makeawitch asked:

acrostic poetry

Brain starts to construct a reply to this ask
Under the computer monitor’s light I bask
Tumblr is refreshed once more
Tabs opened to internet lore
People expect a butt-related post
I am to some just a rump obsessed ghost
Lingering in cyber-space
Generating countless pictures of my face
Rue the day I break free from this spell
Into the real world, out of this booty hell
Maybe I’ll talk about boobs or something

quillpaw replied to your post: Thought on Girl Scout Cookies?


ok I laughed out loud

 cuckoobanaynays replied to your postThought on Girl Scout Cookies?

tim no samoas are the worst of them all

  foreverlarks replied to your postThought on Girl Scout Cookies?

um NO try thin mints

wow phillystuckers, get your shit together
thin mints are damn good
but they don’t hold a candle to samoas 

foreverlarks replied to your post: why dont more guys crossplay its not a big deal…

well probably because it’s a lot easier for girls to pull it off than guys. a girl can add things to her body to make it more “male” but it’s a lot more difficult for a guy to take things away and make his body more “female”

see i actually think of it the other way around! a girl has to minimize aspects of her body - breasts, hips, face shape - while a guy has to “add on” in those areas. i’d say it’s probably around an equal difficulty level to go from either gender to the other, honestly.

i think probably what throws a lot of guys is that cosplay involves a lot of traditionally feminine skill sets - sewing, makeup, hair styling, etc. but cosplay is a lot like theatre in that it involves trying to become a character; i dont think it’s asking too much to say a guy could become familiar with these skills.

foreverlarks replied to your post: so how many butts have you touched to date

you can be a cheesey batman villain…. the BUTTler

I can see it now, a new Batman series comes out where Alfred passes on and I take his place claiming to be a distant relative that will keep his identity secret, but instead I disguise myself at night and reveal all of Bruce’s secrets!  He figures out who I am quickly because he’s fucking Batman and pushes me into a toxic chemical that mutates me into a butt monster!!  GET ON THIS, DC!!

foreverlarks replied to your post: What were your top favorite moments from Katsucon?

um obviously you left out the best part„„„,

yes I left out a lot including meeting you!!
my b! 

 weird-kid-in-the-corner replied to your postWhat were your top favorite moments from Katsucon?

I think you’re forgetting your battle with the other Hussie.

 wait that was a thing that happened?
I remember being like MAN OTHER HUSSIE IS SO GOOD, HE EVEN HAS CANDY ARROWS, but I don’t remember battling??