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[The Rotborn Warrior]

Zareh is one of the highest ranking fighters in the Empire, not ranked much lower than the Frightful Trinity, in the same class as them, and is one often seen at the frontline during fights. He is a lot older than his appearance suggests, though his true age is unknown. He has been with the Empire for a long time, longer than they have been an Empire, having joined during their Bubbling Pit days in the Blacksand Annex, though his stay, due to him being more of a traveler, wasn’t intended to be permanent. The fact he seemed needed after a while coerced him into staying with them for the time being. And now, he can’t see himself permanently leaving them, though he does still leave from time to time to ease his wanderlust. He has never been one to stay in one area for long periods of time without moving around, ever since he lost his original home.

He was born in a small village in the Abiding Boneyard, on the edge of Rotrock Rim, where the dragons were few, but strong. He learned early on that the reason his mother wasn’t around was due to the fact that she was the Plaguebringer Herself. So in the beginning, he’s known his true parentage and has done what he can over the years to prove that he is a worthy son of hers. It may or may not have put a little bit of pressure on him as a kid, though he didn’t let that get to him too much, nor did he use it to his advantage.

Needless to say, he was only one of three in the village that survived a nasty Shade assault that tore it completely apart one fateful morning. He and the other two, one of which was an old Imperial named Keifer, and the other a bright red Wildclaw named Sata (who Zareh himself had to kill later on due to a betrayal that nearly resulted in the death of a hatchling) banded up together afterwards, on a journey that, at the time, likely didn’t have an end, to hunt down creatures of the Shade to help the world overall. They gathered many allies in the end, including a dragon who ended up being Zareh’s Charge, a female Guardian named Ida.

Eventually though, it all did come to an end after they bit off more than they could chew, which resulted in the death of almost all of the dragons that had gathered in this one large pack. Zareh, a male Guardian named Yukikaze, and a female Wildclaw named Vasska were the only ones to survive, though Ida, due to not being involved since she was taking care of hatchlings of her own and another dragon’s, also didn’t perish. Until he reunited with the two other survivors later, Zareh, due to him waking up first and dragging himself out, thought he had been the only one to survive the attack, same with Ida once he had told her what had happened. The two traveled together, away from that, once Zareh was recovered enough to make a longer journey, eventually having kids of their own, though they never considered themselves mates, at least not for long. He doesn’t know where any of them are, same with Ida’s first, original kids, but he does hope they’re alive and well. Not only that, but Ida herself had also gone missing years and years ago, and Zareh only knows she’s still alive due to her being his Charge. He knows that he’d get consequences if she died, and due to the lack of those, he knows she’s still out there.

He doesn’t actively hunt Shade creatures in the way he used to, though he still keeps an eye and ear out for Shade happenings so he can go and hunt things down. He is still a Shade Hunter, definitely, but he only seems to track down creatures that have been doing a lot of damage, and he doesn’t travel constantly in search for them. He also used to be hateful towards anything Shade related, though now, he does know that there are Shade possessed/tainted beings who aren’t harmful or very harmful, so he does his best to keep an open mind about it. Even then though, there’s no harm in being wary.

He was born with some of the markings that adourn his body, the wing, eye, and neck markings, to be precise. The rest of the markings are tattooing and jewelry, to enhance his natural look overall. The end result does tend to make him look a little intimidating, especially considering his scars, though he doesn’t mind much. He does like the edge it gives him.

His body is also littered with scars, from the years of traveling and fighting, the most notable being the one that passes over one of his eyes (which thankfully didn’t affect his vision) and a burn scar that covers a lot of his right back leg, rendering the whole thing sensitive, even the untouched skin/scales. He’s very proud of his scars, for they are proof of what he has gone through, proof of the fact that he’s a survivor, something that most Plague dragons would take pride in. Insulting his scarred appearance is one of the quickest ways to incite his temper and lose his respect, second only to insulting/talking bad about his Mother. He does not take insults to his heritage well, and doing either of the above things is insulting his heritage as far as he’s concerned. Questioning his loyalty is another way to get him riled up easily.

