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Bruised and Battered Chapter 6

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

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“So, everything pointed to Vampires, but the more I’ve researched, the more I’ve come to realize that might not be the case.” Sam said as you sat nervously in the back of the Impala. Cas was sitting next to you, staring at your knee that wouldn’t stop bouncing. You were a bundle of nerves. Nervous about the hunt that was your first in years. Scared at seeing your parents again for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wondering how they were going to react when they found you traveling with Sam and Dean.

“I believe it might be two types of monsters working together.” Cas answered, reaching over and placing his hand on your knee. The weight from his hand, along with the positive energy he sent your way calmed you enough that your body stilled.

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Pia, you are such a good writer. Do you have any books or fanworks (or other writers) that you take inspiration from? I used to copy phrases of 'interview with a vampire' so I could get a feel of how the prose worked, so I'm curious to know where you aquired such amazing skill. (and how i can get in on some of that action 👌)

Hiya anon!

I’m not sure I’m a good writer, but I’m glad you enjoy the writing! I still have so much to learn. So much, heh.

Nothing too specific, like I never went through a phase of copying phrases for example? But at university we sometimes had to write things in the style of someone else, so I’ve definitely done it for like…assignments. Just not privately.

By the time I was about 13 years old, I’d easily already read about 500 books (like, books with no pictures, lol), and by the time I was 18 that number was somewhere around 2,000. I had favourite authors, for sure, but there were so many at that point, that I no longer had specific prose styles I wanted to copy.

Like I remember I really wanted the childhood anguish I felt while reading The Monster Garden by Vivien Alcock (that fucked me up), but I know there were at least 15 other books I loved and adored and wanted to sink myself into. I don’t remember what they were now. And also like, TV and film? I wanted to write the feeling of watching The Last Unicorn as a child. I wanted dialogue that could be snappy and fast like what I saw in Press Gang (*sighs at Moffat these days*).

And that was like, as a young teenager. From there I just added and added to it. Like, okay, for example, in my study where I write - I have prints up on the wall. I look at them for motivation more than I’d ever read a favourite author before writing (the latter I think can pollute the integrity of my work these days, which isn’t to say it’s bad to write like them, it’s that these days I want to write like me). So I look at these prints. I have a ship in a sky to make me remember whimsy. I have a forest filled with moss to remember cool places, a whole lot of trees that make a gateway into a green sacred space that remind me of the Seelie and Unseelie Court, a lone house in the fog by a single tree, because I always want to imagine who lives there, a raven-woman, with a shaggy crest of multi-coloured feathers to remember shapesfhiting and magic, I have a fox lurking at night, a waterhorse-unicorn, a white raven soaring towards a golden moon, a phoenix-firebird, a sea-dragon.

That’s just some of it. I suppose because I need to evoke visual things in my brain before I can write.

I’ve cited clear influences for some things. Like I’ve said that Augus is somewhat an homage to Laurent from Captive Prince, which I’ve said since the beginning. But Augus isn’t a true strategist like Laurent, I still wanted him to be his own character. Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy in particular has helped me remember to anchor epic scope stories down into very real, small details - finding food and eating, getting dressed, sorting out the minutiae of the day to day. But I haven’t reread that trilogy in over 7 years. Cecilia Dart-Thornton’s Bitterbynde Trilogy is a huge influence (I highly recommend it, start with The Ill-Made Mute) because of the way she uses syncretism in her worldbuilding, with Australian native plants and animals found alongside characters like the Raven King and the Each Uisge (no really, it’s a strong influence, lol).

I don’t know how I got to where I got to. There’s really only two things that stand out: I consume creative content hugely, across a broad, broad sprectrum (music, movies, TV, plays, scripts, poetry, books - novels, short stories, fanfiction, art, sculpture), and I’ve written a huge amount. Like not-poignant wasn’t my first attempt at writing fanfiction, I’ve written over 300,000 words under another name, and I used to write privately before that.

And I’m sure if all of you privately wrote some 500,000 words, you’d all be really great writers (and probably a lot better than me!)

(And to be honest there are people who don’t even need to write that much to achieve that lol). 

I feel like I’m missing out on so many influences. But I am. How to describe that I want to capture in words that train scene from Spirited Away? Or that I want the first time I had Scottish poetry read to me in lunchlines to be the feeling I convey when I write about cold, rocky landscapes?

