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Fatshion February Day 6: Accidental Gryffindor Anniversary Date!

Today my sweetie and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! We got dressed up and say at our traditional table at our favorite restaurant and then we’re in bed by 10!

By the way, I definitely word this tiara as an ode to Rowena Ravenclaw’s lost diadem, because if I’m going to wear Gryffindor colors, I at least need a little reference to my fave house.

I had an outfit on earlier today, but didn’t get a chance to document it! I will likely wear it again later this month, though.

Dress: modcloth, 4x
Cardigan: target, xxl
Boots(are you sick of them yet? Just wait): Ariat, 10
Glasses: ZenniOptical
Tiara and necklace: forever21

Also, I just wanted to clarify: YES, that is a Step and YES, I am a 90’s child who now willingly does step aerobics.


Oh Dear, Icky Summer .. #HijabiProblems

Whilst some parts of the world may still have pleasant or rather cold weather the Middle East has definitely started to heat up! If you’ve been to Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East region during the months of May through August, you know what I’m talking about. There might be millions of people in the world who adore summer but I don’t. Being a hijabi doesn’t make it easy either! 

Summer is probably the worst time of the year in my opinion! The variations of summer in Dubai include humidity, hot-skin-burning-winds, scorching summer sun, cars overheating, Air conditioners taking roughly about a minute or two to ACTUALLY start cooling. Yes, it is hell and no, there isn’t any way to escape it if you lead a life which requires you get out of the house.

I went out the other day and could not figure out what to wear! (Yes, despite being a fashion blogger I have difficulty too!) In this weather condition, you’d want to wear something light, not so tight, super comfy, that makes you feel like a kite! HAHA that rhymes!! Anyway, basically, something like a skirt or palazzos or culottes but I didn’t want to wear exactly that I wanted to mix it up a bit and get creative so here’s what happened! 

I dug into my wardrobe that’s been an ever-so-beautiful mess for quite some time now .. ahh need to sort that out! (I have no time!! And not in the mood quite frankly haha!!!) ……..  I found a full length summer dress which I bought when I was like 15 years old, lol. It’s a spaghetti strap summer dress with a very low neckline. Now what must a hijabi do to cover up? I just put on this casual-ish floral button-down shirt on top and tied it from the front! Added a statement necklace and some pretty embellished flats and YES! I WAS SUMMER READY! You will see lots of this on me this summer .. I was so comfortable in this ensemble! And I love how it looks! It looks like I’m wearing one of those poofy high-waisted skirts! 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Step 1
    Find a full length summer dress

  • Step 2
    Pair it with a button down shirt (could be plain or printed, your call!)

  • Step 3

Easy enough, right? Let me know if you try it!

 Oh and congratulations to all the graduates high school/college/university! I pray for you all to have successful lives in this world and the HereAfter! Ameen! 

All my love,


Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever 21
Floral shirt: Stradivarius
Flats and Hijab: River Island
Necklace: Forever21
Pouch Bag: Nina Ricci

Looooooooove this guy! So fashion foward and definitely representing for the big guys out here!!!!

Meet Khakan
From: Texas 
Age: 26
I.G.: Krazikaprikorn
Tumbler- krazikaprikorn

In Outfit 1 
Shirt from Urban Outfitters 
Jeans from Forever21 
Long tan coat from the thrift store 
Boots DSW
Sunglasses RayBan    
Watch Aldo
  Earrings Aldo 
Scarf Forever21   

In Outfit 2 
Gold shirt Forever21 (21men)
Long Plaid button down Forever21 
Jeans Forever21 
Boots DSW 
Watch Aldo 
Hat Forever21 
Earrings Aldo 

In Outfit 3 
Black leather tank with studs Forever21 
Black drop crotch pants Forever21 
Royal Blue plaid button down Urban Outfitters.
Royal Blue Loafers H&M 
Black Hat Forever21 
Blue cross necklace Forever21 

In Outfit 4 
Black long vneck Project Social Tee. Com
Lightwash jeans thrift store 
Boots DSW 
Necklace Aldo 
Watch Urban Outfitters for big guy fashion!


Char (IG: ThirstTrapChar | Twitter: charsaywhatt), 20, Washington, DC 

Shirt/Bodysuit: Forever21; Necklace/Bracelet: JewelMint; Watch: Nixon 


Lanie (IG: thatssolanie), 18, Washington, DC 

Shirt: American Eagle; Jeans/Flannel: Hollister; Hat: Forever21; Watch: Michael Kors

Photographed by: 4thStFilms


Spring Fashion

photo 1: Dress- Forever21 Necklace- Styles for less

photo 2: Overalls- Target Shirt- Target

photo 3: Shirt- Love Culture (?) Skirt- Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses- Pacsun