“Even though I shouldn’t let it bother me, I will forever be pissed off about Tower of Terror changing to Guardians of the Galaxy. I feel like it’s just a cheap cash grab and the change doesn’t even make sense with the theme of the area, especially with how much of an eyesore the new look is. I heard they had to change it for copyright reasons, but they could have found a way to work around it if they really wanted to.”

I will forever be pissed off about the way they twisted Raphael’s character. Izzy being out of character can fall back onto the drugs but him? There is no logical explanation. He has absolutely no reason to act the way he did! He despises Shadowhunters - understandably after being crossed and attacked by them (aka Clary and Izzy) and being tortured by one (Aldertree) - and he might be a good guy but he’s not a moron. Him helping Izzy is not out of character because he wouldn’t even abandon someone he dislikes, that’s not who he is, but he usually would have gotten her help instead of giving in and biting her. He would have brought her to Magnus because that’s someone Raphael trusts and someone who can help (or get the other Shadowhunters to help because of his relationship with one).

The show even has him explain that he knows addiction himself so he knows there is no “just this once” and he is aware that the blood of a Shadowhunter can get him addicted as well so why the fuck would he risk that??? Raphael’s priority has always been his clan; he always protected his family but now he just drops that to basically help his enemy? Izzy endangered his clan, burned him in the process and never cared one bit about the vampires. Just a few episodes ago Raphael was tortured by Aldertree who threatened to burn his clan alive if he doesn’t deal with Camille. And now he risks all of that without any reason? If Aldertree hears about this drug addiction, him biting and therefore furthering it, he might just go through with his threat and burn the clan.

As if Raphael would be so stupid and risk not only his own life but his clan’s by letting Izzy drag him into this shit. This is him actively endangering the people he holds closest, the people he always protected and put first.

Nothing about this makes any damn sense.

I’m confused? Why exactly does Clarke need to mourn L/xa for any longer than she already has?

Historically this is not a show that sits on grief. In fact, even though people refuse to acknowledge this, Clarke has actually mourned L/xa longer than she’s mourned any other character. 

Wells (her best friend, who she knew for her entire life) only received 1 episode of mourning.

Finn (who, according to Eliza, was the love of Clarke’s life-at least at the time) received 5 episodes before the show had L/xa kiss Clarke-although Clarke did respond with “I’m not ready.”, this is still the narrative symbolizing Clarke moving on. 

L/xa (the second love of Clarke’s life-thanks ET!) has thus far received 11 episodes-and she has still not canonically moved on. In fact, I doubt we’ll see explicitly canon romantic Bellarke until 4B. 

Explain to me why Clarke’s grief for L/xa needs to be dragged on longer than her grief for anyone else (especially those people who she knew for longer than 4 months-because, not to be rude, I will forever be pissed about how quickly she got over Wells.)

fangirlfreakingout  asked:

Why the hate on Joss Whedon? Did he do something? I'm out of the loop so I'd like to know. Thank you.

No problem, thanks for asking :D My personal opinion on Joss Whedon is that he has a very strict vision of what writing women entails, and fair enough in the 90s and early 2000s that vision was refreshing to see on mainstream tv, he had a multitude of strong female characters in Buffy and Firefly which I love and will continue to love throughout my life. BUT!!! my problem is with his treatment of women, both as characters on screen and as real people in his life. 

My number one big issue is his continued use of rape as a plot device, fair enough some of my issues with this are indeed personal (which I won’t go into detail), but you can’t deny that there is a worrying trend. This is very prevalent in his show Firefly. Joss Whedon himself said a few years after the cancellation of the show that he planned on having a “gang-rape scene” featuring one of the main female characters Inara, conducted by the cannibal monsters in the show Reavers. Not only do I have a MASSIVE problem with this horrific idea, but I also find myself extremely uncomfortable with the idea that a so called “feminist” writer like Joss could write such a scene with the INTENTION of using it as character growth for the lead male character Mal. He also used the threat of rape during the show on an episode called Objects in Space, where a bounty hunter Jubal Early boards the ship to kidnap River for the reward. He threatens the female character Kaylee multiple times with rape throughout the episode in order to get her to do as he says. 