Those and his muscular build make him quite a sight, especially in battle. He’s also an experienced and strong fighter, hard to take down and very good at taking others down. He’s one of the individuals involved in battles that tends to get multiple enemies on him at once, due to how much of a threat he is known to be, despite the fact that it’s rare for him to wear armour heavier than light. He’s also one of the individuals who leads groups if the fighters need to separate.

He’s devoted, loyal, and even though he’s not as hot-tempered as he was in his youth, he still isn’t hard to anger overall. Angering him is not suggested, for he’s known to get quite irrational and impulsive when angered enough, and that’s a thing that will likely never change. He is also definitely the type to hold grudges, and in addition he has a good memory, so anything done against him will likely never be forgotten. He also is serious for the most part, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humor, for he does, though it’s hard to coax out of him sometimes.

He still does travel and move about, of course, so he’s often not seen in the Empire for days on end. A lot of his being gone does have to do with his Hunting, though other times he just travels and moves about just to do that, to keep from staying in one place for too long. It’s not common to see him wandering or walking the streets of the city, since he usually spends a lot of time with the other fighters when he’s not somewhere else entirely. However, it’s also not a rare sight for others to see him in one of the taverns at night, for that is the kind of place he enjoys relaxing in, though sparring with others is oddly relaxing to him as well.

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anonymous asked:

Say your King dies suddenly and leaves a child heir to the throne. As a noble, how would you secure yourself as a regent?

Depends on the type of noble you are. A lot of regency is based on access to the person of the king, so family members (especially mothers) have a good reason to have frequent access to the king. Councilors entrusted with important positions are also useful, leveraging that position for actions that require the royal seal. Of course, a regency based on controlling the person of the child king runs the risk of someone waging a war to liberate said child.

A councilor could attempt to forge a royal writ naming themselves as regent and using the king’s signet ring, though a lot of people will claim that it is a forgery because of the convenient timing. The farther back you go with the king, the more credibility you might have, William the Conqueror invaded England with his papal sanction and with his long period of time spent with Edward the Confessor.

You could also use precedent from the last time your particular nation had a regency. Drawing parallels can get sacred precedent on your side.

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SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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Six Flying Dragons Timeline

(Updated up to ep. 50 / March 28, 2016)

Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC) / Six Flying Dragons (2015, SBS)  / Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS) are all connected in the same dramatic universe, according to the writers’ interview.

Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC)

AD 647



  • Goguryeo kingdom was conquered by Silla’s General Kim Yu-Shin.
  • Silla’s unification of the three kingdoms.  


  • Balhae kingdom was founded in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Balhae was a successor state to Goguryeo.
  • The coexistence of Balhae (North) and Unified Silla (South) lasted for about 300 years. It is called North-South States Period (698~926).




  • Balhae kingdom was destroyed by the Kitans. Goryeo accepted the refugees from Balhae.


  • Silla kingdom surrendered to Goryeo. The last king of Shilla became Goryeo’s noble.



  • A group of military officers launched a coup against civil offiers and succeeded to seize the power.
  • The military rule of Goryeo had begun. The age of warriors lasted for one hundred years. (1170~1270)


  • The first invasion of Mongols.
  • The Mongol’s Great Kahns had sent their troops to Goryeo over 9 times for about 30 years (1231~1259), but failed to conquer it.  


  • The military regime of Goryeo escaped Gaegyung with King Gojong and nobility and moved the capital to Ganghwa island.
  • While the fierce battles between Goryeo commoners and Mongol armies continued in the mainland, the nobility was enjoying their parties in the safe island. (ep. 16, Bang-Won’s comment)


  • Yi Seong-Gye’s ancestor, Yi An-Sa, gave up fighting and surrendered to Mongols. He was appointed as a Darugachi, the high officer for the Mongol empire.


  • King Gojong of Goryeo voluntarily sent his crown prince to Mongol's  Kublai Khan to negotiate a peace treaty. A truce between Goryeo and Mongols was concluded in 30 years.
  • Kublai welcomed Goryeo’s crown prince because he was fighting with his younger brother over who should be the next Mongol emperor. The peace treaty with Goryeo helped him beat his brother and rise to the throne.


  • As the last leader of Goryeo’s military regime died, the war against Mongols was officially over.
  • Goryeo could keep autonomy, but every king of Goryeo had to marry a Mongolian princess and be subordinate to the Mongolian Khans. It lasted for about 80 years.



