you guys made my year!

MariaBreeTeresaTaylorMaddieSalliValeMarishelle, ThamirisNina, Shayna, MegLounéSkyeIsiElisa, Karina, Marleen and of course my beautiful, amazing followers. all 2530 of you!

you all have no idea how much you brighten our day and how happy you made us! starting this blog and joining you all was one of the best decisions of our lives and we feel so blessed to know you all!

thank you soo much for following us and talking to us! 

you have no idea how grateful we are for your support and how much we appreciate the attention you give to us and our blog!

thank you! we love you all so so much! <3

p.s.: i know i probably forgot a lot of people :/ if i did, please remember: we love you sooo soooo much!! <3