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Do you realize what a jerk drake is

I have never met Drake in person. I have had a couple one on one conversations with him through the internet. Every time that I have talked to him, he has been nice to me. I mean, I wouldn’t say we are friends, but we are close enough that he knows who I am and that I am very supportive of Catching Your Clouds.

Let me say this to you.

Drake is a human being.

He is going to have off days and he is going to have good days. He can be mad, he can be sad, he can be rude, he can be sweet. Humans act differently based on their feelings. Yes, you ‘should’ be kind to everyone and all of that jazz. But I am 99% sure that you have at least once in your life gotten mad over something and snapped at someone or was in a pissy mood.

Don’t give up on someone if they were having a bad day.