  • A Goryeo noble woman became the empress of the Yuan Dynasty of China (the Mongol Empire). She is known as Empress Ki.
  • As a result, her brothers also seized power in Goryeo court. But they had a bad reputaion for being corrupt officials.


  • Jung Do-Jeon was born. (King Taejo’s adviser, the first prime minister of the Joseon dynasty)



  • In December, Yi Seong-Gye and his father Yi Ja-Choon met King Gongmin in Gaegyung (the capital city of Goryeo) and swore their loyalty to the king.


  • In May, King Gongmin killed Empress Ki’s brothers and tried to remove the Mongolian influences from the Goryeo court.
  • In July, the king ordered Goryeo armies to recapture the northeast fortress occupied by Pro-Mongol forces. Yi Seong-Gye and his father secretly opened the fortress’ gate and helped Goryeo armies. (ep. 1)
  • The supreme commander of the fortress, Jo So-Saeng, fled away to the north. (In the drama, he was killed by his sworn brother Yi Seong-Gye, but it is a fiction. ep. 1)



  • In February, The defeated Red Turbans fled away to the north.
  • In October, Jung Mong-Joo passed the state exam and became a government official.


  • Instead of his dead father, Yi Seong-Gye became the commander of the Northeast region.
  • In November, the second invasion of Red Turban Army broke out.
  • About 5 days after King Gongmin’s escape from Gaegyung, the Red Turbans occupied the capital city and set fire to the streets. Thousands of citizens were killed. (ep. 12, Bang-Won’s comment)


  • In January, Goryeo armies led by 3 generals under supreme commander Jung Se-Woon defeated the Red Turbans and recaptured the capital.
  • But 3 days after the victory, the four war heroes got to be killed by the fake royal command forged by traitor Kim Yong. (ep. 10 and 27, Jung Do-Jeon’s flashbacks)


  • In January, King Gongmin returned to the capital. He stayed in Heungwangsa temple which was used as a temporary palace in the capital.
  • In March, the rebellion of Heungwangsa temple broke out. Traitor Kim Yong sent about 50 assassins to kill the king, but Eunuch An Do-Chi, Princess Noguk, and General Choi Young stopped the assassination attempt.
  • Kim Yong tried to hide the truth that he was the mastermind of the assassins, but his plot was brought to light. He ended up being executed 20 days after the incidents.  (ep. 10, Jung Do-Jeon’s comment) 
  • In May, Yuan China (the Mongol empire ruled by Empress Ki) declared Prince Deokheung as the new Goryeo king. 
  • In December, Yuan troops were sent to Goyeo to depose King Gongmin.
  • Meanwhile, Jung Do-Jeon passed the state exam and became a government official.


  • In January, General Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye defeated the Yuan troops sent by Empress Ki.
  • During the battle against Yuan troops, Jurchen army attacked Hamju which was Yi Seong-Gye’s base camp. In February, Yi Seong-Gye returned to Hamju and defeated the Jurchens.
  • In September, Yuan China officially gave up deposing King Gongmin.
  • Jung Do-Jeon got promoted to the king’s secretary.


  • In February, Princess Noguk died during her childbirth. 
  • King Gongmin almost went insane, being totally depressed about his beloved queen’s death.
  • In May, the king lost interests in politics and entrusted the state affairs to a mysterious Buddhist monk by the name of Shin Don. (* Shin Don was the last reformist politician in the Goryeo Dynasty.)
  • Jung Do-Jeon objected to the king’s order and resigned from the government.
  • General Choi Young was relegated to a local government office.
  • July 25, King Gongmin’s only son Monino (King U of Goryeo) was born by Prime Minister Shin Don’s slave girl Ban-Ya.
  • July 29, Lady Min (Yi Bang-Won’s wife, Queen Wongyeong) was born as Min Je’s second daughter.


  • In April, Prime minister Shin Don’s reform policies on land and slave system were hugely welcomed by the people.
  • Meanwhile, Jung Do-Jeon’s parents died. During his 3-year mourning for dead parents, Jung Do-Jeon intensively read the works of Mencius which became the foundation of his revolutionary thoughts.  


