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Shows I will forever be pissed about getting cancelled: The Lying Game and Twisted.

Me too and Eye Candy, Veronica Mars, Star Crossed, Hellcats, Make it or break it…the list goes on and on. 

Yeah let’s ruin Oliver’s life yet again. Because he hasn’t lost enough. Because he wasn’t stranded and tortured in countless ways for five years. Because he hasn’t seen friend after friend and family member after family member killed before him. Because he hasn’t sacrificed being with the love of his life to save a city who repays him with nothing but hatred.
Yeah, just take everything he has left and everything that makes him who he is because that’ll be a real fun time for all the fans who watch this show for Oliver Queen. I did not start watching this show for this so it better not fucking last because I am not here for it.
I started watching this show for Oliver Queen and although I know they won’t keep him Al Sa-Him forever, I’m still pissed about this dumbass plot line. 

We know like, four elven songs at the very most.

The fact that one of the songs is not only most associated with a human, but is also straight up named after that human in out-of universe sources will forever piss me off.

Probably about as much as Morrigan being portrayed as an expert on elves…

Like, if you want to give the song to Leli, at the very least, make her elf-blooded.

People upset over Regina calling Emma by her name

Her name is Emma Swan

It’s her name

Would you guys rather she called her Snookie?  Blondie?  Muffin?  Is she supposed to call her Savior forever?  

why does everyone look for a reason to be pissed off about anything.  It’s like it’s physically impossible to just enjoy a tv show ffs

{{ things i will be forever pissed about:

1) Jack overshadowing Rose

2) Rose being blamed for Jack’s death

3) Rose being under appreciated

4) People failing to see the idea about Titanic

5) Rose not being considered the main character simply because viewers didn’t understand her character & like her }}

there are all these things that i think “i would have gladly done this or given up that” to keep myriad from dying. but if i went back in time and changed the thing, i would never know what had been averted. so maybe i’d just be so pissed forever about this ridiculous awful thing that happened for no reason and all the consequences.

The thing that pisses me off most is kids at the top of the class in maths and science  get free trips to places or workshops with scientists and funding endlessly. Kids who are good at sport get an almost free pass to college and pretty much limitless funding. Sebastian’s school gets a seven million pound sports hall with millions of pounds of equipment that will be left unused whilst arts projects, be it theatre, music or whatever struggle to get any funding at all. Millions of pounds goes into sports and projects that save people’s lives where dedication and effort and time goes into them get cut and the people who cut them won’t even fucking come themselves to tell you that. I’m so fucking pissed off about this and I will be probably forever.