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Has Hux ever done something to stop his monthly cycles? If not how does he deal with them?


once Hux started on T his menstrual cycles stop completely. he waass..i’m gunna say around..early twenties ? admittedly i need to think about that a lil more. but ! it was around then he started. he got off of T once his voice deepened though. ( for various reasonsthe most common being that Brendol probably had him taken off it. )

however before he started on it, he got cramps like HELL. the first time he got his period, he legitimately thought he was dying.( he didn’t exactly have anyone to help him through it either. he curled up in the fresher for hours crying his eyes out. ) they were so bad he wasn’t able to move, && he would often end up mission training sessions && lessons. 

as he got a little older, he started dampening cloths with warm water && putting it on his abdomen && it helped a little. sitting under the warm water of a shower helped as well. eventually he was probably able to pull through && go to classes, but he probably lost a lot of sparrings in that time as well.

after he’s off it again it’s back to Actual Hell. but he pushes through && won’t stay in his quarters, even if he ends up limping && curling into himself a lot on the Bridge. if he has any down time/personal time, he’ll curl up with a heating pad in his quarters or take a really hot shower. 

unless ! it’s a verse with one of his significant others, in which case i imagine they make him stay in his quarters so they can dote on him && take care of him.

chocolate definitely helps, if he’s able to somehow acquire it in some way.

yujtombom  asked:

"I like the view"

WHIPPING HER GAZE OVER TO HIM, octavia smirks widely. there’s a bit of a stammer but she just breathes in & tries again. a soft pause lingers. “i’d be insulted if you didn’t,” she murmurs, making no effort to put on any article of clothing. // @yujtombom

walk in on o naked. || accepting.

CLYDE: “You know, I’ve seen a few of you guys mention mean anons, but I still don’t know what exactly happened.”
CLYDE: “I wonder if I can find them in here—“

CRAIG: “Hey dude, I’m done. We should probably hit the hay soon, I’m exhausted.”
CLYDE: “Hey Craig, do you mind if I ask something?”
CRAIG: “Shoot.”
CLYDE: “….”
CLYDE: “Where are you sleeping?”
CRAIG: “…?”

CRAIG: “The floor? I don’t want to punch your broken arm or something in my sleep.”
CLYDE: “Oh. Haha. Alright then.”
CLYDE: “I’ll go ahead and turn off your computer dude.”

                                                              WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN.


The Otome Host Club is more than just serving delectable food, giving gracious smiles and making reasonable requests happen. It’s a place where you could talk to one of your favorite otome men in Voltage about your worries, your depression, your bad days, your academics, your family, your bad romance—just about anything that bothers you! Every single rant would be listened to without any judgement and it would be responded with only a genuine encouragement and support to keep moving forward.

It’s never a good thing to bottle up your feelings, so why don’t you give this a try? You’ve been there for them in their tough times. It’s time for them to stand up and be there for you too.

Get ready to smile again in the Otome Host Club!

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We have at least 50 + Voltage men you could now ask! You could see who’s around in this list right here (x). Thank you to those who volunteered to be admins! There are still many spots to be filled so if you are interested in helping people out, please read this! (x)

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Last Kiss Lost Memories Campaign

Voltage Inc. posted a campaign for their upcoming app, My Last First Kiss on Facebook where you have to find a “Lost Memory” that they have hidden across 5 apps. I have found all 5 so as usual, here they are… (*^◡^*)

Instructions and Screen Shots Below

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Time and again the answers unveil themselves,
But never so fierce as this moment.
So inconceivable, invincible—
The lion roaring the sweeping plains.

Time and again the answers deliver comfort,
But never consume the poison weakness
with insatiable craving, a balm to the madness—
The rampant plague quelled in sturdy roots.

Time and again the answers overwhelm sense,
But never sear like a dying star
Engulfed in the pounding gravity—
The wolf spreading the moon’s afterglow.

Time and again the answers forge my destiny,
But never so warm as this adrenaline dream,
Cast in the flesh of another—
Your boundless love melting my frigid heart.

—  mikeg4534