Rape is once again used as a plot-device in Buffy in order to further the development of a male character. This time in the form of Spike and the episode Seeing Red, where Spike attempts to rape the main female character Buffy while she’s incapacitated. Not only does he force viewers to see something so traumatic he also makes it all about Spike? like forget the traumatizing of Buffy but let’s just focus on the fact that Spike feels #superguilty and thus runs away in self-disgust to “find his soul”. Also, the story apparently came from a female writer of the show who shared her experience in forcing herself sexually on her ex so they would get back together and her subsequent guilt about it. So not only did Whedon use rape as a plot device, he decided it was better to reverse roles? as if men can’t get raped by women?? I think if he used the original story he could have done a lot of good in raising awareness for male rape victims and help battle the stigma surrounding men being “unable” to be raped by women.

Next up is his particularly rotten treatment of a female employee. Christina Carpenter has said during the 2009 DragonCon that because she fell pregnant during the filming of the tv series Angel, Joss became noticeably more hostile in his attitude towards her. She believes full heartedly that her pregnancy was the reason behind this and that her becoming pregnant interfered with his “vision” for her character, which let’s face it is like a giant man-baby throwing a fit when people don’t play like he wants them too. She wasn’t even notified that she wouldn’t be returning for the fifth season which is petty as fuck from a writer who considers himself a “feminist icon”. 

(takes a deep breath, oh man I still have so much to say)

Moving on to the complete character butchering of Natasha Romanoff (I will forever be pissed about this ffs). Ignoring the fact that he has a male character in the first Avengers openly call Natasha a “whining cunt” throughout the movie Age of Ultron he single-handedly manages to embody everything that ISN’T Natasha Romanoff and force it down out throats. Number one, Natasha would NEVER! NEVER! date Bruce Banner, they have a good friendship in the animated series where Bruce trusts Natasha but it’s a friendship and a partnership as Avengers. That is ALL it should have ever been, not only do they have the combined chemistry of two inert gases, but the “romantic” scenes between them were so cringe-worthy I nearly died. Whedon was literally so BUTT-HURT over Clintasha and desperately wanting to be “unique” that he created a whole imaginary fucking farm family for Clint and forced two of the most unlikely characters together. In Avengers we see Natasha who is scared of Bruce and the Hulk and is only JUST at the end of the movie beginning to become comfortable with him. But now all of a sudden in Age of Ultron we’re supposed to believe she wants to have a romantic relationship with him?? No, just fucking no. Friends yes, teammates who trust each other yes, but boyfriend and girlfriend? fuck NO!! I’m not even going to touch the whole “I can’t have babies so I’m a monster like you” thing with a ten-foot fucking pole because I probably don’t have enough time. Other than completely demeaning Natasha’s character with a shitty romantic subplot, he also makes her the damsel in distress for Ultron, where she has to wait to be rescued by Bruce. Natasha fucking Romanoff does not wait to be rescued by anybody, she’s a feared ex-KGB assassin, one of the best might I add, a SHIELD agent and a general fucking badass!! She does not get rescued. 

Last but not least on my massive Anti-Whedon rant is the Wonder Woman script that was leaked online. Oh lord, oh my god. I can not express how happy I am that they didn’t let him direct, bless all the Gods, bless them. In the script, he manages to write a completely out of character Diana who is a loving, kind, strong willed and kick-ass female into a cold hearted warrior which basically goes against EVERYTHING Wonder Woman is about. He wrote Steve Trevor as a giant fucking condescending dick-wad who made grossly sexual jokes about Diana and who basically treat her like shit but she still falls for him? NO THANKS! 

SO… to wrap it all up. I am never going to see the Batgirl movie, my heart physically aches for the amount of shit this overly entitled self-proclaimed “feminist” is going to put my beloved Barbara Gordon through. 

Other people can see it that’s fine, other people can like Whedon and his writing that’s totally fine. I don’t judge, I don’t hate on people for what they like, even if they don’t share my opinion. 

Maybe, just maybe Whedon will wake up one day and stop being such a deep-friend douche-nozzle and actually treat female characters decently, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Until then you can count me out for anything that man writes. 


