Imagine Liam For Carley

Imagine: You were just getting out of the shower when you heard the front door shut. You rush into sweatpants and a tank top. You took your hair down from the towel and run out of your room and down the stairs to see your boyfriend , Liam. You run to him , he drops his bags and as you jump into this arms. You start to cry tears of joy. All you can do is hug him tight. He pulls away and kisses you. 

“I’ve missed you terribly.” Liam said in that adorable british accent he had. 
“So have I , I can’t believe you’re home.” You said
“Neither can I , I just want to be with you these couple of months I have off. Every single minute.” Liam said pulling you to the couch.
“Good, now I need to cuddle with you because I’ve been cuddling my pillow and he’s not so great at it.” You said laying down on the couch.
“Well, that means I’m good at cuddling then. I’ll put a movie in. ” He said putting in 50 First Dates.
You both were talking about how his touring and what you did while he was touring for about the first 30 minutes of the movie but you both watched the movie untill you got sleepy. You started drifting into sleep. Then , Liam whispers in your ear, “I love you , night beautiful." 
Then you whisper back , ” Night, love you too.“ And he snuggles you even closer to him .