[Description: a brown #queer #latina #femme wears a long light brown skirt, and a black T-shirt that reads in white letters: ‘DEMILITARIZE THE POLICE.’ They smile defiantly with their eyes closed in the sunlight and her hand on hip. She holds bright purple petunias in a parking lot.] That time the alluring @foreverthesoniag and I were up in the sky and visited my local Home Depot to peep the #garden nursery just because. Every flower imaginable! Who says the citylife can’t be tender? #petunias #purple #qwoc #migrant #artist #femmesofcolor #qtpoc #bae (at Home Depot)

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GET READY. This Saturday, our open mic returns! Come read new work, listen to brilliant young writers and performers, or just kick it with your new POC Fam. Hosts Sonia Guiñansaca ( foreverthesoniag ) and Shinji Moon ( commovente ) have invited two amazing headliners: Sabrina Ghaus, founder of The Asian American Womyn Project, and Gia Shakur, a Harlem-based poet and Grungecake contributor. 

Saturday at 3pm at AAWW!