Interrogation (Jughead x Reader)

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You were sitting in your usual booth at Pop’s Diner, revising some maths equations while you waited for your routine chocolate milkshake to arrive. You usually did this, as you didn’t like studying at home. You preferred noisy surroundings, as it motivated you to keep focused. Whenever you were studying you never invited anyone to sit with you at the diner, not even Jughead, your best friend for four years; so you were surprised when he sat down across from you.

You looked up at him with a questioning look, Jughead usually only popped up randomly when he was interrogating people, “Hello,” you greeted him.

He didn’t reply, just watched as your long awaited milkshake was placed on the table by a nice waitress, and stole the cherry off the top.

“You’re lucky I don’t like cherries,” you said to him, knowing he already knew that, “Is there a reason to your sudden appearance during my study time?”

He finally spoke, “Something tells me you’ve been keeping information from me.”

You raised your eyebrow, while you took a sip from your milkshake.

He elaborated, less interrogative now, more caring, “You’ve been acting weird around me lately, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

Although your heart skipped a beat in panic, you kept a straight face. You realised lately that you’ve actually grown feelings for the boy with the dark brown locks. You hadn’t realised but it has made you hyperaware of everything you did around him, careful not to be too flirtatious in case he picked up on it. You couldn’t bear the thought of ruining your friendship.

“Y/N?”  Jughead clicked his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry, I just,” You tried to find an excuse, “I’ve been stressed about school, that’s all.”

He squinted at you in disbelief, “I know when you’re lying Y/N, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? Have I done something?”

You took another sip of your milkshake, debating a reasonable answer, “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t. And no you haven’t done anything.”

“You know you can tell me anything, you’re my best friend,” Jughead told you.

You looked up at him and nodded, “I know, but not this.”

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone for now but I will get an answer, don’t you worry,” Jughead said and with that he got up and walked out of Pop’s, leaving you to your study and thoughts about the boy in the crown beanie.

You were lying in bed later that night, scrolling mindlessly through your phone, when you heard a knock at your window. You jumped when you saw a silhouette outside, but then looked a little closer to see the facial features of none other but Jughead. You put your phone down and walked over to the window to open it to let him in.

“Hey,” Jughead greeted you, climbing up the ladder he somehow found, into your bedroom.

You shook your head at his antics, a smile of amusement on your face, his weirdness will forever be surprising, “Hey.”

“Mind if I stay for a bit?” He asked.

“Sure,” you said, walking back over to your bed to lay down.

Jughead slipped off his shoes, walked over and laid down next to you. You both were just laying on your backs, staring up at the ceiling in a comfortable silence.

You spoke up, “Is there a reason you came to my house at 9pm at night?”

“You still haven’t told me what’s wrong,” He blatantly answered.

You sighed, “Right.”

He turned his head to look at you, “Please? Can you tell me what’s wrong? I feel like I’m not being a good friend by not knowing.”

You turned your head to him as well, staring into his eyes, those eyes you’ve grown to love, “I already told you, I can’t.”

He looked annoyed all of a sudden, “Whatever, don’t tell me then.”

You sat up, surprised by his annoyance, “Juggie, c’mon, I’m not keeping it from you to hurt you, I can’t tell you cause…” you sighed, “I-I just can’t, please don’t be mad.”

He sat up too, annoyance gone, replaced with a mischievous look, “Fine, I’m just gonna have to tickle it out of you.”

Your eyes widened in panic, you hated being tickled, you hated it, you were the most ticklish person ever, but before you could react, he’d already started on your sides.

“Jughead,” you laughed, “Please,” another laugh, “Stop!”

He didn’t oblige, you fell back, trying to get away but he stopped you by straddling your hips. He moved his hands up to your neck, tickling you feverishly and deviously, giving you no mercy.

“How,” laugh, “am I supposed,” laugh, “tell you,” laugh, “when you’re,” laugh, “doing this!” You choked out.

He stopped, hands placed softly on either side of your neck and somehow his face had gotten closer to yours.  He looked at you expectantly, waiting for the answer he so dearly wanted. Out of habit your eyes flickered to his lips, and when you looked back up there was a look of realisation on his face. Panic filled you, realising how obvious you had just been, but you thoughts were silenced when you felt a pair of lips on your own.