And this is just skipping out on fanworks entirely. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve read well over 10,000 fanfics, I don’t know how much fanart I’ve looked at. I have writers I love, but I’m not sure how much they influence me. A lot of the time I love things I can’t do, or don’t want to do, or don’t want to do like that. Like, porn done in brevity? Great skill! I find it boring as a writer, and interesting as a reader, lol.

Long sex scenes have definitely come from fanfiction though. Not just specific authors, but this global sense that it’s just okay and won’t ruin your story structure, worldbuilding or pacing to sometimes spend 10,000 words on a physically intimate scene that can contain characterisation, growth and so on. Fanfic taught me that. But which ones? Idk. I have a vague sense that Harry Potter and Thorki fandoms were the two biggest contributors to that concept. But I like over 100 authors who all do that in both fandoms.

Tl;dr - there’s no secret. Read a lot. Write a lot. Everyone will get better if they do that.

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I'm planning on coming out to my family as nonbinary this weekend, and was hoping that I could get some encouragement from Data and/or Geordi?

Geordi is incredibly happy for you, that you’ve discovered this aspect of yourself, and decided to share it with your family. He understands if it’s still making you a bit nervous, but he wants to remind you that they won’t stop loving you, even if takes them a little while to get used to your new identity. He’s proud of you for taking this step, and he’s here to support you!

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What advice would you give a first time d&d player? My brother is running a one-shot for me, my friend, our mom, and our cousin and it's my first time ever, though I do listen to Campaign and I've helped him make decisions both as a player and a DM in the past

:) awesome!! I’m glad you’re getting to play! I obviously think the world of these games, and hope you have a wonderful time playing them.

the best pieces of advice I think I can give to players are the ones I wish I’d had myself going in so sorry in advance if they’re sloppy and not useful for you.

1. Put your stuff on the table. I tend to construct rapidly and elaborately in my head. I can be content doing that pretty much entirely. But the point of play is collaborative storytelling. No one will know the cool thing you thought up for your character or for the scene unless you say it. Take the risk. You won’t be thought of as silly. I promise. The GM wants your engagement. It’s, most likely, how they figure out how to mold their game to your/others’ liking. And a large portion of other players’ fun is getting to see you shine. Don’t hold stuff in. Be awesome.

2. It’s ok to focus on the bits that interest you. Does your character’s clothing interest you? Indulge that. The spell list? Spend time there. Whatever’s fun for you should be allowed to be fun. Don’t monopolize things entirely so things aren’t fun for other players, but don’t deny yourself your own fun. Collaboration means you’re all doing something together. Let yourself figure out what your part of that means.

3. You are allowed to call for time outs, out of character clarifications, or set ANY necessary boundaries along the way as you go. You’re also allowed to ask for trigger warnings going into things. That might seem daunting, so here’s an application that doesn’t press on things we traditionally think of as a boundary-breaching. Your character is playing quid-pro-quo with the needle-toothed mage. You’ve been at it for around 10 minutes, and she has been handily sidestepping the information that you want to get from her. You also suspect she is feeding you some misinformation. Nothing is happening outside of the rules. This is frustrating. You’re starting to get frustrated. You call for a time out, and check in with the GM, “Both my character and I are getting frustrated.” The break enables the GM, who had previously been acting as a character meant to frustrate your character to be able to step back enough to see the bleed taking place and alleviate your concerns. “Ah. Your character is DEFINITELY allowed to be frustrated right now. They are being fucked over. But I don’t want you to be. You also have a chance to turn this around through cunning or a good roll. Are we good to continue?” If you are, the scene is reframed as a collaborative effort again where you’re both on the same side, the side of the story. Asking for breaks to sort through stuff that’s more complex than what’s on the table is ALWAYS OK. It helps everyone.

4. Bring a water bottle. Drink water.

5. This isn’t one I ever needed, but it’s one I’ve seen lots of folks be shy about so I guess this is the place for it. Unless you’re playing a game that’s just you and the GM, games are, in my experience, at their best when the party loves each other unrepentantly. Not everyone is good about speaking up for themselves, or finding room to showcase their own special talents, so help them do that. Love each other by helping each other be awesome. “Lidda, you’d be great at that!” Is a * 0 * moment for a shy player. If your game is more rp focused, asking folks questions about themselves is going to get you cool answers, and forge neat bonds for your GM to mess with down the line. Play with each other. It is your GM’s responsibility to introduce villains and other relevant NPCs early enough to make you give a damn about them. They have to earn each important conversation you have with an npc. Not so with the party. You kids have fun and indulge each other. It’s the good stuff.

