foreverincubus  asked:

Hey! Brandon saw our birthday video!! :)

Woo!! I heard he finally saw it after all this time. It’s great that we’re able to communicate with him and any other members of Incubus (even steve rennie) and it’s even greater that they’re humble and kind and take the time to respond to us. Brandon truly appreciates everything that his fans do for him and that’s a beautiful thing to see. 

rise-like-the-phoenix  asked:

hey vicky, i was wondering what video that gif came from when brandon boyd sings, than drops the microphone?

Hi, Elizabeth! It’s this one:

The gif was made by foreverincubus after she got up on Twitter and asked her followers what we thought her next gif should be. The winning suggestion came from couldyoushowmedear. I actually teach workshops for college professors on the educational uses of Twitter and Tumblr, and I show this gif as an example of how students can crowdsource things and collaborate on projects. Everyone loves it. I use lots of other Incubus-related examples too. The next time I get to go to a meet & greet with the band, I plan to let them know what a contribution they’re making to the education of today’s youth! :-)