Jugheads lips.

Jughead was kissing you.

Your eyes fluttered shut, melting into the kiss. It was everything you had imagined and more. After a few moments, he pulled away. You opened your eyes to a smiling Jughead, and you smiled back.

Then he kissed you once more.

Queen in the North {Pt. 6}

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Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count:  2,149

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“What are you doing today?” Robb asked from his spot on your bed, his hand running lazily through Grey Wind’s fur.

“I planned on helping Sansa bake a few lemon cakes, and Arya had asked about-”

“I already cancelled your plans.” You lost track of the braid that you were currently working into your hair as you turned to give Robb a dirty look.

“What do you mean that you have cancelled all of my plans?”

“I mean that we are having a ‘Just Us’ day, and that I was not going to wait around for you to have a free day in order to make it happen.”

Just Us days were a tradition that had stuck with you from your first few weeks in Winterfell. They were exactly what they sounded like. A day that you and Robb could spend alone, taking the time to slow down in between your many lessons and duties through the years. They were getting harder and harder to coordinate as you grew older.

“Robb, we just had a few weeks worth of just us days.” You said, moving to sit opposite him on the bed. I think that my other responsibilities are a bit more pressing than sitting around with you and Grey Wind, as much as I adore the both of you.“

Robb’s hand found yours, gently looping your pinkies together in a way that caused your heart to flutter. "A few weeks of you waiting on me hand and foot. I hardly think that counts as a break for you.”

“I have so much to catch up on and-”

“Winterfell didn’t fall apart because you neglected your responsibilities for a few weeks. I think that everyone can last one more day while you take a break.”

You searched for a reason to say no, but what Robb was saying did make a lot of sense. Furthermore, Grey Wind was giving you the same eyes that he did while begging for table scraps. You all knew that they always worked.

You sighed and managed to meet Robb’s eyes long enough to nod once. Robb grinned, taking both of your hands in his and allowing himself a moment to think before standing up and making his way to the door, Grey Wind following close behind him. He paused in the doorway, eyes sweeping around the room. “I will meet you at your bench as soon as you are ready.” He made his way down the hall, and you hurried to finish the braid in your hair and pack a few necessities in a bag before rushing down the stairs to meet him.

“I have absolutely no idea what took you so long.” Robb laughed, linking your arms together and throwing your bag over his shoulder.

You caught Sansa’s eye as Robb lead you across the courtyard. Even you couldn’t miss the twinkle in her eye before she turned and made her way inside. Thankfully, the day was warm, and Robb’s light hearted laughter was enough to draw your attention away from wondering what Sansa might have been planning.

The walk to the woods felt shorter than you remembered it from when you were children. That might have had something to do with the fact that your legs were considerably longer, and you were distracted by Robb’s pinky, which was currently linked with your own. You found the pond in record time, Robb taking the opportunity to spread out a blanket while you played with Grey Wind in the clearing. You couldn’t help but laugh as the direwolf pranced around the clearing.

You had missed this. You loved your family, but there were times when your responsibilities piled up. Robb had always somehow known when it got to be too much, and you were forever grateful for his weird sixth sense about your stress levels. You chased Grey Wind around the clearing laughing when he turned and pounced on you, causing you both to tumble to the forest floor.

“I spent all this time laying out a blanket so that you wouldn’t get Sansa’s lovely new creation dirty, and here you are rolling in the dirt.” Robb’s voice was stern, but when you managed to tear your gaze away from Grey Wind, you saw him smiling. An honest to gods, Robb smile. The one where his eyes crinkled at the sides. It was one of your favorite smiles of all time, and you were happy to have it to yourself today.

“Up you come,” Robb said, offering you a hand and pulling you off of the ground. You underestimated the amount of strength he was going to put into pulling you up, and meant to stand up on your own. This resulted in you practically launching yourself onto him.

“Hi there.” You said softly, your nose a few centimeters away from Robb’s.

“Hi.” Robb was making no move to step away, until Grey Wind began to whine at his feet. “I think someone is hungry.”

