Five Things about Me

badskippy asked me to share five facts about myself and tag five lovely people.  

  1. I have two dogs - Rooney & Sophie - and two cats - Oscar and Moses - who were all rescued from high kill shelters.
  2. Next week I’m going on holiday with Dad, Step Mudda, Little Sista and Little Brudda to the seashore 1000 miles away.
  3. Both lines of my family came to Canada to escape persecution: The Highland Clearances and The Hugenots.
  4. I was once forbidden to make eye contact with Bob Dylan.
  5. When I was born I lived in the family homestead with my great grandparents, grandparents, parents and uncle (yes, 4 generations in one house) and there was no indoor washroom or central heating … and no, I’m not a hundred years old.

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not-that-kind-of-hot said: Yay. Congrats, E. And Minty is perfect for a Hobbit lover. But how can you listen to Misty Mountains while driving? Be careful, ma chére amie :D

I’m glad you liked her name!

I did had a little problem this morning, well not really a problem but when misty mountains started this morning I closed my eyes (for a second) just like I always do when I listen to it at home. But nothing happened and now I’m keeping both eyes opened no matter how awesome richard voice is!

microlina said: I’m very very happy for you E.! And good luck for your new place! ♥

yay <33 I really hope I’ll get the appartement (it’s just a rent though I don’t have the money to buy yet)!

zuckerpflaumenfee said: a) Minty is a cool name. :D I really like it b) Glad to hear you find a apartment already c) I am happy for you :)

I’m glad you like it !! I have visited the appartement at the moment but now I have to submit my application to see if they want me as their tenant ^^ (and if I move it would be for mid-januaray.

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I am so very happy for you, Yun! Many congratulations and success for you at the bank. I hope you find the perfect appatement for



thank you <3!