Here is our new series, vibrant graphic design from the early 1900s.
We are introducing to you Jugend (“Youth” in German), a late 19th century German art magazine that featured many famous Art Nouveau and impressionist artists. Founded by writer Georg Hirth, it was published from 1896 to 1940.

Even though the initial idea was to share with you the famous covers of this fascinating publication, we decided to add some of the illustrations too, as they are simply irresistible and definitely deserve your attention. 

If you heard the term “Jugendstil” before (“Jugend-style”) that became the namesake of the German Art Nouveau, now you know where it came from! The journal focused on the contemporary German Art and poetry, adding satirical and political spice to it. From the First World War, Jugend was becoming a national German and Bavarian magazine. That changed until the mid-1920s, when the issues began catering to the artists of the younger generation. After 1933, the magazine changed to fit in with the trend of National Socialism; nevertheless, it lasted until 1940.

- Katya S.

Jugend, München : G. Hirth’s Verlag.
MU Ellis Special Collections Closed 053 M921  1896