P.s this ranting felt really fucking good, thank you! :P I needed to let off some steam after taking a statistics exam yesterday :D 

Honestly, I’m not as hyped about Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge as the other four PotC movies, but it’s not a bad movie. I love it as I do with PotC. However, there were two things that definitely disappointed me:

1. Whenever Henry was in trouble at sea, Will did not come up behind whoever was threatening him, holding a sword to their neck and asking: “Do you fear death?”
2. When Salazar wielded the Trident (or if anyone else had) they were pretty much controlling Tia Dalma, and I feel like she had made it pretty damn clear that she did not want to be controlled (and honestly I will go to my grave with the headcanon that Calypso killed Poseidon for trying to control her).

BONUS: I will always forever be pissed about the fact that The Biggest Pirate Nerd in the entire world (to have ever walked it, or who will ever walk it) canonically stayed on land for 20 YEARS (!!!!!!), waiting for Will. One thing would be when she had a small kid, but after he went off to sea himself, you cannot tell me she did not follow.

I promise I won’t be posting hate about any of the shows regardless of who wins, but I’m not going to hide how mad I am over the fact that Anastasia isn’t even getting to perform. First Christy gets ignored for best leading actress (which she 100 percent deserves a nomination for) and then they don’t even let her perform? Two things that I will forever be pissed off about regarding this year’s awards.

List of things I am forever pissed off about from Harry Potter that was not put in the films
  • 1. Peeves
  • 2. S.P.E.W.
  • 3. Hermione's solution to Snape's Sorcerer's protective potion
  • 4. Luna commentating Quidditch
  • 5. Neville Longbottom's prophecy
  • 6. Dudley's apology
  • 7. Tom Riddle's family and origins of orphanage because of the failed love spell.
  • 8. Charlie. (Like really, barely even an honorable mention?!!)
  • 9. Harry's Polyjuice Potion at Bill and Fleur's wedding
  • 10. More mention of Bill's half werewolf bite
  • 11. Pettigrew's involvement at Malfoy Manor and his death repaying his debt to Harry
  • 12. Bill and Fleur's love story
  • 13. The marauders backstory
  • 14. James/Lily/Serverus' relationship and ONE OF THE ONLY LOVE TRIANGLES IN THE BOOKS
  • 15. Snape=Half blood Prince
  • 16. Filch is a squib (which has little to no explanation)
  • 17. Professor Binns. Although quite boring and such, Binns is a ghost that died and continued teaching as though nothing had happened
  • 18. Explanation of Animagus
  • 19. Fleur is a Veela and Veelas aren't even mentioned!
  • 20. Ron and Hermione are selected as prefects which excludes Harry even more during the fifth book
  • 21. Weasley is our king chant proving Ron is worth something
  • 22. Firenze. In general. I mean come on!!
  • 23. Meeting Neville's parents and asked to keep it secret.
  • 24. Seeing Lockhart at St. Mungos, crazy off his rocker.
  • 25. Apparition tests
  • 26. Teddy Lupin
  • 27. Godric's hallow memorial and words of encouragement for Harry
  • 28. Dumbledore's family and the tragic past
  • 29. The headless hunt
  • 30. Ludo Bagman
  • 31. The Quidditch cup and the special binoculars
  • 32. Winky. Explain why we couldn't get a special house elf who is a drunk and is afraid of heights.
  • 33. At the Quidditch cup Harry and the Weasley's had special seats in the top box with the announcers, the Malfoys and other distinguished guests
  • 34. Percy acting like a complete dickhead only to come back and make it up with the family.
  • 35. Molly's boggart and Sirius' reaction to Harry dead on the floor
  • 37. Harry offering Tom a chance for remorse
  • 38. Harry sneaking off to Voldemort with the invisibility cloak (because there is literally no way in holy hell that Hermione and Ron would just let him go)
  • 39. Hagrid's father figure role to Harry (and the side line one for Ginny)
  • 41. Dobby's involvement
  • 42. The kitchens and the way food magically appears
  • 43. Fred and George throwing snowballs at the back of Quirrel's turban. I mean they were LITERALLY hitting Voldy in the face!!
  • 44. Pigwidgeon
  • 45. The firebolt actually given to Harry earlier but confiscated by McGonagall because Hermione tattled
  • 46. ALL THE SHOPS IN HOGSMEAD. Do you know how disappointed I was to not see half of the shops that were described.
  • 47. The first year duel with Malfoy and Ron's advice to punch him if nothing happens
  • 48. What really happened at the ministry with the tub with the brain and the clocks and the time turners and.. And.. And....
  • 49. The rumor of Harry's tattoo, that was great
  • And lastly cause this is too long already:
  • 50. The final battle scene. Neville should have been more of a bamf. Colin and his brother died which should have gotten more attention. Fred was brushed off. And the huge reveal that Snape was actually on Dumbledore's side since Lily had died.
  • Sorry if anything is incorrect, please feel free to edit and add

