“His work ethic is just amazing. That is the only way I can describe him. There are just numerous occasions that spring to mind but I remember when he used to teach us to sing songs not just on our albums, but even gospel songs, he would arrange them on the piano, and then arrange our vocals, instruct us how to sing, "Susan, this is how I want you sing your part, Rolita, you should sing it like this, ” and then with Tweet, and it would just be effortless. Everything would just be automatic-it wouldn’t take days or even hours for him to arrange something to sound amazing. His arrangements were like no-one else’s, and as far as producing songs, everything just comes to him. The music and the lyrics just come to him, just like that. It’s just all in his head and he just creates it. And when he’s in studio mode, he is IN studio mode! He could be in the studio for 2-3 days, working on music, NOT going to sleep while we’re all fallin’ asleep. We’d always be thinking how does this man have the energy to stay up like this?! We’d feel bad for fallin’ asleep while he was working hard, and try to stay awake and not fall asleep because he wasn’t fallin’ asleep. I mean it was crazy! Keeping up with DeVante was impossible. He was just that into music. He’s a genius- a total genius. I’ve never seen anybody like that or heard of anybody like that in my life.“ - Susan Weems (Sugah) from Da Bassment Crew
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