You glanced down at the direwolf and you couldn’t help but smile. Grey Wind was loyal and fierce, but you and Robb did love to spoil him rotten.

Robb chuckled to himself and took your hand before leading you over to the picnic that he had set up for the two of you. He had managed to get all of your favorites, even though some of the fruit was out of season and sometimes proved troublesome to get to the North. There were lemon cakes, strawberries, and even a large piece of mutton for Grey Wind. You tossed him his well earned treat before tucking into one of the lemon cakes.

“I hope you saved some of these for Sansa. You know that if she finds out you didn’t she won’t speak to you for days.” You said, grinning in between bites.

“Always looking out for me.” Robb laughed, while you pretended that your face wasn’t warming up. “I did leave her a few, only because I knew that you would yell at me the entire trip back if I didn’t.”

“Let’s do something fun.” You say, sitting up and glancing around the clearing. Grey Wind had fallen asleep, and Robb looked like he wasn’t far behind his faithful companion. “Let’s climb a tree.”

After Robb chose to ignore your perfectly reasonable suggestion, you decided that you were going to do what you wanted. You marched over to the tree and only spared Robb one last look over your shoulder before hiking up your dress and making your way onto one of the sturdier looking branches.

As you sat down on the branch, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself. Maybe a little too proud of yourself for what you had actually accomplished. Although it was something that would seem insignificant to others, you were always a clumsy child, and had never actually made it up and into a tree before you fell out or someone yelled at you to stop before you hurt yourself.

Robb let out a surprised laugh at the sight of you perched on the branch. You couldn’t help yourself, and before long a giggle became a full on belly laugh. You grabbed your stomach that was starting to ache from the laughter.

That was a mistake.

Before you could stop yourself, you were sliding off of the branch. It all happened so quickly that you were not even able to let out a scream. Grey Wind was by your side in seconds, Robb not far behind.

“I should have known better than to let you into a tree.” Robb said softly, allowing you to lean against him while you acclimated to being in the ground.

“My arm hurts.” you said softly into the crook of Robb’s neck.

“I know. We will have it looked at as soon as we get back.” Robb scooped you up in his arms, being as gentle as possible. You walked for a few minutes, before you remembered the picnic that was still laid out for the two of you in the clearing.

“I’m sorry.” you said quietly, breaking the silence that was hanging between the two of you. Robb simply rose his eyebrows at you. “I know that you probably had better plans for us today. You know, ones that didn’t include me falling out of a tree.”

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for.” Robb’s voice was soft, but there was a quiet command in it as well.

“I knew I was clumsy before I climbed up that tree.” you said, moving your uninjured arm to loop around his shoulder.

“But you also knew that I was usually there to catch you. Maybe I should be apologizing.” Robb muttered, refusing to meet your eyes.

“Robb,” you said quietly, forcing him to look at you. “I feel safe with you. This is no one’s fault. Not really.” He was silent again, and you knew that it would be better to let him work through his feelings on his own. “It’s fine” you said quietly, running your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. “I’m fine, or at least I will be when we get back.”

The two of you were nearly back to the castle, and you could feel at least a bit of the tension beginning to melt from his shoulders.

“I could walk, you know.” Robb grunted, barely acknowledging what you were saying. He merely shifted you in his arms, somehow managing to pull you closer to him.

You sighed to yourself, and allowed him to carry you up into the infirmary. Robb began to explain what happened as Old Nan gently examine your arm. All of the words fell on deaf ears, until Old Nan confidently announced that your arm was not broken. “Although there will certainly be some bruising, as long as you stay away from trees, everything will be fine in maybe a week.”

“That’s good,” Robb said, once again linking his pinky with your own. “We wouldn’t want you in a sling for the wedding.”

You felt your entire body tense up, and your eyes widen. Old Nan quickly sat down the wrap that she was putting away and made her way out of the room.

“What did you just say?” you asked, timidly. You might have misunderstood him, maybe you were all attending a wedding in a few days. It wouldn’t have been the first time that you all were required to attend some distant cousin’s wedding. And most of all, you didn’t want to get your hopes up.

