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You didn’t get to visit your cousin a lot since you were on the road a lot, performing for large audiences. However currently you were putting on a concerns in New York so you got the chance to stop by and see Peter.

You went out for lunch and talked about what you’ve both been up to for what felt like forever. Now Peter was starting to change the topic.

“Hey so [Y/N] I was wondering if I could ask you a favour” Peter said cautiously.

“Sure Pete what do you need?”.

“Well see my friend, Harry has a birthday coming up and I was wondering if I could get tickets to your show as a gift for him. He’s a huge fan and er… don’t tell him I told you this but he sort of has a crush on you”.

Even though you constantly got compliments from fans you couldn’t help but blush once you heard this news.
“Really? Sure I can get you some tickets. I can’t wait to meet him” you smiled.


Nygmobblepot Week 2017

This is a compilation of my entries for September’s Nygmobblepot Week. Read Series on AO3. Post for March found Here.

Day 1: Murder Husbands
Pinot Noir- Oswald and Edward have a troublemaker to deal with. Edward suggests a discrete alternative method. 2k. Explicit. 

Day 2: AU/Crossover
Natural Enemies- Shortly after Edward dissociates while burying Miss Kringle, killing an unassuming hunter in the process, he finds the infamous Oswald Cobblepot wounded in the woods and in need of aid. After taking the mobster back to his apartment, Oswald reveals a new kind of Underworld to Edward, an Underworld he is now forever a part of. 11k. Explicit.

Day 3: Domestic
Some Men Just Want to Watch the Waffles Burn-  Oswald and Edward have a habit of raising orphans and pretending it’s for more nefarious purposes. In truth, they just like being Dads. 6k. Teen.

Day 4: Regret
Regret- Edward takes the last of his pills while waiting for his dealer and encounters a vivid hallucination of Oswald. 7k. Explicit. Warning for Sexual Assault and Attempted Rape. 

Day 5: Kings
Kings on Land and Sea-  The King of the Seven Seas thwarts the attempted murder of the Crown Prince of Gotham, and their fates are forever entwined. 9k. Mature. 

Day 6: Jealousy
Worse Than Cheating- When Edward begins acting evasive, loses interest in their sex life, and spends more and more time with Lucius Fox, Oswald comes to the natural conclusion. Edward is cheating on him. Unfortunately, the reality is far worse. 3k. Mature.

Day 7: Free Day
Less Scary-  Oswald wants to be there to support Edward when he goes to end things with Isabella himself. It changes everything. 6k. Mature. 

I guess now it’s my turn to say something about Teen Wolf ending. 
I know I’m late, but better late than never, right?

Right, so of course I’ve wished for a better finale but that’s not really what I want to talk about.

What I really wanna talk about is the show that has brought me here and the show that inspired me to write. The show through which I made friendships and the show which has taught me so much.

These characters mean so much to me. But it’s not only one character alone, it’s the realtionship all these characters have built. Seriously, though. 

Sciles, Allydia, Malira, Malydia, Scisaac are only few of the relationships I’ve worhshipped so much. 

It’s the friendship each character has built, it’s the relationship they slowly or not so slowly fell into, it’s the family they all became. 
I’ve seriously learned so much through this show and its chracters and when I say this I seriously mean it. 

I could go on forever with how much each character has changed me and my life, but I won’t bore you with that.

All I’m gonna say is this:

Thank you, Teen Wolf. Thank you for coming into my life and thank you for changing my views on some things as well as my whole life. Teen Wolf, although I’ve gotten frustrated with you and cried over you, I love you. 

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What are your favorite fake relationship fics? Hope you're having a great day!

here are a whole bunch that i enjoy! (not all just H/L, but they’re all HL fics)

Fake/Pretend Relationship Fics

For Now (and Forever) 83k

Louis is going into the Army, Harry is going nowhere, and there’s nothing like a little identity fraud between friends.

Dance to the Distortion 96k

Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other.

Loving with a Little Twist 29k

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.

Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.

Take Me Back to Where We Started 27k

Harry and Louis haven’t spoken since they broke up four years ago. As boarding school sweethearts they once spent every waking moment together, but now they can hardly stand to be in the same room. When their five year class reunion comes around, both boys decide against their better judgement to return and (hopefully) have a good time.

