anonymous asked:

can you please introduce yourself?

Isn’t it ironic for an anon to ask someone to introduce themselves?

Anyways, I’m Javier, a 23-year-old media student who lives in Madrid. This description was too good not to be shared: “You are like a Mon Chéri chocolate, rigid and sweet on the outside, but once you get through the exterior layer, you realise you’ve got a bit of the bitter taste of the liquor, but you always leave a sweet taste in the end”. So, that’s pretty much it.

anonymous asked:

Hi am the owner of this pic on flickr ../photos/riccardoperez/7279401242/ and I don't remember giving you permission to share it on your blog. Would you please remove it ? Thanks

I have deleted the image as you requested. Having said this, linked their post to your Flickr account, thus making it clear who the author of the photograph was, and spreading your work, making 229 people aware of it so far. 

So, that’s that.