“I was thinking about our wedding. You would still look beautiful in a sling, but I think that it would be better for everyone if you were mobile”

“Robb?” Your heart was racing. Robb truly was talking about your wedding. The only problem was that he hadn’t proposed yet. “You haven’t asked.”

“Asked what?”

“You haven’t asked me to marry you yet.” Robb blinked a few times, as if you were speaking Valyrian all of a sudden. “I mean, unless you were just assuming that I was going to say yes. I mean,”

“That’s what I forgot to do today.” Robb was grinning to himself. He sat down across from you on the bed and took both of your hands in his. “I had a much better setting planned out for all of this, I’ll have you know.” Suddenly, you were grinning too. “I had great speech planned out too. Guess it’s kind of useless now.”

You could feel your eyes watering, and if Robb’s hands weren’t holding your own, you were sure that they would be shaking.

“It doesn’t matter. This is perfect,” you said, your voice hardly above a whisper.

“So, will you?” Robb looked as if he was on the verge of tears as well. “Marry me that is.”

“Of course I will, you absolute dolt.”

The both of you were grinning, and maybe even crying a little, and then he was kissing you. And even though would never admit it, you had imagined this a thousand times over. But this? This was even more perfect than you ever could have imagined it. You felt yourself smiling into the kiss, and then Robb was smiling too.

He pulled away slowly and then gently rested his forehead against yours. “I love you.” he said,  before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“And I you.” Before you could say anything else, Grey Wind shoved his head in between the two of you, having gone without attention for long enough. “And I love you too.” you laughed, leaning down to plant a kiss on his head.

“Have I mentioned how much I love the both of you?” Robb asked, smiling down at the two of you.

You leaned back onto Robb, resting your head on his shoulder. “You have, but you could always tell me again.” 

there’s nothing more awkward than when a guy acts like you’re friends but is only waiting for the right moment to shoot his shot and the entire friendship is awkward and contrived and you feel guilty for not being nicer but also not wanting to lead them on 

Deep Talks

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“Okay, here’s another one,” you manage to say through a rumble of giggles. “You get to eat anything you want, whenever you want - but you only get to eat a tablespoon every hour.”

“I’m gonna have to say no,” Harry answers rather quickly. “I like my tummy to be full. Alright, my turn.”

Harry turns away from you and looks up towards the sky, wracking his brain for a good scenario to ask you.

“You can transform into anyone and anything you want, but your human face will always be showing on it.”

“That’s even worse than mine,” you laugh aloud. “Imagine turning into a fish and my face is just smacked right on it.”

“I think you’d be a beautiful fish,” Harry says, flashing you a dimpled smile.

You let out a small laugh and cuddled into his side, enjoying the time being spent with your boyfriend. The two of you were lying on a blanket in your backyard, staring up at the billions of shimmering starts adorning the midnight sky. It smelt of wet grass and of the rose bush planted a few feet away from your spot. You felt the blades of the grass beneath the fleece blanket and ignored the small spot of either mud or water that seeped through in the corner. The only thing you could hear was the occasional chirping of a cricket and the light breeze rustling through the leaves of the thick trees surrounding you.

Harry’s hand was in yours, his fingers mindlessly running across yours, fiddling and intertwining them while he seemed to be deep in his thoughts. You sat a few moments in silence, looking at your hand in his and watched as the beautiful stars in the background disappeared every time your hands momentarily covered your view. You turned to look at Harry, his arm was resting behind his neck and he stared longingly into the sky.

“What’s on your mind?” You ask quietly, not wanting to interrupt whatever it was he was thinking of.

“Mm, jus’ life,” he answers. “The future and also our purpose on Earth.”

“I wish I knew the answer to both those things,” you reply, “also, do you think aliens exist?”

A breathy laugh escapes Harry’s lips. “Honestly, there might be.”

“And the future?”

“As long as you’re in it, I think that’s the only thing that matters,” Harry admits softly and for the tenth time that night you feel your heart flutter once again.

