forge royale


Name: Allison Argent
Age: 17 
Parents: Chris and Victoria Argent
Distinctive features: Small scars along her knees and freckles over her nose and chest.


 Allison was born into a humble household, her mother a hunter and her father a blacksmith. From a very early age, they both taught Allison to earn a living, to work for what she wanted and raised her with strong moral values which she carries until today. Ever since she could walk, the young girl loved to take onto little adventures, being from visiting the nearby lake to trapping small animals. Although she got into trouble for it, she couldn’t stop. Being adventurous was just a part of her nature. Despite her poor living conditions, Allison always felt free, something that changed at the age of fourteen. 

Her father was taken to the castle, being the one appointed as the royal blacksmith and working for the king himself. Leaving her town meant, not only changing her fashion, but also her ways. Allison begun to have a correct education, learned to read, to write, to speak in the proper fashion. She was taught things that ladies should know, like how to sow and embroider. Although she felt as if she should feel grateful, she felt trapped, constricted between the stone walls of the castle. 

It was at the age of seventeen that she was taken as a lady in waiting for Princess Davina. Luxury came with her new life, balls and new clothes, and the chance to meet a suitable man to marry. Yet, she needed none of that, she wanted none of that. So, despite her parent’s advice, Allison still looked for every chance she could to sneak and explore the forest.


Positive: Adventurous || Caring || Determined || Loyal

Negative: Overconfident || Rebellious || Short-tempered