Are you kidding me!? It’s called respect! People open doors for all genders, ages and sexual orientations! You all need to calm yourselves because this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Feminism isn’t about opening your own doors and yelling at men for doing it for you. Feminism is about treating others, including men, with the respect you would like to be treated with. It’s about being equal with each other. As a woman you and the person who asked the question you answered kind of disgust me. Ugh

nice shitty homestuck-based comedy routine. good job making activism into a punchline. you sure showed some 13-year-olds their burning need to change the shitty world they inherited is worthless and they’re stupid and they should feel bad about caring. way to communicate that rare and valuable message you comedy genius
Meet the trolls and hoaxers of social justice Tumblr.

What you’re about to read is a review of a KFC sandwich.

“There is nothing sweet or savory about the rotting carcass of a chicken twisted and crushed with cruelty. There is nothing delicious about bloodmouth carnist food. How does it feel knowing your stomach is a graveyard?”

This comes to Tumblr via vegan activist forfuturereferenceonly, who simply meant to make carnivores feel guilty but ended up, as one person pointed out, writing “themost METAL description of eating a chicken sandwich in the history of mankind.”

Click through to forfuturereferenceonly’s blog, and you’ll find it full of things like this: over-the-top rebuttals of generic Tumblr posts from complete strangers, either arguing in favor of veganism or a social justice agenda. The question is: Is forfuturereferenceonly (a.k.a. Tammi, “Androgyne/Proud Environmental Vegan/Born with two X chromosomes”) for real? Or is she a troll?

If you’re at all familiar with Tumblr’s social justice community, you may find it hard to be sure. [READ MORE]