The longer you two sat in silence, the more you began to ponder on what Harry was thinking. Why are we here? How did we get here? Where do we go after this? Why are humans on Earth? Is fate a real thing? Or if you knew what was going to happen and tried to change it would it still end up the same? But the most important question of all, what is our purpose here?

“I got you thinkin’, didn’t I?” Harry asks.

“It’s weird because we all try to come up with our own answers of life but who really knows the truth,” you wonder aloud, “we take life day-by-day and hope for the best but where does it all go when this life is over?”

“Love, we won’t know until the time comes and that’s a long, long, long time away,” he replies. “I can, however, promise you one thing that’s in your future.”

“And what is that, Styles?” You challenge, a playful smile forming on your lips.

“Me,” he answers a matter of factly. “I promise I will be a part of your future. I will be here to watch you age and wrinkle. I will be with you through the highs and lows, I will be with you through every learning experience, I will try and be with you for every laugh and cry, every smile and every fight. I love you to the point where the only future I see is with you.”

You tried to blink away few tears that had pooled in your eyes as you processed everything that Harry had just told you.

“I love you, H,” you whisper, scooting closer to him so you could plant a long kiss on his flush cheek. “And even if one-day aliens come and attack us, I will stick by you like gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

“Gross,” Harry chuckles. “Maybe they’ll abduct us and we can go live forever in some weird different reality.”

“I wouldn’t want to be abducted by aliens with anyone else.”

44335557! (22)

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A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,286

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

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You continued to be furiously interrupted by the constant ringing of your phone and Sehun’s phone but you tried ignoring regardless.

“What do you mean you’re coming for me?…” You breathed as you stared aimlessly into Sehun’s face there was nothing about it that you recognised, he was a completely different person. He was a demon.

“Must I explain myself all the time?” He clicked his tongue as he looked down at you through angry eyes. Your phone began to ring again; you let out a little scream as you angrily answered it.

What the fuck is it Minseok!? Now is a very bad time. Very bad!” You hissed down the phone as you wiped your bleeding finger on your sleeve.

Please tell me you know where Sehun is!”
Your heart thumped a little at the sound of desperation in Minseok’s voice. For the most part Minseok was a pretty mellow kid and so desperation wasn’t something you were used to hearing from him you were getting a bad feeling much like you had been ever since everything had begun to turn upside down.

He’s with me now…why?”

Put me on loud speaker! Now Y/N!” He growled at you. Minseok had never spoken to you in such a manner before. You wasted no time in putting him on loud speaker, urging him to speak up.
Sehun don’t you dare fucking do any of it.”

“Do what?”

“Put your knife down.”

“How the fuck?—it doesn’t matter. No. I don’t know what you know, but no. I won’t”

“This is stupid Sehun! Reiji has got you and Baekhyun exactly where he wants you. Along with Nel, K and Tay. Do you really think you’re about to benefit from this? This has gone too far Sehun stop it! Reiji’s confiscated Baekhyun’s phone and he’s under house arrest, if he makes one wrong move it’s all over for him! Stop this or you’ll be next.”
You frowned at your phone in your hand, how did Minseok know all of this?

“Hang up.” Sehun growled at you, his eyes burning holes into the back of your skull. You shook your head, waiting for Minseok to carry on talking him out of whatever it was that he was planning on doing.

He shot his arm out and wrapped his hand across your throat slowly and steadily applying pressure, your eyes widened as you realised that you were finding it harder and harder to breathe, he was slowly strangling you. “I said hang the phone up now.” He whispered it this time and it was more sinister than the first. You tried to swallow but failed as you pressed the ‘hang up’ button on your screen. He released his hand from your neck and frowned at you. “I have a knife in my pocket and you’re daring to defy me. Fucking low class people, you’re all really fucking dumb.”
You took in a sharp breath, allowing the oxygen to rip through your lungs. You were crying now, not because of the social slur but because of what was happening.

“Sehun I don’t understand what’s going on.” You allowed tears to spill down your face; you were seriously confused and scared at the same time. You had never been so scared of anyone in your life. “What’s going on with you and Baekhyun? Why have you—”

“Stop asking me fucking questions, we’re going to the car. Now!”

Baekhyun’s P.O.V.