The only problem is, they’re both still hopelessly in love.

Starring Harry as the petty ex, Louis as the new James Bond, Niall as a boy genius and fake boyfriend extraordinaire, and Liam and Zayn as two friends just trying to make it out of this weekend alive.

When The Stars Come Out 30k

Louis was about to reassure Harry further when Gemma bounded back over to him, slipping a hand around Louis’ waist. Harry’s eyes followed the movement. And then that lip gnaw again. Christ. How was he supposed to survive this weekend?

He turned his attention to Gemma as her palm came to rest right above his heart. Laying it on a bit thick, dear. Or at least that’s what he hoped he’d conveyed with the simple tilt of an eyebrow.

In response, she went up on tiptoes and laid a noisy kiss on the hollow beneath his cheekbone. Louis didn’t take his eyes off Harry, who watched the scene play out with a blank expression. Once Gemma dropped back to the ground, Harry shifted away from them, his gaze dropping to his feet.

[Or the one where Louis pretends to be Gemma’s boyfriend for her horrid cousin’s wedding but fate is a nasty jerk and throws Harry in his way.]

Kiss Me On the Mouth (and Set Me Free) 47k

Harry, being his endlessly patient self, asks with a wry smile, “And who am I going to spontaneously marry for financial aid?”

He clearly intends for it to be a rhetorical question, for it to shoot down Louis’ ridiculous marriage idea. But Louis answers easily, “Me. You’ll marry me.“

Aka the not-so fake marriage AU in which Harry and Louis get married to keep Harry from dropping out of uni (and if they discover that they’re in love along the way, well, that’s neither here nor there).

betkane replied to your post: after turning off notifications tumblr has gotten…

it’s the worst when someone replies and it’s something good and nice. and you just. miss it and end up feeling an asshole for the rest of your life

what would have been REALLY ironic is if i had missed this reply but honestly, this is such the mood. i miss one good reply and its like “well okay i guess im an asshole forever now, this is just my life” 

your spirit lights spun a web of halos
straight from the mouth of autumn

in what might have been a past life
you drank in entire whorls of time,
while i painted the walls of your temple
with my dreams, a lover’s last sunrise

we swam in a rhythm of ephemeral tides
flaring like a match-stroke to the world,
echoing through labyrinthine caves,
a slow incandescence breathed slowly

were you there, too, or did i dream it?
a tempestuous sea too calm for my love,
no quarter reserved for this coral heart

the miles have turned to blown dust
at the wind’s whim, a heavy silence
filled our tongues like holy sacraments

i have seen you a thousand different ways
save my own reflection; it cast no shadow

you became the desert now and forever
where light is dimmest above my horizon
we are beyond reach there, in that sanctuary
where celestial bodies aligned with us–
for a breath’s length, we were the universe

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my girlfriend broke up with me. and i’m heartbroken. she’s already found someone else to replace me. before we even broke up, she did. i have nothing to love for anymore. nothing to live for.

i’ve only had my heart broken once, and the pain was unreal. i felt betrayed and stupid and ridiculous. i know you’re hurting right now but i can promise you that it won’t last forever. for now: spend time with friends and let them support you, do things that u know made u happy before u were heartbroken (doodling, video games, watching silly movies etc), & give urself something to look forward to that’s a few weeks or months in advance (visiting a new place, a concert, something like that, if u can). do your best to continue getting up every day and ploughing on. it gets better. trust me. i love u

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okay listen up....... im gay and trans! i love who i am but i still love God i do what he tells me to do and help people! but i dont think he hates me because im a homosexual! i think he will love me forever!

How interesting. Now YOU listen up: That’s what I’ve been saying all along. God. Loves. Everyone. Regardless of what they do. But if you really love him, you’ll do your best to follow his commands.

I never said God hates gay/trans people. I’ve been saying the opposite. This entire time. Do I need to change my blog title to this for people to stop sending me “well im gay and god loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so it means its ok uwu” messages? Cause they’re really starting to get old.