See You When I Get There Bro.
I Miss You Down Here Tho.
Continue To Guide Me And Watch Over Me… I Love U Bro.

👼 @DeeBee718 👼

… “Dropped outta college and I learned one things Fuck Ya Enemies Protect Ya Energy
def ain’t love Fuck Fake Friends
Who ain’t never care for u like you cared about them
yeeea that’s it… Momma would complain
Started seeing shit different then Shit Changed - @bizzycrook


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G💰🙇💰D || "The MONEY is GOOD, but the Love is Better” || #ForeverDB (at

From Youngins My Friends Been Getting Checks.

Salute to my brothers @dominican_connect & @_emelo_ The Rectory Groomed Us. Y'all had to be about 12,13 years old wit real jobs and shit lol…
Just Know, I Remember Everything. Also The Last Place We All Chilled With @deebee718 smh. Salute bros.

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Thank You.

My G'day KickBack Sunday. Come Thru.


👼 #ForeverDB 👼

(at St Teresa of Avila R C Church)


VIDEO :: Before the Summer started, I decided to give myself immediate goals to reach.
I promised myself I would Push Product. Make more moves with #GMbyTM ✔️
I promised myself I would spend more time with my son, pending the other side ✔️
And I promised myself I would get UP and do a f–kin Muscle Up finally ✔️

#GRATEFUL || 👼 #ForeverDB 👼 || #GOODMoney

Happy G'day To My Best Friends Mom. My Mom When My Mother Went To Work Everyday Growing Up. I Grew Up Under Her Watch and She Always Made Sure I Was GOOD and Safe… My GOD Mommy Goya

Goyita Happy Birthday, God Bless You, and I Wish You Many More To Come.
Ima Continue Going Hard Like Ya Son Told Me To Before His Unexpected Departure… We Miss You Dee.

👼 #ForeverDB 👼 #ForeverPOOK 👼


All males dream to hear their own name called at ceremonies of accomplishment….
Especially when it’s not for them, it’s for who they created…Their Son.
@DeeBee718 I know you smiling up there this morning/afternoon bro…

Congrats to Jesus Jr.
#YoungWhipDidIt lolll
👼 #ForeverDB 👼 (at Ps 316 Elijah Stroud)

a wise man said,
“A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed”

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I appreciate all the support along this journey and all the kind words, Thank You… I’m looking forward to a G.O.O.D Summer ‘15 and You All Should be as well… #GRATEFUL

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the two of us. both lost our best friend in the past 2 years. his more recent. we think of them all day, everyday. keeping their name, feeling, and essence alive in their departure is all we wanna do.

We Miss Our Brothers like a motherfucker… Yoooo Shakur Time Heals All Wounds lil bro… I randomly bust out crying at the thoughts and memories of Dee till this day… I’ll never be ok but wit time lil bro it becomes reality smh…
They live on through our actions.
Do Right By Pook Shakur…
They Not Here in The Physical But They Are Sure Here In Spirit
GONE AND NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN 👼 @DeeBee718 👼 @datniggapook_

👼 #ForeverDB 👼 #ForeverPOOK 👼

… I’m Ready 2 Thrive …

… The Lights Are On …

… The Greatest Go Thru All The Pitfalls …

… But What Makes Them Great Is How Many Times They Get Up And Climb Back To The Top …

G💰🙇💰D /\ 👼 #ForeverDB 👼 (at )