definitely say that Chain of Command is my #2 top favourite episode (second only to Orion Pax Part III). i mean

  • ongoing feud between screamer and shockey
  • “starscream, assume command of my beast”
  • wheeljack: “YEEEHAAA! [jumps off cliff]”
  • wheeljack jumping off the cliff, beheading a vehicon with his swords and ending with a perfect roll
  • Jackie’s sarcastic sword salute to Ultra Magnus omg
  • that whole epic scene where Jackie, Bulkhead and Magnus kick decepticon ass together
  • Ultra Magnus kickin ass with the frickin forge of solus prime like it’s not a special ancient relic or anything  #hammertime
  • miko emerges from her seahorse daddy
  • “yo, can i come with?” “why not”
  • predaking frying starscream’s helm spike
  • wheeljack legitimately considering miko as a Wrecker and being all proud dad
  • Predaking tossing Starscream around in the apex armour like a chew toy
  • Ultra Magnus’s faces. he’s just so done with everything already
  • wreckers vs predaking part 1 ayyye
  • starscream taking off the apex armour, wiggling his body & wings, “ahhh ventilation”
  • wheeljack trying to throw a grenade down predaking’s throat but hE FAILS AND THE FACES HE MAKES WHEN HE REALIZES HIS MISTKAE
  • “oh scrap”
  • Miko having to face starscreamand like not being afraid at all
  • predaking thinks apex armour is a chew toy part 2
  • miko vs starscream
  • and winner for the sickest burn goes to “even the strongest armour cannot protect the weakest of creatures” “protected you, didn’t it?”
  • miko CATCHES starscream’s rocket
  • miko with the wrestling moves omg
  • jackie legit being such a proud dad
  • thank u cameraman for closeup of starscream’s claws
  • predaking getting smarter
  • look how long tihs list is and i probably missed some
I haven't seen one of these yet so boom let's go

Transformers: Prime characters as stuff I’ve done:

Optimus Prime: fell asleep with my arms crossed while reading an important book

Ratchet: screamed at a spider and tried to smash it with an umbrella and ended up breaking it and then yelled at the spider for making me break it

Bumblebee: stayed up till 2am watching various memes all centred around bumblebee and “what bee says” videos

Arcee: said “you’re a human. Can you build me a large intestine” to a friend when they said I should know which hormone starts ovulation because I am female

Bulkhead: spent all night revising formulas for a test and could only recite said formulas for the rest of the next day

Wheeljack: in maths I changed all the word problems to have the word “bomb” in them

Smokescreen: leapt up in the middle of class and gestured at the board with jazz hands when a photo of Optimus Prime was shown in a physics lesson (it was about transformers- the power grid kind)

Ultra Magnus: pretended an inflatable hammer was the forge of solus prime

Jack: rode my bike to the middle of nowhere and then realised I forgot to bring my book so just sat there for an hour

Miko: dyed my hair red and blue and was optimus for Halloween

Raf: coded a program to quiz people on their knowledge of transformers that was so in detail nobody could pass it without the specific answers

Megatron: staged an overly extravagant swordfight with a pair of metre rulers over who was the most “extra” of the two of us

Starscream: threatened to stab someone with a knife several times for insulting my fashion sense

Knockout: had to watch a video on illegal Street racing as part of a school programme to deter us and all I could think was “damn those cars look cool”

Breakdown: bought a hammerhead shark plush and named it after a hammer brand

Soundwave: listened to cotton eyed Joe at 2am and tried to decipher what the lyrics mean (turns out nobody knows)

Shockwave: poured salt onto my friend’s food and told them it now matched their personality

Predaking: put on a terribly posh British voice when reading quotes in my English class

Arachnid: when we went to an army event with my school and the teacher asked where we should go next yelled “HELICOPTER” at the top of my voice

anonymous asked:

But since you have the Matrix, wouldn't that energy be able to keep you alive /IF/ (when) Elita did pass?

“No, It would not. The Matrix would be passed to another in my stead.

I nearly died, once; The Matrix was was close to being passed to Smokescreen, but he saved my life using the last of the energy expelled from the Forge of Solus Prime.”

That hammer is a sacred relic of the thirteen original primes. – It would stand to reason that in addition to confiscated Decepticon artillery, any artifacts of great cultural significance stored in the vaults of Iacon would also have been shipped off world. And none would be greater than this, the Forge of Solus Prime. For it possesses the power to mystically infuse raw material with working mechanisms.
—  Optimus Prime, Transformers Prime: Operation Bumblebee pt. 2

So my roommate and sister got me this, he just got here today. My friend Lissa has never truly seen me go nuts like this before, ha ha… but for this guy, it was worth it. This is the Platinum Edition, Weaponizer-Class Ultra Magnus… first thing I said when I opened the box was “Holy shit the hammer is huge!” Take that as you will.

I already own the Weaponizer Optimus Prime, and I will admit right off the bat that Magnus is a very obvious retooling… more on that in another post, though. The thing that’s killing me right here is just the sheer size of him, and the sheer size of that hammer. It’s massive! He actually stands just about to scale with the Voyager-class Bulkhead, and that guy is hardly small, himself!

The box was actually pretty impressive to me, too. I mean seriously, they put some effort into these things. I look forward to keeping it, and the packaging inside, just so Magnus can sit nice and comfy.

The one thing that both impresses me and disappoints me a little is the head. I love his expression; he just looks so pissed (I’m sorry you can’t see it in my crappy cell-cam shots) and his frown is kind of cute. However, he does not have the piece of transparent blue plastic you would expect to let the light shine through his eyes and that makes me a little sad. Still, other than that I absolutely adore him!

Comparison post coming up next!