Dano's The Man!! (a short story)

           Dano’s The Man, a great tune. One that John recalled now as being a three minute getaway from the tight grasp of his mundane life and into the light of heaven. When the first strike of that guitar made it into the ear drums of all the swaying bodies before it, the room as one was given a second win. No, sir! That was not just the intro into another great song we’d hear. That was the sound of a gate opening and giving way to a stairway that’d take us just a few steps higher than we ever imagined to be. Within a finger’s snap, what was already a flawless night was transformed into a celebration of life. Our sweat soaked bodies crashed into one another as we belted out the very words that saw us under that one roof in that one city for that one night. For those three minutes there was love, peace and most treasured, the blue skies and green grasses of the simpler times that had long abandoned us. With that song the strangers at our sides became our brothers and sisters and the band became our god who momentarily returned and brought on all that promised peace and joy.  

                Today John pushes his feet down the pavement of the foreign land he put himself in and realizes that nothing had matched Dano, since Dano. He recalled the countries he’d seen, the adventures they brought and as special as they were everything about them failed in comparison to those three minutes of Dano’s The Man. He looked around and knew without doubt that he was alone in his love for the tune. Nobody within the continent could have comprehended what he was feeling. The stoic faces, the traffic’s aimless hustle, the sunken eyes of every stranger, they each pushed the baffling question deeper into his mind. “What was I thinking!?!? Why would I leave that!?!? I had heaven at an arm’s length and now I’m miserable, sexually frustrated and consistently depressed all by my own hand!!”

                All that inspired him to lift one foot and place in front of the other were the thoughts that he might again be able to experience Dano’s The Man, even if it meant only once more. There was also a fear that rumbled within that he’d never again find that staircase. That he’d go through his life and never again come face to face with that love or unity. The past was a long time at war and where many great bands fell, one survived. Dano’s The Man was all he could hope for. They were all he had left.