so i don’t really talk to anyone on here, but i still think all of these people are fabulously brilliant and run awesome blogs. so you should go check them out, because they rock. happy christmas! and in no particular order:

you guys make my dash a beautiful and awesome place;
y'all are fabulous ya hear!

Audra’s follow to infinity and beyond!

Now I know I don’t talk to all of you, but I have spent a grand amount of time stalking your blogs (in the friendliest follower way).  All of you have made my dashboard full of amazing people/tv shows/movies/etc. and I believe you all should deserve a spot in my 2011 follow forever. I love you all!

foreverhelena | queen-poehler | borpo | lordmalfoy | whats-up-giggly | f-lovett | blam-o | listenupturkeys | itshaderwithad | queenhelena- | killams | fearinthesky | imaginaryhat | feyminism | bloodyblerg | conanofallon | bicurious | high-fivingamillionangels | getyourshittogethercarol | ovariesbeforebrovaries | i-require-your-pimpcane | judgementaleyebrows | classicajays | melitron | jesusgregkinnear | garyfrick | leatherpumpkin | haveapleasanttomara | hipster-sandwich | amomentarything | maozedoggystyle | radgryd | thepartyscancelled | liekeblogger | ohreallo | luxuryofsarcasm | betterfoodandcoolerpeople | rufustfirefly |

While i’m here I might as well post these flawless Tumblr Crushes: