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Hey I just wanted to say I just found your blog, like this morning. But, I already love it and I love you and I hope you're happy forever. Sorry, I'm weird and I stayed up til like 3:30in the morning. But anyway, don't forget to smile! :)

It’s ok!  3AM messages of love and goodwill make me very happy!

Interrogation (Jughead x Reader)

927 Words

You were sitting in your usual booth at Pop’s Diner, revising some maths equations while you waited for your routine chocolate milkshake to arrive. You usually did this, as you didn’t like studying at home. You preferred noisy surroundings, as it motivated you to keep focused. Whenever you were studying you never invited anyone to sit with you at the diner, not even Jughead, your best friend for four years; so you were surprised when he sat down across from you.

You looked up at him with a questioning look, Jughead usually only popped up randomly when he was interrogating people, “Hello,” you greeted him.

He didn’t reply, just watched as your long awaited milkshake was placed on the table by a nice waitress, and stole the cherry off the top.

“You’re lucky I don’t like cherries,” you said to him, knowing he already knew that, “Is there a reason to your sudden appearance during my study time?”

He finally spoke, “Something tells me you’ve been keeping information from me.”

You raised your eyebrow, while you took a sip from your milkshake.

He elaborated, less interrogative now, more caring, “You’ve been acting weird around me lately, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

Although your heart skipped a beat in panic, you kept a straight face. You realised lately that you’ve actually grown feelings for the boy with the dark brown locks. You hadn’t realised but it has made you hyperaware of everything you did around him, careful not to be too flirtatious in case he picked up on it. You couldn’t bear the thought of ruining your friendship.

“Y/N?”  Jughead clicked his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry, I just,” You tried to find an excuse, “I’ve been stressed about school, that’s all.”

He squinted at you in disbelief, “I know when you’re lying Y/N, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? Have I done something?”

You took another sip of your milkshake, debating a reasonable answer, “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t. And no you haven’t done anything.”

“You know you can tell me anything, you’re my best friend,” Jughead told you.

You looked up at him and nodded, “I know, but not this.”

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone for now but I will get an answer, don’t you worry,” Jughead said and with that he got up and walked out of Pop’s, leaving you to your study and thoughts about the boy in the crown beanie.

You were lying in bed later that night, scrolling mindlessly through your phone, when you heard a knock at your window. You jumped when you saw a silhouette outside, but then looked a little closer to see the facial features of none other but Jughead. You put your phone down and walked over to the window to open it to let him in.

“Hey,” Jughead greeted you, climbing up the ladder he somehow found, into your bedroom.

You shook your head at his antics, a smile of amusement on your face, his weirdness will forever be surprising, “Hey.”

“Mind if I stay for a bit?” He asked.

“Sure,” you said, walking back over to your bed to lay down.

Jughead slipped off his shoes, walked over and laid down next to you. You both were just laying on your backs, staring up at the ceiling in a comfortable silence.

You spoke up, “Is there a reason you came to my house at 9pm at night?”

“You still haven’t told me what’s wrong,” He blatantly answered.

You sighed, “Right.”

He turned his head to look at you, “Please? Can you tell me what’s wrong? I feel like I’m not being a good friend by not knowing.”

You turned your head to him as well, staring into his eyes, those eyes you’ve grown to love, “I already told you, I can’t.”

He looked annoyed all of a sudden, “Whatever, don’t tell me then.”

You sat up, surprised by his annoyance, “Juggie, c’mon, I’m not keeping it from you to hurt you, I can’t tell you cause…” you sighed, “I-I just can’t, please don’t be mad.”

He sat up too, annoyance gone, replaced with a mischievous look, “Fine, I’m just gonna have to tickle it out of you.”

Your eyes widened in panic, you hated being tickled, you hated it, you were the most ticklish person ever, but before you could react, he’d already started on your sides.

“Jughead,” you laughed, “Please,” another laugh, “Stop!”

He didn’t oblige, you fell back, trying to get away but he stopped you by straddling your hips. He moved his hands up to your neck, tickling you feverishly and deviously, giving you no mercy.

“How,” laugh, “am I supposed,” laugh, “tell you,” laugh, “when you’re,” laugh, “doing this!” You choked out.

He stopped, hands placed softly on either side of your neck and somehow his face had gotten closer to yours.  He looked at you expectantly, waiting for the answer he so dearly wanted. Out of habit your eyes flickered to his lips, and when you looked back up there was a look of realisation on his face. Panic filled you, realising how obvious you had just been, but you thoughts were silenced when you felt a pair of lips on your own.

Jugheads lips.

Jughead was kissing you.

Your eyes fluttered shut, melting into the kiss. It was everything you had imagined and more. After a few moments, he pulled away. You opened your eyes to a smiling Jughead, and you smiled back.

Then he kissed you once more.

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is?? it?? weird?? For?? Forever?? makes?? me?? cry?? like idk how to explain why but like?//???/?/ His voice has sm emotion in it when singing and like?? It's just too beautiful for my emotions to cope

dud e same aaa

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For no reason at all I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who’s following this little corner of the net and take the time to read the stuff I post when it floats across dashboards. You all are fantastic people and I hope your new year is going splendidly so far.

A special thank you to those in bold. If it weren’t for you  I wouldn’t have gotten the fics out that I did. You’ve been a steady source of input, encouragement and a good whip cracking when I need it. I love ya.

May you all know peace and joy in the months to come.

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hotel walls

Originally posted by ji-min

pairing: minjoon + yoonseok
length: one shot, 4.5k
genre: smut
rating: M
tags: sexual tension, accidental voyeurism, exhibitionism, over all smut antics


“um,” jimin begins, breaking the silence, “hyung, should we–uh–tell them?”

“i-i don’t think so,” namjoon stutters, “what would we do, just knock on the door?”

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When I get to morning lecture early, I usually sit and read a spiritual text.

Inevitably someone friendly asks, “What are you reading?”

It feels too early in the morning to reply, “A nondual exposition on blissful self-knowledge through self-inquiry.”

So I just say, “A spiritual book about meditation and stuff.”

Even that seems too much, usually just getting a reply of, “Oh, cool. Enjoy!”

Forever weird.