  • May 16, Yi Bang-Won was born as General Yi Seong-Gye’s 5th son. (King Taejong, the 3rd king of the Joseon Dynasty)
  • In September, based on Shin Don’s reform policy for Confucian revival, Sungkyunkwan was restored as the highest educational institution of Confucianism.


  • In September, Yuan Dynasty finally fled from the Chinese mainland to the northern region. (called “Northern Yuan” from then on).
  • Instead, Ming Dynasty of China was founded in the Chinese mainland by the leader of Red Turban army, Zhu Yuanzhang. (* Hongwu Emperor, the founder of Ming Dynasty)


  • Empress Ki died.


  • Jung Do-Jeon made his comeback to politics as a professor of Sungkyunkwan.


  • In July, Shin Don was executed for treason by false charges.  
  • Jung Do-Jeon got promoted to a central government official.


  • In October, King Gongmin established his royal bodyguards called Jajewi (자제위, 子弟衛) comprised of young and beautiful aristocrat warriors. (Hong Ryun in ep. 2, The plum blossom warrior in ep. 5)


  • When the Northen Yuan sent their envoy to Goryeo, King Gongmin threatened to kill them, but Goryeo officials barely stopped the king.

Six Flying Dragons (2015~2016, SBS)


  • In September, King Gongmin was assassinated.
  • After losing his beloved wife Princess Noguk, the king’s madness had been aggravated. He forced his other consorts to sleep with his royal guards (Jajewi).
  • When he learned from Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng that Lady Han (one of his 4 consorts) was pregnant with Hong Ryun, he decided to kill Hong Ryun as well as those who knew the truth. He wanted to make the baby his own child, so he talked about his plan to seal their lips under the influence of alcohol and fell asleep.
  • Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng was afraid of being killed, so he let the royal guards know about it. As a result, Hong Ryun and Choi Man-Saeng killed the king sleeping in the bedroom, and gave false testimony that an assassin from outside killed the king.
  • Yi In-Im (the historical figure that Yi In-Gyeom is based on) investigated the assassination case and found out the real culprits. Hong Ryun and Eunuch Choi Man-Saeng were executed. (ep. 2, Yi In-Gyeom’s flashback)
  • In October, Yi In-Im enthroned the late king’s 11-year-old son Monino (King U) despite of the queen dowager’s objection. Three years ago, the little boy had been officially declared by King Gongmin as his son from palace maid Lady Han, not from Shin Don’s slave girl Ban-Ya. In fact, it is one of the biggest mystery of Korean history whether he was a real son of King Gongmin or not.
  • By crowning the boy as a puppet king, Dodang trio including Yi In-Im took over the reigns of the court.
  • In November, a Ming Chinese envoy was killed in Goryeo. The conflict between Ming China and Goryeo was turning ugly.


  • As a result, the Dodang trio wanted to reestablish the ties with Northern Yuan (Mongols). They appointed Jung Do-Jeon as a greeter for the Mongol envoy.
  • Jung Do-Jeon rejected their order, claiming “It is against the late king’s will. If you appoint me as a greeter, I will either kill the Mongol envoy or sent him away to Ming China!” Therefore, Jung Do-Jeon was arrested by the raged nobles. (ep. 2, Jung Do-Jeon’s Jangpyeong Gate Uprising)
  • He spent 4 years in exile in Naju, Jeolla province, where he learned a lot about the impoverished conditions of Goryeo commoners and designed the concrete revolution plan.


  • In March, Ban-Ya claimed in front of the Queen dowager’s palace that she was the current king’s real mother.
  • Yi In-Im ordered to kill her by throwing her away to the Imjin river.
  • In December, Dodang decided to kill the baby girl born from Lady Han with Hong Ryun, the cause of King Gongmin’s assasination.


  • In April, Japanese pirates attacked the capital. General Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye defeated them.


