Home Sweet Horror (Closed RP with foreverthehunted)

“C'mon, Sam! It’s not much farther!” Selena called over her shoulder, holding onto her hat as the wind swept past her. Today was the day, the day Selena and her boyfriend, Sam Winchester, would be able to move out of their small, cramped apartment, and buy a home, one they could start the rest of their lives together in. “Selena, wait!” Sam called, catching up with the small brunette. “Baby, don’t get to excited, this may not be the house we get.” He said, throwing his arm around her shoulder. “I know, but I still wanna check it out.” Selena looked at the newspaper in her hand, then looked up at the house in front of them. There was a sign on the lawn, that read Open House. “This is it! Let’s go check it out!” She said, and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling him up the sidewalk and into the open front door.