Imagine Harry For Monica (:

Imagine Walking into starbucks and seeing Harry Styles there, you keep cool because Harry doesn’t like when girls freakout. So you just stood in line right behind him. When he was done ordering, you both made eye contact. You looked down and back up again, and he still stood there and smiled. You smiled back and ordered your coffee. When you were done ordering Harry came up to you.
“Hey there.” Harry said with his cute cheeky smile.
“Hey, You’re Harry Styles right?” You didn’t know what to say…
“Yes, I am and you are?”
“I’m Monica.” You said smiling.
“Oh that name’s beautiful, just like you.”
OMG WHAT?! You Hyperventelate for a second and say…
“Haha, You’re sweet Harry.” You say blushing and smiling.
“Well, I can show you my sweetness someother time maybe? We should hang out sometime.” Harry said casually
“Oh yeah, that’d be fantastic.” You say smiling
“Actually. This seems a bit forward, But want to comeover? Like right now? You can just follow me with your car if you want.”
“Sure, That’s fine.” You say.
You both leave starbucks, he gets in his car and you get in your car. He drives first and you follow. Once you arrive at his flat he offers you something to eat and you say…
“Why don’t we cook something together? Like pasta or alfreado?” you say with a smile.
“Haha Pasta? For lunch? Why not.” Harry winks.

After leaving the pasta in the water for a while you take one out and throw it at the wall to see if it was done and it stuck.
“What are you doing!?” Harry Looked Surprised.
“I’m making sure its done, if it sticks its done.” You said while smiling, while taking the pasta off the wall.
“Haha You americans. Wait does it stick to people?” harry said giving me a mischevious smile.
“Uhm , I don’t think so, Actually I dont know. Why?” You say confused.
Harry smiles and throws pieces of pasta at you. “That’s Why.” He says Laughing
“Well, War this is then.” You say smiling.
You both start pelting each other with pasta. Then Harry runs toward you with the bowl of pasta and throws it all on you. As he starts laughing he slips on some pasta, then you do too. When you land you landed on top of him.
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. I-” Harry interrups you.
“It’s fine, I kind of like it.” Harry says.
“Of course you do.” You wink at him.
You guys made that eye contact again and you could see he was trying to lean in for a kiss, So you lean in too and it was the best kiss you’ve ever gotten.
“I think we should get up, kissing on a kitchen floor with pasta all on us is kind of weird don’t you think?” You say laughing
“Haha that’s actually true.” Harry says smiling.
When you both get up he says you both should go and watch a movie. So you both walk into the living room and sit on the couch. He brings blankets from upstairs and brings then downstairs to the living room. He put in love actually in. In the middle of the movie he asked you to be his girlfriend because he had an amazing day with you. You said yes and kissed his pastionatly. Then you two just had the rest of the day to kiss and cuddle all you wanted. 

I Hope You Liked It (: 

Imagine Niall For abbadabbalovesonedirectionx (:

Imagine that you were getting ready to go to your friends sweet 16. 
This is what you were wearing : 
Once you got there, there was only a couple hundred people there so it wasn’t that crowded. There was supposed to be a musical performance there, So you squeezed yourself to the front but you didn’t know who it was yet so you just sat by the stage until more and more people starting coming to the party. Apperently they were going to perform a little bit in the beginning so you waited and waited by the front. 

When they got everybodys attention your friend came out in a beautiful pink dress. "Everybody I have a surprise for you! Welcome One Direction To The Stage!“One Direction comes out and starts singing What Makes You Beautiful  as the first song. You were singing along and smiling, you loved One Direction, But you didn’t scream because you were in such shock. When Niall comes by the side you were, you two made eye contact and you started hyperventalating and smiled. He smiled back at you. Then he whispered some thing to Paul that was right next to the stage and pointed to you. 

After they were done singing out came out a Dj and started playing music for everyone to dance to. Paul comes up to you and says "Follow Me Miss.”
All you did was nod and followed him. You guys went through these doors and it led to five boys throwing food at eachother. 
“Niall, Here’s the miss you were asking me to bring back.” Paul said.
“Oh Yeah, Come on over.” Niall said with that perfect smile of his.
You walk over shaking but smiling.
“Hi.” You say with big smile.
“Hello Uhhh-” Niall Says
“I’m (Y/N)”
‘Hello (Y/N)“Niall says smiling
"I have a question, Why am I back here?” You say
“Do you not wanna be back here and hang with us?” Niall said with a confused expression on his face.
“No, No I do trust me! But like why me?” You said
“Because you’re very pretty and …. Well, I wanted to see if you wanted to maybe have dinner with me?” Niall said
“Of Course! I’d love to.” You say smiling.
“Oh , By the way you look beautiful.” Niall said smiling.
“HE LIKES YOU!!!!!” Harry and Louis Scream.
“Oh shut up you guys.” Niall says blushing. 
You laugh and give him your number and hug everyone a goodbye. You get escorted out by Paul.
“What’d Niall say?” Paul said smiling.
“He asked me to dinner.”
“He picked the right girl. I can tell.” Paul said.
“Haha, thanks Paul.” You said giving him a smile. 
You didn’t even want to stay for the party so you decide to go home. Once you get home you check your phone. You have a text saying….
“Hey (Y/N). Its Niall, I’ll pick you up at 7:30 I hope thats okay. x (;”
“Okay sound great! I can’t wait. (:”
“Me either. Well since the boys wanna hang out, I’ll text you tomorrow. (: xx”
“Okay bye. (:”
After this you fell asleep.
The next day you woke up and watched TV since you had nothing to do during the day. When it got to about 3 in the afternoon you hopped into the shower. When you got out you just put a rob on because you didn’t feel like getting ready. You were laying down when you got a text from Niall saying….
“Hey Beautiful, I can’t wait. I just thought i’d let you know. I just wanted to text you quick, while i’m waiting to get in the booth. I’ll text you when I’m done recording. Bye (; xx" 
You got the butterflies. You couldn’t stop thinking about tonight. 
When it was About 6:30 you started to get ready. You did your hair and makeup then you got into this : 
Niall texted you around 7 and said…
"Hey Beautiful, I’m done getting ready. So I’ll be on my way soon.”
You just texted “Okay (:”

It was 7:45 when you heard a knock at your door. When you opened the door you saw Niall standing there with flowers and a big smile on his face, He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. 
“(Y/N) You look stunning.” Niall said while smiling. 
“Awh Thank you Niall.” You said while blushing.
You go in you kitchen and find a vase and put your flowers in it and walk towards Niall again.
“Shall we go?” Niall said
“Yes We Should.” You say while you take his hand.
He leads you to his car and opens the door for you. Once you get in he put his favorite song on, Paradise by Coldplay. You actually liked the song. 

You guys got to the Posh Restaurant and you two talked and talked about anything that came into your head. When you guys were done you guys headed back to your place. He walked you to your door and said..
“(Y/N), I really like you, and I think I might even be falling in love with you, I know its pretty fast since it was our first date and all, but Would you be my girlfriend?”
“Niall, I feel the same way. I would love to be your girlfriend.” You said while leaning in for a kiss. But Niall beat you to it. 
“I love you (Y/N)”
“I love you too Niall.” You said
Then you two kissed pastionatly.

P.s I got side tracked easily so thats why it took so long. But I hope you liked it ! (:

Imagine Niall For KellyAnn (:

Imagine you and Niall are best friends. You’ve always had a crush on Niall. He was away on his tour for 3 months. He was coming back and you couldn’t wait to have him come over and hang. Your phone vibrates, you have a text.
“Hey KellyAnn! I miss you, I’m coming back soon tho. :) xx Niall.”
“Hey Niall, I miss you like crazy. Can you come over tomorrow so we can hang? (:”
“Well…I have something planned. Can I pick you up at 7:30? ;)”
“Yeah but where are we going?”
“To the boardwalk. It’ll be fun I promise. :)”
“Okay, I trust you Niall. (:”
“Okay, Well I’ll see you tomorrow love, I have to get on my plane. xxx (:”
“Bye Niall(:” You love it when he calls you love and you just love when he talks to you when you’re in a good mood. You decide you should sleep so, you go to bed.
You wake up the next day at 2:30. You overslept so you decide to eat lunch and watch a movie since you had a time to kill. It was about 5 when you decided to get ready.  You put this on :

Once you were done, you text Niall.
“Hey Niall, I can’t wait! It’s going to be like our old times, I miss my best friend (:”
“Hey KellyAnn, Oh I know it should be fun. I’ll be over soon I’m on my way. See you soon love xxx ;)”

A while has passed and you heard a ring at the door. You open it and see Niall You give him a big hug. He hugs you back.
“You ready to go?” Niall says smiling.
You nod your head and take his hand, he leads you to his car as you get in he puts on your favorite song. You both start singing and have a good time on the way there. Once you get there Niall Held your hand, you don’t know why he did but you just go along with it. As you’re walking down the boardwalk , you see a really cute stuffed panda you wanted. Niall Tried winning but failed the first time,he tried again     and got it. After he thought getting some cotton candy and then going on the ferris  wheel would be a good idea. So as you got in line for the ferris wheel you admitted you were scared of heights.
“You can sit by me if you want instead of the opposite side, But only if you want.” Niall Says
“Sure, And yeah I do.” You say with a smile.
 You both get on in the same side. You cling on to him and he seems to embrace it.         “KellyAnn, I have A Question.” Niall says with a smile on his face.
“Yeah Niall?”
“Have you every liked me more than a friend?” Niall says
“Well, To be honest I have and still do, I just never wanted you to know.”
“Oh, Well since you do like me, I’ve always wanted to ask you this but Will you be my girlfriend KellyAnn?”
“Oh My Goodness, YES!” You say smiling
Niall leans in for a kiss and it was the most pastionate kiss you’ve ever gotten.
After you guys kissed you guys watched the sunset.

I Hope you like it. I’m sorry it took me so long. I’m using my friends laptop and im not used to her keybored. But I Hope You Enjoyed it. (: x 

Imagine Liam For Carley

Imagine: You were just getting out of the shower when you heard the front door shut. You rush into sweatpants and a tank top. You took your hair down from the towel and run out of your room and down the stairs to see your boyfriend , Liam. You run to him , he drops his bags and as you jump into this arms. You start to cry tears of joy. All you can do is hug him tight. He pulls away and kisses you. 

“I’ve missed you terribly.” Liam said in that adorable british accent he had. 
“So have I , I can’t believe you’re home.” You said
“Neither can I , I just want to be with you these couple of months I have off. Every single minute.” Liam said pulling you to the couch.
“Good, now I need to cuddle with you because I’ve been cuddling my pillow and he’s not so great at it.” You said laying down on the couch.
“Well, that means I’m good at cuddling then. I’ll put a movie in. ” He said putting in 50 First Dates.
You both were talking about how his touring and what you did while he was touring for about the first 30 minutes of the movie but you both watched the movie untill you got sleepy. You started drifting into sleep. Then , Liam whispers in your ear, “I love you , night beautiful." 
Then you whisper back , ” Night, love you too.“ And he snuggles you even closer to him .