  • In August, The naval battle of Jinpo against Japanese pirates. It was Goryeo’s first military use of gunpowder which was created by General Choi Mu-Seon. (ep 16, Yi Bang-Woo’s comment)
  • In September, in the battle of Hwangsan, General Yi Seong-Gye’s armies defeated Japanese pirates in Woonbong, Jeolla province. At that time, Jung Mong-Joo accompanied General Yi’s army as a civil offier. (ep. 8, Jung Do-Jeon’s flashback of fake Japanese pirates)


  • Yi Bang-Won entered Sungkyunkwan.
  • Professor Min Je of Sungkyunkwan decided to make him his son-in-law.
  • Yi Bang-Won married Min Je’s second daughter. She was 2 years older than him. (ep. 15)
  • Hobaldo, the poweful Jurchen chief in alliance with Ming China, invaded the northeast region of Goryeo. (ep. 11)


  • Jung Do-Jeon went to Hamju and met General Yi Seong-Gye for the first time. They became close friends. (ep. 7~8)
  • In April, Yi Bang-Won passed the civil service exam and became a government official.
  • In August, Yi Seong-Gye defeated Hobaldo and submitted the border stabilization plan to Dodang. (ep. 9~12)
  • In September, Yi Seong-Gye returned to Gaegyung and entered into politics. (ep. 12)


  • Jung Do-Jeon made his comeback to politics by the help of Yi Seong-Gye. (ep. 17)
  • In July, Jung Mong-Joo and Jung Do-Jeon were sent to Ming China as envoys.


  • In August, Yi In-Im (“Yi In-Gyeom” in SFD) resigned from politics because of his old age. (ep. 13)


  • In January, Jo Ban’s rebellion broke out. It was fabricated by Yeom Heung-Bang (”Hong In-Bang” in SFD). (ep 15~16)
  • General Choi Young joined forces with Yi Seong-Gye and drove out the corrupt Dodang trio.
  • Yeom Heung-Bang (Hong In-Bang) and Yim Gyeon-Mi (Gil Tae-Mi) were arrested and executed. Thousands of their relatives were killed, too.
  • Yi In-Im (Yi In-Gyeom) was not killed. He was exiled to his hometown because he was good friends with Choi Young. (ep. 19)
  • As a result, Choi Young and Yi Seong-Gye became the top 2 leaders of the Goryeo court.
  • In March, King U married Choi Young’s daughter to maintain his power. (ep. 19)
  • Around the same time, Ming China demanded the return of Goryeo‘s Northern territory.  It was the land that the former king (King Gongmin) had ordered General Choi Young to retrieve from pro-Mongol forces in 1356. Yi Seong-Gye and his father also had helped it. (ep. 1) 
  • It had been a national project for Goryeo to retrieve the lost territory of ancient Goguryeo kingdom. Therefore, Ming’s demand made the diplomatic ties between the two countries significantly damaged. (ep 19~20)
  • In April, King U and General Choi Young drafted soldiers in the name of a hunt. They ordered General Yi Seong-Gye to carry out a preemptive strike against the Ming Chinese base in the Liaodong peninsula. (ep 19)
  • Yi Seong-Gye suggested 4 reasons why they should not go to war, but his opinion was dismissed by Choi Young. (ep 20)
  • In April, Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo were sent to the Liaodong Conquest. Choi Young was supposed to lead the expedition, but King U’s desperate request made his mind weaken and he decided to stay with the king at the last moment.
  • In May, Yi Seong-Gye’s army was stranded on Wihwa island, the northern border on the Apnok river between Goryeo and Ming China, due to increased water from heavy rain. Hundreds of soldiers dying in the process of driving a stake in the river to put a floating bridge.
  • Despite of Yi Seong-Gye’s desperate messages, Choi Young constantly urged them to cross the river.
  • Yi Seong-Gye arrested Choi Young’s messenger Kim Wan, and finally decided to stage a military coup.
  • May 22, Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo started to retreat from Wihwa island. (* Wihwa island Retreat.  ep. 20)
  • Yi Seong-Gye’s eldest sons, Yi Bang-Woo and Yi Bang-Gwa, escaped the king’s camp and moved to his father. His 5th son Yi Bang-Won evacuated the general’s family to Hamju. (ep. 21)
  • In June, After the street battle in Gaegyung, the palace was taken by Yi Seong-Gye’s army. General Choi Young was arrested and sent into exile. (ep. 22)
  • Yi Seong-Gye and Jo Min-Soo became top 2 supreme power of the court.
  • King U led 80 armed eunuchs to kill the generals but his plan ended in failure. The king was deposed and confined in Ganghwa island.
  • Jo Min-Soo betrayed Yi Seong-Gye and joined forces with Yi Saek to enthrone King U’s 8-year-old son, King Chang. (ep. 22)
  • Jo Min-Soo tried to reinstate Yi In-Im to prime minister, but found out Yi In-Im was already dead while in exile. (ep. 23)
  • In July, Jo Joon submitted a petition for land reforms, and it became a big issue in the court. Jo Min-Soo objected to it. (ep. 23~24)
  • Jo Min-Soo was impeached by Jo Joon’s accusation of land plundering and corruption. (ep. 25~26 The bloody banquet)
  • In August, Jo Min-Soo was released from the exile on a special amnesty given on King Chang’s birthday.
  • In December, General Choi Young was executed.


