Despite the fact that the weather was so ugly, I couldn’t resist not going to see some of my kiddos and have fun with the poppers like last year. Haha, it was pretty much a fail since we weren’t in sync at all. They gave us special deals though, 4 for 10 and shit haah. LMAO We were gonna pop some off of Ricky’s roof but it started to rain, so we just said fuck it and went to eat.

Forgot to take photos of Levi’s plate haha. Afterwards, we played some scratchies to test our luck. Levi won 25, so he got all of us one, but no one won anything LMAO, sucks. Hah, and Ricky got the word bacon~

Dinner with these guys. Surprised Nora at the restaurant, she had no idea everyone would be there… Levi came out from under the table. I swear we’re never normal in public together haha, but it was really funny and I really missed being together with everyone so it was really nice :)

The food at Jaiya was surprisingly really good and everyone liked their meal. We went to grab some soju after and headed to karaoke. Afterwards, we went to drop Joe off and went to Paris Baguette for some shaved ice. On the way back I ran into the waffle truck and I hadddddd to get it so Levi treated me, but then the guy charged me 2 dollars less so it was a free scoop of ice cream :)

It was really nice to see and spend time with everyone today! Even Justin came through :’D

And I swear every time I see these guys, we take a million photos.

Ahhh today was short but great! I can finally cross 5 Pointz off my to do list :’)
Hardy and I met up at Times Square at 1 ish and got to Courtside around 1:30. It was a short trip actually. We were hungry so we decided to go eat at this diner nearby. It was cozy, and Hardy and I got to catch up a little ‘cos we haven’t seen each other in so long. This kid is so messy eating his burger jeesus. I don’t even know how he even ate it drinking a milkshake. LOL

After that we walked several times around the exterior of 5 Pointz. When we were about to leave because we found out we couldn’t go inside, some guy happened to be looking out his window and he waved at us; he offered to let us in to see his studio :D

So this guy is apparently working on the staging of the 2014 Olympics opening w/e so Hardy and I got a glimpse of it. It felt so exclusive haha. When we left the studio, we went to check out the roof. I haven’t felt this badass in a while because I actually got a summon for trespassing on my roof before. LOL :D

Decided to leave a small tag before we left because who knows when we’ll be back. LOL I’m not even sure if it was legal.


5Points was so beautiful. It was so amazing how Hardy and I was able to go inside and go on it’s roof! It’s so sad that it’s getting demolished in like a year, so if you happen to be in New York, you must see it for yourself!!

Actually woke up pretty early today compared to other days. Had to get ready to meet up with Jonelle. The weather got colder all of a sudden, so I had no idea wtf to wear. I figured Jonelle usually dresses like a thug so I was like “lemme not overdress today.” So when I showed up, I saw this nigga with his boat shoes and tie and I was like, fuck. LMAO. I wasn’t really paying attention to where we were going, but in the middle of our conversation I was like, “where are you taking me nigga?” And apparently he was taking me to the place that he promised to take me more than year something ago ~ 

It was actually pretty nice when we got there, he drew a van on one of the metal bars thing, so next time he takes another girl there she knows I was there first, holla. I forgot to take a photo of it though. Oopse. LMAO We decided to leave after a while ‘cos these two guys came outa no where and started camwhoring next to us and it was pretty awkward. LMAOOOO.

I made Jonelle walk me to 53rd and 8th after this because I had to meet up with Joe there at 4:30 to go to April’s rest. But we ended up getting to 53rd and 8th way too early so we had breakfast in Pick-A-Bagel. I think it was Jonelle’s first time trying strawberry cream cheese and I think he liked it. :D

Then Joe finally came and scared the shit outa me, him and Jonelle had a moment and then Jonelle left. Joe and I them walked ALL THE WAY TO Port Authority and waited for Daniella and April. Daniella got there when Joe and I was in Hallmark, LOL I have no idea, I love Hallmark. We tried on tiaras and sat in there and chilled until the indian guy told us to go to the bowling alley. LMAO jeesus. I can’t even type this without laughing. But yeah, I was way too tired and hungry to give a fuck…

Then I was pissed off again because April was like 2 hours late and I got even hungrier even though I just had a huge bagel. LOL. So I was moping and complaining and Joe was about to kill me. LOL we went to starbucks and there was no seat so I was even more pissed off and then we went to McDonalds and decided to get something to eat and then APRIL FUCKING CALLED SAYING SHE WAS HERE AND I WAS HAPPY AGAIN BECAUSE I GET TO EAT NOW.

I really liked the atmosphere in April’s rest. Unlike most other Thai places, this place had enough lighting and music wasn’t fucking blasting to the point where I’d have to yell to have a conversation. It was homey and I liked it :3

It was realllyyyyy yummy. Although I didn’t like the Chicken Pad Thai much, the beef was delicious though! We even had vanilla fried ice cream, and it was lit up at this place :3 Thank you so much for treating us to such a nice meal April <3

When we left, Joe and I encountered a man riding a bike and he yelled “for takeouts” in spanish right in front of us and idk why that was funny but we laughed for like 2 blocks. Iuno - the last part of the night was totally random and stupid 'cos I kept saying “ba la la la la” and idk, it was just funny. My stomach and face hurt from laughing, that’s all I remember.

April and Joe got halal at 53rd and 6th and then we decided to camwhore at a random alley but that failed, but it was funny as fuck 'cos idk wtf we were trynna do. Omg. LMAO great times though. 


Met up with Kevin today for our long awaited food adventure @ St. Marks. I was more than half and hour late, so thank god he didn’t ditch me or something. We both weren’t craving anything really so we were up for whatever. We almost tried japanese hot dogs @ the new JAPADOG place, but it didn’t seem very appetizing. We settled for Japanese noodles.

The broth was hella tastyyy! Yum. After we finished eating, we headed out for some Pomes Fritas fries, but on our way - we were captivated by another noodle house because they had a huge sign that said 50% off all noodles. Haha. Like fatasses, we walked our fullness off for a bit as we picked up some Thai Iced Tea from Spice.

The second noodle house’s broth was a lot tastier. Kevin ordered ‘cold ramen’ and the waiter told him 'you know cold ramen is really cold’. We both thought it was amusing.

POMES FRITAS were soo yummy! Too bad Kevin and I were both way to full to finish our orders, but I saved my 'Mango Mayo’ so I can dip more fries in it tomorrow or something.

And even though we were both hella full, we were still up for some rice pudding @ Rice for Riches. The place was really cute and surprisingly, the Tiramisu rice pudding that we got tasted really good. The store was filled with just random awesome things on the wall.

I’ve never felt so full and happy in my life before, I kept telling Kevin how I wish my life was filled with such great food and company like this everyday. After fighting our sleepiness from being full, we walked to Chinatown for me to get some bubble tea before we headed home. I ate everything deliciously. :)