University of Michigan during World War II

Every day, we walk on campus without thinking, but men and women that deserve recognition and honor for their service to this country have walked on and have been at these places! State street is not just a state street!

Does this place look familiar to you? ;)

Student Soldier march down State Street

State Street

Morning Cannon Fire at the Law Quad

Soldiers studying

East Quad (1943)

Somewhere near the Natural Science Building

Female students rolling up bandages at the Michigan League (1943)

Women during war: Selling war bonds (1943)

Women during war: female students in Motor mechanics class

A Date at the Arb ;) (April 1943)


38th U.S. president Gerald Ford served in the Navy during WW2 (Michigan Alum Class of 1935; BA in Economics)

38th U.S. President Gerald Ford as Michigan football player (1933)

Sources: Bentley Historical Library