gilberts shitlist includes: austria, poland, france, russia

HQ Headcanons pt.2
  • Oikawa has an embarrassing amount of pillows on his bed. Like the pillow to bed ratio is ridiculous.
  • Bokuto may or may not have once tried to microwave a pancake and accidentally burned a hole through the plate by putting it in for 20 minutes. Akaashi will only let him use paper plates now.
  • Iwaizumi has a collection of alien movies in his room specifically for when Oikawa has a bad day and wants to relax. 
  • Daichi owns a pair of crocs. He wore them to get meat buns once and Tsukishima took every opportunity to spill things on them. Suga paid Tsukishima to do it. 
  • Bokuto and Kuroo frequently go to the gym to take pictures of themselves lifting things. They have a fitness instagram and post selfies on it constantly.
  • Kenma is an amazing cook. Kuroo will often drag him out of bed and plead with him to make breakfast because the last time Kuroo tried to make food, they had to buy a new toaster. Kenma will never understand why Kuroo thought it was a good idea to poke a fork into the toaster to check if the bread was ready yet. He blames Bokuto.
  • Yamaguchi used to convince Tsukishima to play runway with him when they were young. He would give Tsukishima makeovers and Akiteru thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.
  • Kenma and Akaashi both set up play dates for Kuroo and Bokuto. The two older boys still have no clue; they still think it’s a complete “broincidence” that they run into each other. 
  • Yamaguchi owns nail polish and brings it to Hinata’s house when they hang out. 
  • Tanaka’s shaved head is a result of Nishinoya making the bad decision to shave a part of it off while Tanaka slept. 
  • Oikawa is one of those people who has a thousand friends on Facebook, and Iwaizumi takes pleasure in uploading candid (and horrible) pictures of him on it and tagging Oikawa in them. Mattsun and Makki refuse to give up the password to Iwaizumi’s account. 
  • Iwaizumi has an amazing singing voice, one thats much better than Oikawa’s. Oikawa is forever pissed about that fact. 

Honestly though, the amount of confusion in the KH fandom about the laws and history of the KH universe isn’t because Sora is an unreliable narrator, it’s because all of the people who are suppose to be guiding and teaching him are fucking incompetent. There’s a reason my tag for King Mickey is “king of misinformation”

1) makes Sora, Donald, and Goofy believe their efforts in the first game did nothing to help the worlds “because it was just an imposter not a real threat

2) literally if he had told them about Aqua, Terra, Ven, and Master Xehanort from the beginning (I mean, even just telling Riku when they were stuck in the realm of darkness together would have helped!) all of these fucking things would have been resolved by now or at least Ven would probably be awake and Aqua wouldn’t be rotting in the realm of darkness.

3) Yen Sid is also a fucking piece of manipulative shit, failing Sora during the Mark of Mastery for the RL equivalent of two students getting 100% on a test, but because Student A did the extra credit questions, Student B, even though they should have passed, received a failing grade instead. Even if they’ve had far more experience and field work in the subject than Student A. Even if Student fucking B sacrificed their fucking self too many fucking mess to save the very universe. But, because they didn’t do the extra credit questions, they failed the test. Even though they got 100% of the objective.

Sora canonically unlocked all of the sleeping world’s first; when he fell into his sleep forced on him by the organization, Riku the. unlocked the same worlds in Sora’s dreams. This is how he became a Dream Eater and gained the power to dive into Sora’s heart.

Yes, I am proud of Riku for becoming a master…but fucking Sora has been through so much shit, only to have his accomplishments dismissed time and time again. "You’re not a true hero!” (Phil) “you didn’t defeat the real Ansem” (Mickey, who then willingly lets them think they did nothing significant instead of explaining that hells yes they saved the fucking worlds they were just calling the guy the wrong name) etc, etc, etc. I am still and shall forever be pissed off about that.