He woke up shaking on the cold ground, the last he remembered he was knocked out with a concoction of drugs which K had forced him to swallow. Shit was an understatement of how he was feeling right now. Ever since Minseok had told him about Ten Lee, Reiji had become increasingly hostile towards him, suppose he knew? Baekhyun couldn’t help thinking to himself. He had to get out of here, the cellar of Tay’s apartment, but the gash on his right leg was making it increasingly difficult for him to move. He was on his way to warn Sehun about Reiji. But he never ended up making it.
Baekhyun groaned in pain as he slowly dragged himself up from the floor and towards the creaky wooden steps which, mind you, looked as though they would collapse at any given moment. He had been given an ultimatum before he was knocked out cold and that was; ‘to destroy Ten Lee or suffer the consequences’. Baekhyun was confused since he had just assumed that Ten Lee was dead, but now he was being told to kill him instead, that was something he most definitely hadn’t signed up for. Baekhyun slowly dragged himself down the hallway and into the living room, it was dark inside and out and he could hardly see anything. They had confiscated his phone and kept him locked in several hidden locations for what seemed like forever. Reiji had promised that if he found any trace of Baekhyun trying to contact his ‘clique’ for help then he would end some of them there and then. Starting with Y/N.
He dragged himself over to the side of the living room feeling for the lamp switch and switching the light on. He then began to hurriedly sift through the draws, before anyone got back. Looking for his phone desperately. His hand came to a stop as it hovered above a device. It wasn’t his phone but it belonged to Tay. He quickly switched it on and opened the messenger application.

: Mum. Don’t worry I’m okay, I’ve just been studying so hard lately and I end up falling asleep at a friend’s house. I lost my phone I need you to go inside my diary and send me that number I’ve written in green on the first page.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Sehun please stop this, please.” You begged him, tears running down your face as he dragged you through the large house.
You ended up at his parent’s house. It was absolutely grand. Their taste was expensive and honestly you were expecting nothing less from them. There were glass statues everywhere and a bottle of the finest wine on display at every corner you turned.

“Shut up.” Sehun hissed brandishing the knife throughout the house. You could hear mumbling coming from of the rooms and it became apparent that Sehun was out to kill his parents.

“Sehun stop, you can’t do this.” You whispered as you pulled on his sleeve. They’re your parents you’re not supposed to be doing this. They raised you, they’re the reason you’re here.”

He stopped abruptly, yanking your arm so hard that for a moment you thought that he had pulled it out of your socket.

“You’re making the situation worse right now, so shut the fuck up. Next is Baekhyun, so you can see him suffer before it’s your go.”
You bit your lip as you stared intensely into his eyes, silent tears still spilling down your cheeks.

“Sehun please stop this, this isn’t you. What has Reiji done to you?” You placed your hand over his as he looked at you blankly for a second, it was silent but it felt like it was forever.  You felt a weird sensation take over you the longer he stared at you and a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach before he pushed your hand away.

“Get off of me and keep your mouth shut.” He whispered in your, venom lacing his tongue. He dragged you closer to the sound and swung the door open pushing you onto the hard wooden floor. You looked up to see a man laying on the bed with nothing on but his underwear, his hands were digging in to the waist of the skinny woman on top of him whom was also in nothing but her underwear, their eyes widening in fear as they were glued onto the knife in Sehun’s hand. Sehun let out a sadistic yet sarcastic chuckle as he looked down at the people on the bed.

“This scraggly bitch? Pathetic. Absolutely disgusting.” He yanked the woman by her hair dragging her off of the man and dropping her with force onto the hard floor. You could see the veins popping up in Sehun’s arm and throat now, adrenaline coursing through his body. “You’re a poor excuse for a father you know that right?” He eyed the man up and down, his grip tightening around his knife.

“Sehun, what the fuck are you doing?” His dad shuffled back on the bed pulling the covers up over his body. You stared up wide eyed at him from your space on the floor, the woman next to you was crying now; her shoulders shaking violently.

“Tell your whore to shut up.” Sehun huffed as he took a step backwards into her direction; his eyes still focus on his father.