  • In November, Kim Jeo’s rebellion
  • After meeting King U in exile, Kim Jeo and Jung Deuk-Hoo conspired to kill Yi Seong-Gye on the Palgwanhoe (팔관회) festival day for the restoration of King U. But their accomplice Gwak Chung-Bo informed Yi Seong-Gye of their assassination plot in advance. (ep. 28)
  • Jung Deuk-Hoo killed himself. Kim Jeo was arrested and confessed that Yi Saek’s party conspired together. Even though it was unclear whether it was true or not, all of those involved in the plot were ousted and exiled.
  • King Chang was also deposed under the accusation of communicating secretly with his father, King U.
  • Yi Seong-Gye enthroned Prince Jeongchang, the descendent of Goryeo’s 20th ruler King Shinjong. (* King Gongyang, the last king of Goryeo Dynasty)
  • In December, King U and his son King Chang were executed by beheading.


  • Jo Min-Soo was executed.
  • In September, Jo Joon’s land reforms had finally been carried out. The land registers of corrupt nobles, being piled mountain-high in the street of Gaegyung, had been burnt for about 7 days. People watching this scene shed tears of joy.
  • As a result, the conservative privileged nobles lost their economic power and collapsed. Meanwhile, the reformist Sadaebu scholars gained new economic foundation. The age of Sadaebu scholars had begun.


  • In September, Jung Do-Jeon was impeached by Jung Mong-Joo’s party. King Gongyang didn’t kill him and exiled to Naju.
  • The power struggle between Yi Seong-Gye’s party (revolutionists to found Joseon) and Jung Mong-Ju’s party (reformists to maintain Goryeo) became a tinderbox.


  • March 15, Yi Seong-Gye was injured from falling off a horse.
  • April 1, Yi Seong-Gye’s followers such as Jo Joon, Nam Eun, Jung Do-Joeon were ousted and exiled by Jung Mong-Joo’s faction. 
  • April 2~3, Yi Seong-Gye came back to the capital in the middle of the night by the help of his 5th son, Yi Bang-Won.
  • April 4, Jung Mong-Joo visited Yi Seong-Gye’s house. The last guardian of Goryeo Dynasty was killed on Seonji bridge by Yi Bang-Won‘s men on his way home.
  • April 6, Yi Seong-Gye’s faction was released from exile and came back to the government posts.
  • June 2, Jung Do-Jeon and Nam Eun returned from the exile.
  • June 8, Yi Seong-Gye’s faction took over the military forces all over the country.
  • July 1, King Gongyang proposed the alliance of sovereign and subject, but it was rejected by Yi Seong-Gye..
  • July 12, King Gongyang was deposed. (* The fall of Goryeo Dynasty)
  • July 17, Yi Seong-Gye ascended the throne. (King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty)
  • August 20, Yi Bang-Seok (Yi Seong-Gye’s 8th son by his second wife Queen Shindeok) was installed as Crown prince at the age of 10.
  • On the same day, the names of Yi Bang-Won and other princes were excluded from the list of founding contributors.
  • October 25, Jung Do-Jeon was sent to Ming China as an envoy to announce the establishment of the new Dynasty.


