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Okay okay man I keep seeing you tag OC stuff with "Forge" and I am intrigued based on the posts tagged so like Tell me about this Forge character

:^) now is the perfect opportunity to show off this picture i finally finished

i actually don’t think i’ve formally introduced him here so! i talk some about my murder son below

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Various Quotes From Our Weird Ass Session of ep 5 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen

“Do any of the watermelons look like a butt?” - The Goliath Barbarian

“Can I communicate with the pineapple?” - The Human Fighter

“Thank you for saving my life right now” - Our DM to our rogue who bought something seriously at a forge

“DID THEY STEAL FROM MY STASH?!” -The High Elf Druid who is a stoner

“All of you see the scabbard, except for the druid, who is too busy trying to hide hiccups” - The DM after the druid got a nat 1 perception and their player had hiccups.

“How large are these beds? I’m 7ft 4….” - The Goliath Barbarian who’s legs are touching the floor when lying down.

“None of you want to chance the barbarian on the top bunk” - DM

“I forgot to name my pineapple, I’m gonna name it Bernie!” -The fighter…who’s had the pineapple for 10 days by this point

“I’m naming the watermelon Jésus and I’m making a jack o lantern as a sacrifice” -Barbarian who’s also had these fruits for 10 days


As a follow up to the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, we’re making some changes to address issues that have become apparent throughout the first week of gameplay.



  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination Heist Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Echo Chamber Strike was appearing in the wrong playlist
  • Omnigul will now drop rewards once during a Strike and will require the Strike to be finished to drop additional rewards

Archon’s Forge

  • Quarantine Patrols will now always drop an Archon’s Forge Offering upon killing the Splicer Priest in the second phase of the Activity
  • Archon’s Forge has a higher chance to drop Offerings upon completion


  • Fixed an issue where players who completed the “Beauty in Destruction” Questline did not receive a Gjallarhorn
    • Players can retrieve their Gjallarhorn from the Weapon Blueprint Collection on the Year 1 tab
  • Fixed an issue where Vanguard Reputation Boosters were not working in the SIVA Crisis Strike Playlist

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Top ten Xander moments?

Top 10 Xander moments

1. Yellow crayon

2. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.

3. Buying the dress for Cordy.

4. When it’s dark, and I’m all alone, and I’m scared, or freaked out or whatever, I always think, ‘What would Buffy do?’ You’re my hero.Read more: 

5. Her triumphant look at the end of The Zeppo. He had just saved everyone and he didn’t need the world to know it. He was content with knowing what he’d done and knowing what he was capable of doing all on his own. 

6. “The glorified bricklayer picks up a spare.” (after hitting Glory with the wrecking ball)

7. Coming with the idea to use the rocket launcher against the Judge because “no weapon forged can stop him”

8. Standing up to Angelus in Killed by Death.

9. Unintentionally coming up with the plan to defeat Adam in Restless + being the heart.

10. I laugh in the face of danger, then I hide until it goes away.

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Your comic is so cute! I've been waiting for it to come out, and it's even better than I hoped! Is Brick like a little blacksmith elemental?

Thank you so much!

And yes! He’s an enchanted piece of coal, which Greta bonded with as a familiar through her own innate skill when she was very young. :) Greta doesn’t have magic herself, but there’s a ton of latent magic in the forge where her mother often makes things using magic-infused materials.

I've just spent the last 2 hours in the Archon's Forge with 7 other players

Intense doesn’t even begin to describe it.
And the LOOT!

More legendary engrams than I had room in my inventory.

Me 2 years ago wouldn’t have believed it possible…

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Hi my daughter is bi sexual. I always assumed she was a lesbian and she came out to me at 16 when she started a relationship with an older woman. She is 24 now and after splitting with the above partner, she has started dating men. I worry because the dynamics can be so different and being a man, I know what shits we are. Woman are nicer and more genuine. Is it difficult forging relationships with women and then a man psychologically? As they are very different. Hope this isn't stupid question

this isn’t a stupid question. most bisexuals define their sexuality on their own. for some of us, we have the pretty much the same feelings towards men and women (and nb folks) although having a relationship with the people of the opposite or same gender may be a different experience. i feel like yes, the experience can differ. but women can be just as “shitty” as men. in my experience relationships with men have caused more stress in my life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean her relationship with a man will for your daughter. if she’s a grown adult i’m sure her decisions will work out best for her

On Sansa becoming Nissa Nissa

Okay, people have asked me repeatedly whether Sansa has any chance of becoming the Nissa Nissa of the fulfilled Azor Ahai prophecy (with Jon as AA) and the answer is pretty much “no” and yet very much “yes, there is a chance.”