Errr that’s all for now I think. Have fun! Oh! And you are 1000% allowed to make your first character a self insert. ALL of your characters can be that. Don’t let anyone give you ANY flack for that. And smooch that cute Jaebrin. Honestly.

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Okay so this is waaay in the future of their friendship but for the headcanon meme: Crocodile eventually tells Chopper everything about his past, from his childhood to Ivankov to Whitebeard, and how he never really considered his parents (or anyone) to be family. When he finishes, Chopper doesn't say anything at first - he just hugs Crocodile's leg, before quietly saying something like "Well, I think you've been very brave, and I hope you can consider me to be family."



CLYDE: “You know, I’ve seen a few of you guys mention mean anons, but I still don’t know what exactly happened.”
CLYDE: “I wonder if I can find them in here—“

CRAIG: “Hey dude, I’m done. We should probably hit the hay soon, I’m exhausted.”
CLYDE: “Hey Craig, do you mind if I ask something?”
CRAIG: “Shoot.”
CLYDE: “….”
CLYDE: “Where are you sleeping?”
CRAIG: “…?”

CRAIG: “The floor? I don’t want to punch your broken arm or something in my sleep.”
CLYDE: “Oh. Haha. Alright then.”
CLYDE: “I’ll go ahead and turn off your computer dude.”

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What is your opinion on lord shaxx? Have you ever noticed that despite his deeds, he keeps his titan mark barren? Also, it's interesting that he wields raze lighter, the sword who's lore deals with the fact that the consensus didn't listen to him about the battle to retake the moon

It’s not actually barren, there are subtle marks. No idea what they mean, but they’re there.

As for Shaxx himself, I have a very high opinion on him. He’s got his own tag on the blog because he’s a charming brash leader among titans, and inspires the best out of everyone among all the guardians so they have the best chance out there in the field. He’s insightful, because while he’s always raring for a fight, he alone noticed that Hive’s Sword Logic had a palpable effect on the battlefield before the Great Disaster. Raze Lighter, a purified weapon forged to answer the twisted physics altering blades of the the enemy into something purer, radiant with fire to cut through darkness, is at once a reminder of loss and determination. Learn from the Enemy, but never become them.

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How would the MFW guys react when the MC makes them jealous ?

I hope I got this right. 

Yamato: His whole body twitched when he saw her chatting with some guy on the side of the street. He walked up to her, grabbed her arm, and began to drag her away with a grave look on his face. “Y-Yamato…?” He dragged her to an empty alleyway and forcefully pinned her arms above her head. “_____ has to be punished for making me feel this way…”

Takao: He had been working quite a lot. And when he was home for the short time that he was, she was always doing something. It seemed they could never be together. One day, he arrived home early to find her talking on the phone. “Oh yeah I remember that!” She laughed. Takao’s brows furrowed as he crept up behind her and snatched her phone out of her hands, quickly hanging up. “Takao?!” She squeaked in surprise. He suddenly slammed his lips against hers. “I’ve missed you…" 

Ren: He watched silently as she chatted animatedly with Daniel. The both of them were laughing and Ren downed a drink with a glare on his face. Daniel seemed to catch his gaze and quickly excused himself. She looked a little confused and turned to Ren who continued to glare at her. Later that night, he straddled her. "I didn’t like that…” He mumbled, his voice barely above a whisper. “Ren…?” “You…being so close with Daniel…" 

Saeki: She had her arms tied above her head with her shirt. She was squirming as Saeki scattered kisses all over her body, his mouth leaving angry red marks over her skin. "Now everyone will know you’re mine, ____!” He growled, biting down harshly on her bare thigh. It’s crazy to think this all started because she was hugging an old friend of hers…

Yuta: “Who’s a cutie?!” “Meow…” ____ squealed as she cuddled the tiny kitten to her chest. “Oh you’re just so adorable!” For that past 3 hours she’s been doing nothing but paying attention to that kitten. Yuta was peeked over the back of the couch with a pout of his face. “________________…..” He whined, finally gaining her attention. “Give me some attention too, would you?” He whined at her, causing her to giggle. “Is Yuta jealous of a little kitty?” “Yes.” He pouted.