  • March 20, Jung Do-Jeon returned from Ming China. The name of the country was officially changed into Joseon.
  • May 23, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China blamed Joseon for appeasing about 500 Jurchens and naturalizing them as Joseon citizens. Many of them had been soldiers working for Ming China, but they were originally Goryeo refugees living with Jurchens. Joseon was forced to deport them to Liaodong. 
  • July 5, Jung Do-Jeon was appointed as a military commander of Northeast region. He visited Jurchen tribes there and made connections with their chiefs for the future Liadong expedition.
  • In October, Jung Do-Jeon composed formal court music by himself and played the songs in front of King Taejo.
  • In November, Jung Do-Jeon created various battle formations. King Taejo ordered to use them for military training.
  • December 13, Yi Bang-Woo (Yi Seong-Gye’s eldest son) died of illness. He refused to become the Crown Prince and secluded himself in a mountain hermitage. His anger at his father made him drink too much that he got sick and died.


  • In April, King Gongyang of Goryeo and his 2 sons were executed.
  • Around the same time, not only Goryeo’s royal family but also their collateral blood relatives with a sirname of Wang were all killed or buried at the sea of Samcheok, Ganghwa island, Geoje island. (* The massacre of Wang clan)
  • May 30, Jung Do-Jeon wrote a book titled Joseon Gyeonguk-jeon and offered it to the King. It was the first constitutional law of Joseon. 
  • In June, Yi Bang-Won volunteered to go to Ming China as an envoy (a.k.a. hostage) to solve the deteriorated diplomatic relationships between Joseon and Ming China.
  • In July, Crown Prince Yi Bang-Seok married Shim Hyo-Saeng’s daughter. Shim Hyo-Saeng was Jung Do-Jeon’s close colleague. 
  • October 28, the capital city was moved from Gaegyung to Hanyang (Today’s Seoul, the current capital city of South Korea).
  • In November, Yi Bang-Won returned from Ming China.
  • Yi Bang-Won’s first son, Yi Je / Prince Yangnyeng, was born.


  • January 9, Jo Young-Gyu died of an illness.
  • January 25, Jung Do-Jeon and Jung Chong co-wrote 37 volumes of Goryeosa (‘The history of Goryeo’) and offered it to the King.
  • October 7, King Taejo ordered Jung Do-Jeon to name every buildings of the new palace, Gyeongbokgung. It was also designed by Jung Do-Jeon.
  • December 11, Yi Bang-Won’s 2nd son, Yi Bo / Prince Hyoryeong, was born.


  • June 11, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China demanded the extradition of Jung Do-Jeon who was in charge of the diplomatic letter sent to the Emperor. 
  • August 13, Queen Shindeok (Yi Seong-Gye’s second wife) died of an illness.
  • Yi Saek died.


  • April 10, Yi Bang-Won’s 3rd son, Yi Do / Prince Chungnyeong / King Sejong the Great, was born.
  • April 17, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China blamed Jung Do-Jeon for the root of calamity, and threatened to go to war against Joseon unless Jung Do-Jeon stop the Liadong expedition plan.
  • June 14, Jung Do-Jeon and Nam Eun tried to raise the army toward the northern border, but Jo Joon vehemently opposed their military actions.. 


  • June 24, Hongwu Emperor of Ming China died. His grandson Jianwen Emperor ascended the throne. Joseon court didn’t know about it yet.
  • July 11, Jung Do-Jeon’s Liadong expedition plan brought him into severe conflict with Jo Joon. 
  • August 2, Ha Ryun was demoted to a local officer by Jung Do-Jeon. He secretly advised Yi Bang-Won to raise the army during his farewell party.
  • July to August, Yi Seong-Gye laid in his sickbed several times.
  • August 26, The first strife of Princes.
  • Yi Bang-Won killed Prime minister Jung Do-Jeon, his colleague Nam Eun, and Crown prince Yi Bang-Seok.
  • In September, King Taejo handed over the crown to his second son Yi Bang-Gwa (King Jeongjong, the 2nd king of the Joseon Dynasty), but the actual power was in Yi Bang-Won’s hand.
  • October 3, Hongwu Emperor’s death was delivered to the Joseon court.  


