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hello lovely people! It’s moe here and can you believe I am… actually finally doing that follow forever I’ve been meaning to do for… like over a year now? anyways I thought, since it was my blog’s 3th anniversary and also the 10 year anniversary of queens Girls’ Generation AND Jessica recently (even though it didn’t really go the way we wanted it unfortunately) and everyone (including me ofc lol) was dying and crying, I’d finally sit down and do it!

And as you can probably see, I also changed my URL from girlsgenerachen to 17wishes, you know I felt like it was time for a change again, while still staying true to my tash self lol, I thought it was easier to let everyone know of the change like this (we’ll see if I actually keep it tho lol) 

so first of all I’d like to thank my dear Chell @kim-taeyeon for making this cute header for me because I suck lol, you’re the reason this thing is finally happening after so long!

and of course a big thank you to everyone else as well! to everyone I follow, thank you for filling my dashboard with great content, I really enjoy seeing all of you on there every day and also to everyone of my followers, thank your for putting up with me. to everyone, thank you so so so much for making the past 3 years on this blog as wonderful and memorable as you did! here’s to many more!

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and now some cheesy messages for 3 very special people I haven’t included yet

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Hello there, as i said before, today i make this follow forever to congratulate on reaching 1k followers. But in this ff, i only mention some blogs, because in the second ff, i mentioned more blogs but now they changed name,and hiatus.

 Now let’s start

First, with some red velvet blog

@4-velvets @bredvelvet @dumblets @thvelvet @leaderirene @theseulgis @r-velvets @velvet-net @seulge @ireone @yeriprotectionsquad @beautyeri @joytiful @irxne @baechys @wen-rene

 And then soshi and jessica blog

 @kimtaeyoen @kimtae-yeons @kintaeyeon @taenys @taendelion @taengisc @jumataeng @jessicajuns @jesseseo @ibleedpastelpink @justmyperfectgoddess @soonkyuism @sooyyoung @hyo-edits @hyoy3on @kwonyuri @ninthwish @taenine @ninepeas @sicabrows @sicameow @sunnytastics @younas @yoonyvl @tipannies @tiffaeny @sonuyhshidae @ayoshidae @taenuts @ot9s @taeblush @queenhyo @seductyeon @shui-xian @snsd1k @sonesource @sooyoungss @sooyounqster @taebaeul @taelak @taengay @taenggeum @taeyeontime @taengxic @taesunamo @taesyeon @foreverfany @tellmeyourwish @girls-gen @gldnsky @candyeon

 And others 

@femaleidols @femaleidols @dazzlingkai @obtaevion @baekhyuntella @meiqie @kimsowcn @gfriendidthat @pastilpop @peachgyus @peachsom @sshinhye @sowonis @jieunnie @svteditors @svtgfx @syua @yeowangs @girlqroup @monoka @minchims

 And last but not least, sideblogs i am member 

@taengs @bearseulgi @kimteyons @taetseo @femadols @hiraimomo-s @girls-generation @girls1k 

 Thank you everyone for supporting me. love all. 

Hi guys! aphrodi-tae here,used to be GOR-JESSICAT, for my 3rd follow forever!! Weeeeee!! I know I haven’t been too active here lately, all thanks to COLLEGE wow reality sucks tbh. But now, it’s almost summer (in our country) and I finally found some time to be active & edit again like before. Although I am not promising you guys such wonderful edits, well being on hiatus did get my editing a bit rusty and I wasn’t really good at editing even before. But I promise you guys, I’d work hard to improve and show wonderful edits for all my beautiful followers. I know I’ve lost quite a few during my hiatus, and I’m so thankful for those who stayed & patiently waited for my return LOL

My follow forever is dedicated to all these lovely blogs I follow that make my dashboard full of life. Thank youuu for always making my dashboard awesome as you guys are!

#-  -suelgi4eversone017oct

A-   ayoungsalwaysoshi

B-   blondejonginbuttaerfly;

D-    dandyush

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H-   honey217hwungheylululu

I-   ireoneibleedpastelpink

J-   joueuijisooyjoytifuljihyo-sj-etijoohyun-sjesschestjesseseojustmyperfectgoddessjumataeng;

K-   kkahiikai-fanyskimhyoyeon-snsdkangseulgih

L-    leaderireneloveeintheicele-twinklelovely-fany

P- pinklightstick;

M-   m-iyoung

N-   naereneninthwish;

R-   rubysica

S-   sccjungsicabrowssoehyunsourireavectoi

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