Kunihiko: “Hey baby~” A guy leaned on the bar counter next to ____.She glanced over and gave a slight smile before turning her attention back to Kunihiko who had been talking but was now silently cleaning a cup. “Yo bartender, a drink for the lady, huh?” The guy snapped his fingers at Kuni, motioning to her. Kunihiko sighed and glared at the guy. “Sorry we’re closed.” He snapped. “But-” “Cloed. Please leave.” Once he was gone, Kunihiko made his way out from behind the counter and pressed his lips to her neck and roughly sucked on the skin there. “K-Kuni!” She cried out with a soft moan. “ust marking you.” He smirked.

Enjoy! :3

- Lilyღ

Last Kiss Lost Memories Campaign

Voltage Inc. posted a campaign for their upcoming app, My Last First Kiss on Facebook where you have to find a “Lost Memory” that they have hidden across 5 apps. I have found all 5 so as usual, here they are… (*^◡^*)

Instructions and Screen Shots Below

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I know I just asked for MSB, but can you also write a headcanon for the morning ing after you firtst make love with the MFW cast? Please and thank you!

Yamato: As soon as your eyes opened, the teasing began. Your face turned red and you hid under the sheets as he continued to tease you.

Ren: When you woke up, he began to press soft kisses to your face. 

Takao: Being woken up to the sound of his soft voice was something else. You opened your eyes to see him smiling down at you with nothing but love in his eyes. 

Yuta: You woke to find him still passed out. He was clinging to your side, snoring softly as he slept, completely unaware of how cute he looked. 

Saeki: “Care for another round?” Saeki whispered huskily into your ear making your face burst into flames.

Kuni: You began to wake up when you felt his soft lips pressing against your neck. You woke to see him smirking down at you, his eyes glowing with mischief. 

- Lily

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(Still Annitsu) Can you make something where yamato and MC (Annitsu) get into an argument, and yamato leaves the house to cool down, and is gone longer than planned, (several hours), and decides to bring home groceries) meanwhile, she decided to take a hot bath, and stayed in too long, and is about to pass out from being in the bath several hours.. Yamato comes home, and finds the bathroom door locked, and she is not answering him, so he has to kick the door in.(maybe some slight romantic end)?

Kyaa! Yamatooo~ (hehe love this guy >3<) and sure I can ^ ^ hehe it’ll be a good getaway from BMP XD and…at the start it says ‘(Still Annitsu)’…does that mean you sent another ask at some point or am I just being stupid? Just wondering coz if you did I didn’t get it >.< he…he…he…aaaaanyyywaaay~



“I don’t know why you’re trying to make me feel bad!” he screamed, red-faced with anger as he glared at her. “You’re the one that’s being unfaithful!” She looked at him in shock, tears streaming down her face. “I’m being unfaithful?!?! Geez Yamato, do you even hear yourself?! IT WAS FOR WORK. HE WAS A CUSTOMER. I WAS SERVING HIM. Now please explain to me how that is being unfaithful!” She was waving her arms around in frustration as she shouted back. “I don’t care if he was a freaking customer! What I do care about is the fact that you’re going around TOUCHING other guys!!” “I SPILLED COFFEE ON HIM! OF COURSE I HAD TO CLEAN UP THE MESS!!!” She just couldn’t even begin to process how ridiculous he was being. What was with him? All she had done was clean up the shirt of a poor customer that had been the victim of her clumsiness. Why couldn’t he understand that? “You know what?! I don’t even care anymore! ARGH!” and with that, he stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him.

She stood there, shocked. “What…just…happened?” A flood of emotions attacked her. Confusion…anger…pain….worry. “H-he’ll be back soon…” she whispered to herself, desperately trying to reassure the nerves that were attacking her. “He WILL be back soon…right?” As she stood there, uncertain of how things would end up, Annitsu shook her head, as if doing so would free her from the worries that were swirling around her brain. “W-Well who cares? H-He was in the wrong anyway…I know! I-I just need to relax…” Though there was no-one to hear her, she spoke out to herself, almost trying to fill the empty apartment that she stood in. Nodding decisively, she padded towards the bathroom and began to soak in the relaxing water.


“Damnit! Stupid Pouty…when will she understand?” Yamato grumbled to himself as he held his arms, trying to warm himself up in the piercing cold. He sighed, thinking aloud. “Well…I suppose I can’t really go back now…not after what just happened…hm…maybe I’ll go to the supermarket…” and with that, he marched off, confidence in his steps replacing the uncertain shuffles he had been walking with before.