  • In March, King Jeongjong moved the capital back to Gaegyung.
  • Auguts 8, the civil war between the Jianwen Emperor and his uncle Zhu Di (Prince of Yan) broke out in Ming China. It lasted for about 4 years. (* Jingnan Rebellion 1399~1402)


  • January 28, The second strife of Princes.
  • Yi Bang-Gan (King Taejo’s 4th son) rebelled against his younger brother Yi Bang-Won but his coup ended in failure.
  • Yi Bang-Gan was exiled. Yi Bang-Won refused to execute his elder brother, so Bang-Gan had lived comfortably until he died of an illness in 1421. 
  • February 1, King Jeongjong accepted Ha Ryun’s petition and named Yi Bang-Won as his successor. 
  • In November, King Jeongjong abdicated and Yi Bang-Won finally ascended the throne. (King Taejong, the 3rd king of the Joseon Dynasty).


  • Jo Mal-Saeng passed the civil service exam, and became a government officer.


  • April 9, Yi Ji-Ran died.
  • Jo Sa-Eu’s rebellion : King Taejo (Yi Seong-Gye) incited his queen’s relative Jo Sa-Eu to raise an army in Hamju to avenge King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) but it ended in a huge defeat. 
  • Zhu Di defeated his nephew and ascended the throne. (* Yongle Emperor,  the 3rd Emperor of Ming China)


  • In October, The capital city was moved back to Hanyang (Seoul) again.
  • Jo Joon died.


  • Queen Wongyeong (Lady Min)’s two brothers (Min Moo-Gu and Min Moo-Jil) were exiled.


  • Yi Seong-Gye (King Taejo, the founder of Joseon dynasty) died of old age.
  • Min Je (Yi Bang-Won’s father-in-law) died of an illness.


  • In March, Queen Wongyeong (Lady Min)’s two brothers (Min Moo-Gu and Min Moo-Jil) were forced to commit suicide in their exile places.


  • In December, King Taejong tried to depose his lawful wife Queen Wongyeong, but withdrew his decision because of his elder brother King Jeongjong (Bang-Gwa)’s dissuasion.


  • King Taejong ordered Min Moo-Hwae and Min Moo-Hyul to commit suicide in their exile places.
  • November 24, Ha Ryun died of old age.

Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS)


  • In August, King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) abdicated the throne to his 3rd son King Sejong the Great (Yi Do). But he continued to rule with an iron fist. 
  • In December, Shim On, the father-in-law of King Sejong, was executed by former King Taejong’s political machinations. <- Tree with Deep Roots (2011) begins here!


  • In June, the Tsushima expedition. General Yi Jong-Moo eliminated Japanese pirates’ bases on Tsushima island, which brought peace to Joseon for over 100 years.
  • September 25, King Jeongjong (Yi Bang-Gwa) died.


  • March 26, King Sejong established the Hall of Worthies (집현전, 集賢殿), a group of elite scholars selected by the king which participated in various scholarly endeavors.
  • July 10, Queen Wongyeong (King Taejong’s wife, Lady Min) died.


  • March 9, Yi Bang-Gan died of an illness.


  • May 10, King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) died.



  • September 29, King Sejong officially proclaimed the creation of Hangul.



  • February 17, King Sejong the Great died of an illness. His first son King Munjong ascended the throne.


  • May 14, King Munjong died of a malignant tumor. His 12-year-old son ascended the throne. (* King Danjong)


  • October 10, Grand Prince Suyang who was King Sejong’s 2nd son and King Danjong’s uncle staged a coup by the help of Han Myung-Hoi. (* He is Mr. Han of Milbon in TWDR)


  • In June, Grand Prince Suyang usurped the throne. (* King Sejo)


  • In June, Seong Sam-mun and Pak Paeng-nyeon were executed after being implicated in a plot to dethrone King Sejo and restore his predecessor King Danjong.

akm221-deactivated20171107  asked:

I think it would be cute if, in season 3, Star and Marco, as a couple, wanted to make Jantom a thing.

[episode idea] Star tells Marco that “double dates” are kind of a big thing on Mewni and in royalty in general as it forges alliances between different royal families / kingdoms and so she thinks it would be fun to have one themselves on Earth.

None of their friends are dating though and so Star decides that it’s up to her to find the perfect “double match” for her and Marco.