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I mean look. Datsyuk is probably the best defensive forward out there. He’s obviously still there. Kronwall isn’t gone. There’s a whole ton of guys that are still there that will make a difference. 

Right and then you have guys like Brendan Smith, and Tomas Tatar, and Goose that people have no idea how good they are. 

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That’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m trying to stand up for them. Yes we lost our number one defensemen and we lost Stuey, but we still have a great set of forwards and a wonderful goalie. Yes our defense needs work, but we still have time to fix that

Exactly. And the red wings are my team. My team is my team for life. I don’t care, win or lose I love them. So it really irritates me that people are tearing them down already. Without even giving them a chance.