“How dare you call my fiancée—”

“Shut the fuck up!” Sehun hissed as he squatted down beside the woman’s trembling body. “She won’t be your fiancée for much longer. She’ll only be a memory.” He smirked in her ear as he began to trace the knife around her throat, allowing the blade to catch her skin every now and then; leaving small blobs of blood here and there. “So I assume you’re the bitch that daddy was cheating on mummy with, huh?” He said in a mockingly childish voice as he pinched her thigh, instantly leaving behind a bruise. “But you knew he was married and had a kid right? Pathetic. You’re a dirty woman did anybody ever tell you that?”

“Sehun stop this now!” His dad shouted from the bed, hesitantly sliding off.

“Shut the fuck up!” He shouted back, his face was a bright red. He focused his attention back on his father’s fiancée. “You’ve already planned a wedding yet my parents haven’t even finalised their divorce, do you know how disgusting that is? I bet your parents are proud of you, you piece of scum, and you’re high in class for what? Look at you; you can’t even be more than 8 years older than me.” He pulled a strand of her hair and then smacked her hard in the face causing her to cry out. “You destroyed my family, you destroyed my life, you destroyed my psyche and mentality along with it too. You’re the worst kind of person. I want you to know that before you take your last breath. I really want you to come to terms with what kind of a sick, corrupt human being you really are. You’re a dirty rat and I really hope the guilt and the dirtiness of your ways is ripping through your body and tormenting you this very second, you’re a home-wrecker does that feel good bitch?”

You sat there in silence, all that could be heard was your heavy breathing. You weren’t sure what had come over Sehun but at this point it was looking irreversible, he was completely fuelled with anger, the way in which he looked at this woman was telling you that there was no going back and there was nothing you could do about it, all you could wonder was if whether or not what he said about you and Baekhyun being next was really true, and if it was you were in very deep trouble. You were a breathing casualty, a breathing fatality waiting to happen.
Sehun’s father began to take a step closer towards them on the floor, never taking his eyes off of the knife which was now positioned at her thigh.

“Come a step closer and I’ll kill her.” Sehun hissed as he held the knife closer to her thigh. His father was still inching closer.

“Dad I mean it!” Sehun yelled this time, but his facial expression had changed; now you could see panic and uncertainty settling in as his hand began to shake along with knife he was holding. “I’m not joking dad mo—”
Without warning Sehun’s father lunged forward at Sehun and a chorus of screams rang out in the room, one of them being you. You could hear screaming and crying and you were becoming disoriented, you had no clue what was going on until you looked over at them properly your eyes widened.

“Oh Sehun…” his father gasped, his breath bated as he clung onto his mistress. “What have you done?!”
There was a big rip in her thigh, blood pouring out. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting a pitch and volume that you thought was impossible for such a small person. “SEHUN!” his dad screamed. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” He ran up to grab his phone from the bed side table. “Hello, yes I need an ambulance and Police. 32 Witherton Crescent, off the side of Departo. Hurry.”

You looked at Sehun in panic, you had only just noticed that his hand was bleeding too, the knife directly inside the middle of his palm, he was still crying out in pain, before you acted on impulse. Standing up you grabbed Sehun’s wrist and pulled him up to his feet. You dragged him out of the bedroom and through the huge house. The only thing on your mind at that precise moment was to get him out of that situation; you couldn’t let him get arrested; although you knew he deserved it you just couldn’t let it happen. The hesitation in his eyes at the last second let you know that the old Sehun that you had grown to be friends with was still in there somewhere; you dragged out into the cold air and frisked his pocket for his car keys once finding them you quickly opened the door.

“Get in, quickly!” You shouted “We need to get out of here fast.”
Sehun’s father clearly didn’t love him near enough as much as any father should love their child and so you knew letting Sehun go down would be an absolute breeze for him. You panicked as you stared at Sehun’s hand. He wasn’t going to be able to drive. “Shit, I don’t know how to drive.” You mumbled as you bit your bottom lip.