Back at the apartment, Annitsu was still soaking in the tub, though the water was now lukewarm and the originally relaxing aroma was wearing off. “…he’s still not back yet…I wonder why he’s not back ye-”

~3 hours later~

“I’m hooomee! Geez…who knew that so many supermarkets would be closed this late at night?” Yamato muttered to himself as he walked through the apartment door, changed his shoes and strided in with shopping bags clutched in both hands. “I said, I’m hooooommmee!!” He yelled louder, thinking that she hadn’t heard his earlier announcement. “Hm? No answer? …maybe she’s asleep…Pouty?” after placing the shopping bags into the kitchen, he made his way into the bedroom, expecting Annitsu to be sleeping peacefully on her side of the bed, as she usually would be at this time. However, when he pushed the door open…the bed was empty…and Annitsu was nowhere to be seen. “…Pouty?” Fear began to pierce his heart as he went to check the storage room. “Pouty? P-pouty where are you?” When she was still nowhere to be found, he chuckled nervously. “Ha..ha..C-Come on Pouty…y-you’re hiding aren’t you? W-Well it’s not funny anymore…so you can come out now!” Nervousness was replaced with panic as there was still no sign of her. “Pouty? Come on Annitsu! I told you, it’s NOT funny anymore!” He shouted in frustration as frightening fears began to swirl in his mind. Where could she be this late at night? She should know it’s not safe for a girl to wonder the streets alone at this hour…M-Maybe I was too hard on her…? D-Don’t tell me…she left? The last thought shot his heart as he ran to the door. “Damnit Annitsu…you better be safe…” Just as he was about to leave the hall, he heard a splash coming from the bathroom. It was faint…but it was there. Hearing it, he ran to the bathroom door and tried to rush in…only to discover that it was locked…and began knocking. “Pouty? Are you there? C-Come on…open up! …I-I’m sorry okay? Now unlock the door!” After a few minutes he began to worry again. Why isn’t she opening the door? …Why isn’t she answering? Hastily, he warned. “Pou-Annitsu..I’m coming in okay?” Backing up ever so slightly, he ran towards the door and pushed against it with his shoulder, summoning all his strength to make it burst open. As he went flying in, he discovered her sitting peacefully, eyes closed in the bath. The water had turned cold and it seemed that she had lost conciousness…but she was ok…and that was all that mattered. Relief flooded him as he chuckled. “Oh Pouty…what am I ever going to do with you?” Gently, he lifted her out of the tub and wrapped a towel round her, kissing her forehead as he did so. “ least you didn’t leave a jealous loser like me…” he muttered under his breath, as he proceeded to carry her to the bedroom.

As he did so, she began to stir, her eyes fluttering open, she looked up in surprise. “Y-Yamato?! W-What are you doing here?” her mouth was wide open in shock as he looked down at her in fake annoyance. “Duh, I live here remember? Or did you forget already, thinking about that loser at the bar?” he teased, watching her squirm. “Wha-Yamato I told you! he was just a cust- mmf!” Annitsu didn’t get to finish her protest as he silenced her with a kiss. “Y-Yamato…?” His expression softened as he gazed down at her, stopping in the hallway. “Shh…I know…and I’m sorry…I know that I was being unreasonable…it’s just that…seeing you being so…close to another guy made me so angry…” his expression turned troubled as he spoke. “It’s your fault you know…” “M-My fault?!” she exclaimed. “Well of course it is!” he smirked, “Whenever it involves you…I can’t help but be jealous! After all, what would I do if some asshole came and whisked you away?! Today proved that I just can’t live without you…so you’ll just have to take responsibilty and spend the rest of your life with me!” He proclaimed, resuming his route to the bedroom. “Wh-what are you talking about?” was all she could force out, whispering as her cheeks proceeded to blush a brilliant red. Throwing her onto the bed, he chuckled and bent down to kiss her yet again. “You really are too cute aren’t you?” He spent the rest of the night with her in his arms, every now and then tightening his grip and whispering, “My Pouty…”


Hehehe, hope you liked it nonnie! Thanks for the request and hopefully it was somewhere along the lines of what you wanted! ^ ^

Stay Beautiful~

-Sakura ~☆

Demon!ReaderXCas- part 2

Request: Could you do a part of the casxdemon!reader please?

Request: Can you do a part two of the castielxdemon!reader please? I love your writing

Request: Omg can I get a part 2 for the Castiel x Demon!Reader fic

Request: Hey I finally remembered to request on a Monday :D, I was wondering if you could write a cas x reader where one of them comforts the other

Part One

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