Do you know how it feels like to be in a relationship with your first love? :’)

He used to be the man behind my bitter posts on how love made me feel pain and sorrow for years. He used to be my could have been and might have been. He used to be the man I swear I don’t want to see/ be with ever again…

But I never thought the he will be the same man whom I dedicated my posts on how love made everyday worth while and how it can ease all the imperfection of my day and how happy I am since he came.

Now is God’s perfect timing for the both of us. Now I know why we never made it before, because there is no perfect time for us to be together but NOW.

I can’t compare our relationship to any other relationship but I know that he makes me happy, he erase all the burden I have and he made me feel as if I always have helping hand. It was not perfect. We also have fights, fights that nearly cause us to breakdown but good thing, we never did. I know how hard it is to handle my emotions and my paranoia but he strengthen his grip, pull me even closer to him and always remind me that he will never let go of me. <3

It is not everyday you could encounter a man who will give you hand made, well crafted letters because he wants to. It is not everyday that a man will surprise you in every single way he can and it is not everyday that a man will accepts his mistake and  would never thought of break up thus understand you even if you can’t understand yourself.

One thing that I am sure now is that, I am lucky that I have him. :“) There is no guarantee that everything will be easy or even this will be "forever” but I know that we can passed them all as long as we believe in each other. :“)

Hi! :’)

I know I cause you too much pain and had issues but I want you to know that what I have for you six years ago, never change and never disappear.:”) I know we can get through everything, we can achieve all our goals together and we can make it through forever because we believe in each other. Sorry for all the things that I did that hurt you and I swear, I never wanted to hurt you. Just stay, that’s all I wanted you to be. :“)

I love you Junaldin My Loves :”) 

I have it for six years now, and it will always be. :“)