The #foreveradventure #kringlejingle is only 2 short days away and @elizabeez and I are hard at work! We will be handing out these cd’s with demos and covers on them for free! Each one will have a different, hand drawn cover! Please come to the show to say hello! Tickets are $8! Let me know if you want one!!

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foreveradventures  asked:

Tell me about your ocs!! Tell me everything!!

Well, there’s Milo, he’s completely human and he’s a little cutie sweetheart and a fighter, he uses swords and axes (He may look small & weak but he can lift an axe about half his weight or more with ease) His parents are very loving and supportive of him and the life he pursues. He uses all physical attacks and is not able to use magic since he’s a human. He’s currently in a relationship with Shou.

Marianna is, by technicality, not a human. She is partialy another species which I have not thought of a name for. Although they look like humans their genetic makeup is actually very different from a human’s. They are usually born with white or very light colored hair and red eyes, (Where her red eyes and white hair streak come from) and they can use magic unlike humans. Marianna is a child born half human and half of this other species, but was raised as human (and away from her “purebred” half brother Shou) in an attempt to protect her from the monsters around their home because being half human made her much more vulnerable than her “purebred” peers and family. But for many years she studied her heritage and the ways of magic they used. She uses mainly staves and tomes as her weapons and can not attack physically. She has a HUGE crush on Rosanne

Rosanne is human princess from a very cold and mountainous region. The people of her nation are usually born with very dark black or brown straight hair, but she was born with curly red hair like a rose (Hence the name Rosanne) This bright red color of hair is linked to longevity, happiness, and most importantly -the powerful ability to summon, which ran in her family, but was a very rare trait. Her father thought he would never see another summoner in the family since there hadn’t been record of one for centuries.  She uses an amulet to channel her powers of summoning, she can use physical attacks but they are very weak and she prefers to use her summons. She has a crush on Marianna.

Jordan is a thief (sort of?) born and raised in the desert. Their species is unknown. They were never able to see their biological parents but was raised by a very kind elderly couple at the edge of the desert. At a very early point in life, Jordan found out that the world was a dangerous place. So they trained often, day and night so that they could protect the oh-so kind people that raised them. They prefer to uses knives and bows when fighting, fists if worse comes to worse. They also got a job as a sort of guard for hire at the town nearby to earn a living. They still often send money to the old couple to help support them in retirement.

Shou is Marianna’s elder half brother by about five years, a “purebred” of his kind. He lives/lived in the nation of the non-human species since he was much more resistant to the monsters in the area thanks to his “pure” blood. Though not often, he was aloud to see Marianna every once in a while, but once he began his training his visits became few and far bewteen. When he finally completes his training he finds that his sister has been training hersef and that she left with Milo. And thus with nothing to go by but a recent photo of her, he sets off to find his sister. He finds her and joins the party. His weapons are a specially made pair of guns with magic bullets (That he enchants himself) as ammo. He is currently dating Milo