Hannibal AU: Inception

Somewhere along the way Will Graham, a skilled Extractor, ended up working for the man that he tried to steal secrets from. This time, Jack Crawford isn’t going to let Will slip away during his next assignment- which is precisely the reason why he is tagging along despite the advisement of the Point Man, Beverly Katz and the Chemist, Brian Zeller. Disagreements run deep within the team, especially when it comes to the Forger, Freddie Lounds. However, betrayal doesn’t just curl up next to the feet of the well known Journalist, but also the trusted Architect, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who was hired for his creative mind in luring in the Mark, Abigail Hobbs. Despite Crawford’s goal of obtaining information about Abigail’s  role in the murders of eight girls by her father, Lecter decides to twist the reality of each dream to his fitting. His only problem is to get rid of the Shade of Will Graham. Even for a projection, Alana Bloom knows too much…