“Well now is your chance to learn.” Sehun hissed through gritted teeth and unbearable pain, he was squeezing his wrist so as to slow the bleeding down; the knife was still planted firmly in its place. You nodded your head and jumped behind the steering wheel, you were scared. In fact you were absolutely terrified but you had to get the both of you out of there, at that point you were an accessory to the attack and now you were likely to be in trouble too. Plus you were low class trash and everyone knew that low class trash were always the guilty ones from the get go. For you it was more likely to be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

“Can you drive faster?!” Sehun yelled from next to you, barely being able to keep his eyes open.

“Don’t fucking shout at me! This is your fucking mess Sehun, what the fuck were you playing at trying to kill people, I thought you possessed a higher IQ. You bastard!” You turned a corner, knocking over a stray cat as you went but that was the last thing on your mind. “Sehun what the fuck were you thinking?”

“I don’t know…”He breathed, letting a new tone of voice slip past the pain.


“I don’t know, I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it so badly, but I couldn’t. But then he got closer and I panicked…”
You took a quick glance at him before looking back at the road ahead of you, a tear was running down his cheek as he focused on the knife still stuck in his palm.

“Stop crying…this is your fault…” You tried to say with conviction but you failed. No matter how badly he had messed up you felt sad for him and you felt obliged to get him out of the situation.
“You can’t go back home now, you know that? Neither of us can right now, we need to lay low.” He let out a grunt. “But first we need to do something about your hand.”

An hour and a half later and you and Sehun were sitting in his car, you him and silence. You had managed to bandage up his hand and now you were in a desolate area of nothingness that you never even knew existed. Your first exam was supposed to be in a week’s time, the thought of it was a joke now there was no way you‘d pass.

“I’m sorry…” Sehun breathed. “I always manage to fuck shit up. It was all a mistake…I’m a mistake…everyone would be better off without me.”

You rolled your eyes as you turned to look at him.
“Don’t say that Sehun, that’s not true.”
He laughed in disbelief as he turned his head to look at you.

“After everything I’ve put you through these past couple of weeks, you’re telling me you don’t hate me? You don’t wish I could just… disappear?”

“Of course I don’t Sehun, you’ve been an absolute asshole and idiot, but the better memories outweigh the worse ones.”  And for reasons beyond your understanding you found yourself reaching out to stroke Sehun’s face. Your eyes widened in shock at your own actions as you quickly withdrew your hand. “I know…don’t touch you I’m sorry…”

“No…  I want you to touch me.” He whispered, his voice was softer than ever now, as though he wasn’t shouting at you a couple of hours ago,. “Please…” He reached for your hand and dragged it back up to his face, placing it on his cheek. You found yourself stroking his face again, not even bothering to pull away and suddenly you felt a knot tying in your stomach, it felt strange almost like the knot you felt in your stomach when you used to start at Baekhyun softly and innocently biting his lower lip. “I never wanted to do this to you, I’m so sorry… You know how I feel Y/N, I promise you that this was never my intention. Not really.” It was silent for a while as you stared intently at each other, you frowned slightly as Sehun bent his head down and started leaning in towards you and before you could ask what he was doing you felt his lips on top of yours. However this time around you didn’t pull away; instead your hand was grazing its way through his hair and you felt that you were enjoying the sensation of his warm soft lips on your own. The kiss was tender and sweet and it got better with every lingering second. He began parting your lips with his tongue, when suddenly you pulled away at the sound of your phone buzzing in your pocket. Your breath was fast as you looked him in confusion, your chest heaving up and down

“What the fuck just happened?”
He shrugged at you as he bit his bottom lip nervously, maybe your body reacted that way automatically out of pity for his situation.
“Well whatever it was it’s never happening again, do you understand?” You frowned as you dipped your hand into your pocket and looked at the message on your phone.

“What the fuck?…” You whispered as you looked at your screen in confusion and astonishment. A row of numbers showing up. “What the heck is this?”

4448 4447777 22-23355449998866.
444 5566-6669 444 333882225533-3 887. 4446 44466 8777666882255533. 333444777-77778 4448 927777 64446677773366655, 844-4447777 8444633 44487777 633 2663 777733448866. 4446 877727-733-3 44466 666-6633 666333 84433444777 44666887777337777.


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