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i hit 800 followers a while ago and i was originally going to make this then bit im lazy and postponed it until i hit 888 instead! so yay! 800 888 followers!

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Somewhat based on this text post:

And that choro and ichi are my most favorite characters.

(( A little fangirling here: 

Ok since choro is one of the least develop characters and ichi is one of the most develop characters makes a blend right? Also Choro says to ichi to say something, which makes me think that choro is trying to push ichi to become more social. In some promotional art, choro and ichi hang out together. Choro is the only one that noticed ichi being strangled by the scarf in that winter poster, and choro and ichi are smiling together in that picnic poster. 

plus they both like cats))

Wowowow. I can’t believe I hit 100 followers! (I actually have 102 right now but anyways). I’m so glad people actually like what I post and the groups I listen to! I’m very uncoordinated with follow forevers, but here are some of the people I love and would probably not unfollow. (Which is short and sweet so don’t worry)

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I'm crazy about her.

Every minute of the day I’m thinking about her. I think about her beauty and her voice and the things she does. I wonder what it would feel like to hold her hand and kiss those pale pink lips. When we’re not talking, I miss her. She fills every tiny space in my mind and heart. She is my everything. She is the way I love. She is the way I write. She is the only one that makes me feel this way. I more than love her. I am so in love with her it drives me crazy.

A month without David Bowie

31 days ago we lost one, if not the greatest person the Earth has ever had the pleasure to nestle, and the most brilliant artist I’ve ever known. 

You left and took with you a part of me. To think that I will never have the chance to know you personally, to shake your hand, to hear new songs…
I already used to cry at some songs, actings or gestures of yours. I now cry not only for these reasons, but also because I miss you. I miss you so much! For my love for you is whopping. So much it hurts.
You’ve been present on everything I went through. You helped me without even being aware of that.

For me, you will always be here. My holder, my inspiration, my love.

Time travel Elizabeth Midford

Because I’ve always loved time travel and parellel universes (I blame Doctor Who ;)) I really want to write a fanfic where an older, married, very happy and no longer in the dark about her husband Elizabeth Midford meeting the current her and the current Ciel. Lizzy is confused at first and I’d like ‘You’re so pretty and cool but aren’t you worried about not being cute?’ and older Lizzy just replies 'I don’t really care whether people see me as cute or not, Ciel loves me the way I am’ and Ciel is blushy and thinks 'Oh god she is gorgeous. And she’s so confident, is she really my Lizzy?’ and then older Lizzy gets beaten at a game of hopscotch by younger Lizzy and older Lizzy yells NO FAIR and Ciel smiles and thinks 'Yes, that’s my Lizzy’
Bonus: younger Lizzy giggles when Older Lizzy is out of the room and says AWWW CIEL YOU LOOK SO CUTE WHEN YOU BLUSH, you have a crush on her- well, um, me don’t you Ciel? And he just hangs his head in shame