so yeah, i just reached 500 followers and i thought it was the perfect moment to do my first follow forever ^^ first of all i am really thankful because i swear never thought i would reach more than 10 followers, but yeah it happened idk how but it makes me happy. i have been here since 2012 but is since the last year that i started to know those amazing blogs and persons that now i appreciate with all my heart.

i want to do a special shot out to my libro, pia baby, cath, queen erin, the immortal fetus, lucy and her cactus pepito pistolero, and rae because thanks to them i have such i great times, laugh so much and also share my thoughts/feelings. also i love u guys because you’re all incredible weird, fun but specially no one understand my jikook feelings like you. 

now in the other half i have those special persons that i have been following since forever and i will always fangirl about them: queen kim and queen cherry, the incredible bri, my biggest senpai xana and the precious jo <3 despite i’m not able to talk to you because i’m fucking shy i still want to say that i love u and will forever want to be your friend. 

also thanks to my art senpais because of you is that want to improve in art and maybe someday be as good as you <3 and to those that i don’t really mention here don’t worry because i still have u in mind and love u, specially if we have talked more than two times. Ah, i think that’s it. Really thanks to all, i will really follow you guys forever <333 

ugh sorry this all sounded like a speech >////< but yeah now: favoritesmutuals, art senpais*

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I’ve seen some nice asks going around about telling people that they were your favorite person of 2014. That brought me upon an idea. Instead of sending that ask around, I wanted to combine it into a post. You can call this a follow forever if you want, but what this mostly is, is a shout out to those people that have made my 2014 an amazing year on here. Mind you, I love every single blog I follow, because I follow people for a reason! This is just to give the people that I know and talk to a special message. Next to that, there’s a selection of blogs that I don’t talk to as much, but have still had a positive impact on my 2014. If you don’t already, I’d truly consider following each and everyone on this post! And if you’re not on here, please don’t feel bad. If I follow you, I intend to for a long time and sure as hell love your blog!

Thank you for making 2014 an awesome year: 

Hover over your url to see a message written specially to you! :)
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Blogs that have made my 2014 great, but I don't talk to (as much):

aaalways | abbyslockhart | bloodydifficult | bonhem | caskettic | dancingontiptoes | 
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✿ — It’s a little bit early (six followers early, but this has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of daysthis is gonna be sitting in my drafts forever if I don’t publish it now so HERE WE GO.

First off; thanks so much, to all of you, for liking my blog enough to follow. I appreciate it more than words can say?? (because, let’s face it; I’m horrible with words)

I literally started crying when I saw Nora’s follower count; and needless to say; I’m still shocked and kind of crying and stuff.

And second; I don’t care if you have or have not seen RWBY. I have to constantly state this, because you guys don’t know how often I have this problem. As long as you’re willing to give me a chance and RP with me, I’m perfectly fine with that. (because hey; not everyone has seen RWBY; not everyone likes RWBY. I totally get it; and that’s perfectly fine.)

But anyway; before I start rambling about things that may or may not be too important, here is le follow forever! Gonna try to keep this one short, alright? c: — ✿

✿ — Also; a shout out to synthesizebeing & askren-pai for sticking with my lame, awkward, dorky loser butt since I started Nora c:
You both have literally been awesome?? :D

The peeps (aka don’t add me on skype I’ll ramble to you and break your heart with shipping related stuff and my andless AU and thread ideas complain about feels and THANKS FOR NOT DITCHING MY CLINGY BUTT) :

|| bxdbehavior || cyber-god || guyliner-of-sass || snihovakoroleva / hamadisms || moonedge || idiotstuckinatree || intellectuxl (i never talk to you im so sorry im awkward) ||

The other BAEs/Awesome people who make my day so so so much better just being on my dash and stuff: (if your username is bolded, it means that you mean a lot to me and are just super awesome okay?? c: )
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The General public (peeps I follow/have a mutual following with whom i love to stalk from afar) :
|| arendelian || rubrumrosa || electrovus || bubblepxp || yatsubrxs || team-ravn || team-lpis-livia || frogbandmaestro || pyrrha-nikos-jnpr || brotergeist || xthirteenth || intrudingshadow || bruhtters || eldestxrusso || raylikerxses || silliestofnugs || twiggenstein || jnpr-leader-jaune || player-sakuraba-neku || vvaywardwind || raxcity || medicalxperspective || maglxv ||

Shameless self-promo:
|| selenexadams || 

So there we go! I’m so so so sorry if I forgot anyone! But honestly?? thanks so much guys! You’re all awesome, my lovelies! Thanks so much for making my time RPing here on tumblr as fun as it has been!

NoraMun, out! im so sorry im horrible at ending things like this asdfgfd — ✿


so i was tagged by a million and one people to do the selfie like your bias tag and selfie tags in general and !! sorry !!! for !! taking so long !!! to do this !! pmsl- thank you for tagging me: @amillionwon @jihoongi @kimbap-kidding-me @minqyew @squishyhosh @sweaterpaws-bywonwoo @wonjimin @wonweewoo @wonwooscat @wonwvoo

anyway on the basis that hoshi barely takes any selfies and all his poses are stale !!! af !!! i decided to copy the other members instead muahah- anyway the joshua face is not working for me fam r.i.p !!!

well then i’m gonna tag my buddies + some people who should really !!! come talk to me !!! (( even though i reply late which 50% of this list can testify )) but ye let’s be friends i’m mediocre as hell : ~ ) and thank you for always tagging me in stuff even though i’m really bad at keeping up with those things orz and some of you left really nice messages after the follow forever aaaahhh thankyouilysm.///.

i’m tagging: @ayhosh @boonon-pd @booseungkwanie @chan-saur @channosaurus-rex @cutequartz @doekyum @drinkwaterjisoo @fairymyungho @hobiessmile @hoshijpg @jeung-han @jeonghelp @mingyu-baby @seokmeow @seungkwanton @sweetmingyu @vernonplease @wonbby @wonwooed @wooing-jeonghan @young2soon wowowowow that’s a lot of people orz why- but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to !!

Rebecca Levin: OBspec, ableism, and canon Orphan Black

I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to talk about Rebecca Levin from the latest obspec script. I’ve wanted to talk about her for some time now and with the release of the latest episode, there are a lot of things about Rebecca that are worth discussing. Today, I want to touch on how Rebecca’s inclusion ties obspec back to the original, canon source material and how her introduction enhances and expands those themes.

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thealphasspark replied to your post “SUBWAY SLEEPER, pt. 25”

Damn I’m patiently waiting for this to be finished and uploaded to ao3. Everytime I see a new update I get closer to caving and reading it anyway. You will not break me, I know it will be worth the wait ��

Someone else just told me this too!  Again, I super appreciate the ironclad assumption that it will, one day, be finished.  That I’ll be able to stop writing it.  THAT I’LL GET MY LIFE BACK.  


Yeahhhh, we’ll see.