forevermore tattoo

doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?

pairing: Chris Beck/Mark Watney
fandom: The Martian
rating: PG-13
note: soulmate!au, my first actually, which i’m kinda excited for. this is also the longest fic i’ve written in a while, so yay for that too! title taken from ‘phoenix’ by fall out boy. enjoy! 

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five years ago

Chris was alone.

Okay, so he wasn’t alone, he was on a beach with two hundred other people. He wasn’t alone. He had lost his friends in the crowd though, and he had little hope of finding them again.

‘Just great,’ he sighed. He scanned the crowd again and took another pull from the beer in his hand.

It was his third already, and the buzz was just starting to hit him. He felt like he needed the liquid courage though, for one very important reason.

00:00:08:12 the numbers on his arm read.

Eight more minutes left until he met his soulmate.

Fuck he was nervous.

Chris downed the last of the warm beer in one go and started to push his way through the crowd. He still wasn’t sure what he was expecting; his soulmate was supposed to be his perfect match, but what did that mean?

Chris knew it would turn out fine, but that didn’t stop him from freaking out, just a little.

He’d meet the person he would spend the rest of his life with tonight. Anyone in their right mind would be nervous about that.

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