There is a minuscule chance that her spouse is going to kill her solely to forge a sword that will defeat the Others with him attached to it. But that chance is really minuscule because it’s stupid.

First of all, no likely candidate for Azor Ahai is a blacksmith. And if Azor Ahai turns out to be Gendry (the only character of note who is even capable of physically forging an actual sword) then his Nissa won’t be Sansa.

We won’t get a reenacted literal interpretation of the Azor Ahai legend. Some aspect of it is very likely to be figurative. Lightbringer might not be an actual sword and the killling of Nissa Nissa will not be done purposefully and solely to forge a sword or a weapon.

The problem with a less than literal interpretation is that we have already three instances in which the prophecy might already have been fulfilled:

1. Dany as AA killing Drogo (NN), “forging” her dragons on his funeral pyre.

2. Rhaegar as AA killing Lyanna (NN) through childbirth (using his “sword” ha) creating Jon (Lightbringer)

3. Jon as AA getting Ygritte (NN) killed in support of the NW (whose vows do sound like a description of Lightbringer: I am the sword in the darkness…. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men.)

So depending how the war against the Others shakes out, we might already look at a fulfilled prophecy. Or worse, if Jon, Dany and the NW all contribute, all three might be true and fulfilled simultaneously.

But that’s the rub actually. If the prophecy is so wide open that three different things can be simultaneously its fulfilment, then a fourth or fifth instance in which the prophecy is fulfilled in a somewhat figurative way is not really unlikely.

So yes, we might still get Sansa as a possible Nissa Nissa analogue in yet another instance of a killing of a beloved person by someone who will contribute to the defeat of the Others. But that someone might as well be Bran or Arya or even Tyrion. It doesn’t have to be Jon at all to fit that prophecy.

But the inevitable way in which her death would differ from the legend would make it questionable whether her killing is the fulfilled AA prophecy. (Just as people question Dany with Drogo as NN even though it is by far the closest anyone has gotten to that prophecy.)

We will not get Sansa as the “one true Nissa Nissa” because no such thing is likely to exist.

9/29 happy 50 years 🎉🎉🎉 🎉
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Engine: LS small-block
Displacement: 408 ci
Compression Ratio: 11.0.1
Bore: 4.030 inches
Stroke: 4.000 inches
Cylinder Heads: RHS LS7 aluminum castings
Rotating Assembly: Callies/Compstar forged crank and steel rods; Mahle pistons
Valvetrain: Comp Cams lifters, valvesprings, and rockers
Camshaft: TPiS hydraulic roller 252/254-deg. duration at 0.050; 0.680/0.680-inch lift; 112-degree LSA
Induction: TPiS custom sheetmetal intake manifold and throttle body
Ignition: MSD coil packs and plug wires
Exhaust: Stainless Works 1 ¾-inch headers, dual 3-inch MagnaFlow mufflers
Output: 659 hp, 544 lb-ft
Transmission: TREMEC T-56 Magnum six-speed manual, McLeod clutch
Rear Axle: Ford 9-inch rearend with 3.70:1 gears, limited-slip differential
Front/rear Suspension: Speedtech subframe assembly, control arms, and sway bar; Viking Berserker ASM coilovers
;Speedtech control arms and torque arm, Viking Berserker ASM coilovers
Steering: Speedtech rack
Brakes: Baer 14-inch rotors and six-piston calipers, front and rear
Wheels: Forgeline GZ3 18×9.5 front, 18×11.5 rear
Tires: Falken 275/35 front, 315/30 rear
Gauges: Auto Meter
#50 #anniversary #birthday #camaro #chevrolet #chevelle #corvette #ford #mustang #mopar #dodge #charger #musclecar #v8 #hotrod #pontiac #gto #firebird #torino #challenger #viking (en Lakeville, Minnesota)

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      you were forged in fire and you rose from the ashes,  murder and mercy all rolled into
      one;   you long to be just honeyed skin and soft curls.    but beneath it all,   your blood
      boils fiercely.  you were born with heaven and hell already in you                                         
                                                   (   HOLY FIRE,  HELL FIRE.    )