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Welcome to Forge Island!!!!!

We’re pleased to announce that Forge Island – which was revealed at PAX East – has passed the certification process early and is now available to download on Xbox LIVE, at no additional cost to Xbox LIVE members. A massive new playspace featuring islands known as the “Great Anvils”, Forge Island delivers three flat, modifiable areas that will give Forge creators both the acreage and new building assets to craft an infinite range of multiplayer maps for the Halo community to explore and enjoy.

Forge Island can be redeemed via the Halo 4 in-game store, or via the Xbox LIVE marketplace.


Forge Island - Not Too Impressed

343 decided to jump the gun and release Forge Island early today instead of the original April 11 date. While forge mode in Halo 4 allows for more extravagant things to be placed, this may lead to bigger and better community made maps for Halo 4. The only problem is the map sucks. The three islands are spaced way to far apart and basically no land. If 343 wants a great user experience they need to allow custom land and water placement.

The fact still remains though, it was free, and you can’t beat that.


My Forged Wedding - [Long Island Butlers Event] Jpn GREE

Thank you Voltage, for understanding us in having a soft spot for butlers, and giving us more of ‘em (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

For the non-GREE version, here.

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All 106 maps in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo CE

  • Battle Creek
  • Blood Gulch
  • Boarding Action
  • Chill Out
  • Chiron TL-34
  • Damnation
  • Danger Canyon (PC)
  • Death Island (PC)
  • Derelict
  • Gephyrophobia (PC)
  • Hang ‘Em High
  • Ice Fields (PC)
  • Infinity (PC)
  • Longest
  • Prisoner
  • Rat Race
  • Sidewinder
  • Timberland (PC)
  • Wizard

Halo 2

  • Ascension
  • Backwash
  • Beaver Creek
  • Burial Mounds
  • Coagulation
  • Colossus
  • Containment
  • Desolation
  • District (PC)
  • Elongation
  • Foundation
  • Gemini
  • Headlong
  • Ivory Tower
  • Lockout
  • Midship
  • Relic
  • Sanctuary
  • Terminal
  • Tombstone
  • Turf
  • Uplift (PC)
  • Warlock
  • Waterworks
  • Zanzibar

Halo 3

  • Assembly
  • Avalanche
  • Blackout
  • Boundless
  • Citadel
  • Cold Storage
  • Construct
  • Epilogue
  • Epitaph
  • Foundry
  • Ghost Town
  • Guardian
  • Heretic
  • High Ground
  • Isolation
  • Last Resort
  • Longshore
  • Onslaught
  • Orbital
  • Pit Stop
  • Rat’s Nest
  • Sandbox
  • Sandtrap
  • Snowbound
  • Standoff
  • The Pit
  • Valhalla

Halo 4

  • Abandon
  • Adrift
  • Ascent
  • Complex
  • Daybreak
  • Erosion
  • Exile
  • Forge Island
  • Grifball Court
  • Harvest
  • Haven
  • Impact
  • Landfall
  • Longbow
  • Meltdown
  • Monolith
  • Outcast
  • Perdition
  • Pitfall
  • Ragnarok
  • Ravine
  • Relay
  • Settler
  • Shatter
  • Skyline
  • Solace
  • Vertigo
  • Vortex
  • Wreckage

The 6 remastered Halo 2 maps

  • Ascension
  • Lockout
  • Zanzibar
  • <<unknown>>
  • <<unknown>>
  • <<unknown>>

-The Forge Of The Angels
-So I Could Find My Way
-The Humming
-Dark Sky Island
-Even In The Shadows
-I Could Never Say Goodbye
 -Sancta Maria
-Astra Et Luna
-Echoes In Rain
-The Loxian Gates
-Diamonds On The Water

Enya’s new album name and tracklist - confirmed on Unity! (Not an official photo)