Leon Goretzka: Back Home

Request: Leon Goretzka gets back home after a long trip away.

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The thing about drawing freckles is that your graphite pencils must be sharpened to perfection, and that you have to plant each freckle with utmost care, intricately calculating the shape and depth and darkness of each one. I sat there for countless minutes carefully threading Leon’s freckles onto the soft paper skin of a man of my imagination, a stranger I created who was not supposed to look like Leon Goretzka. But he had morphed into him when I’d zoned out for merely seconds, my pencil sprouting tufts of hair out of his head and delicately sprinkling those lovely freckles onto his face.

Longing tugs at my heart as I look at the finished micro-carbon version of him forever trapped in my sketchbook. I desperately missed the real thing. Leon has been gone for over two weeks now with the German national team in Russia. The plan was that I would go with him, but my leg ended up in a cast after falling down the stairs only days before I was supposed to travel, and the whole thing was scrapped. I only got the damned cast off on the day of the confederations cup final, so one can imagine how bitter I feel. Skype calls and text messages were not enough for me; I wanted to hear his voice in my ears and have his hands in my hair and feel his lips against mine. I wanted to melt against his warm, warm body and trace his freckles with my fingertips. I wanted a lot of things, and I would still have to wait for another day.

I turn over the page and start on another sketch as the waiter sets another mug of green tea on the table. I’ve escaped our tiny apartment in search of a distraction out on the streets of Gelsenkirchen, and ended up here, sipping tea and drawing away.

Hours pass before I decide to go back home and call it a day. I sulk as I walk back to the apartment I’ve shared with Leon for the last 6 months, glaring at the bright azure sky for not reflecting the misery I was feeling at that moment. The minute I get into my flat I know something is wrong; I go into the kitchen to fill myself a glass of water, but there’s something strange as I look around my place. It looks much more neat and tidy than what I remember it looking like before I left this afternoon. Like someone had taken the time of their day to clean all the tabletops and wash the dishes and hang the towels where they were supposed to be hung. For a second I close my eyes and paranoia kicks in. I start to wonder if I’d forgotten to unlock the door when I left and if it was even closed when I got back. Anxiety clouds my mind and I set the half full glass back on the marble counter and my brain goes haywire, imagine a thousand different scenarios all including crazy serial killers hiding in my apartment out to get me.

I tiptoe around the living room, growing increasingly suspicious and nervous as I stare at the arranged pillows lining the sofa and coffee table devoid of any dirty mugs and plates. My heart races faster as I enter mine and Leon’s bedroom, to find the be made with a fresh set of clean sheets I definitely did not put out this morning. My hand finds my phone before I can register it, and I begin to dial my best friend’s number.


A pang of fear slices through me and I scream so loud I’m sure it’s heard all over the town. I fall over onto the bed and that’s when I see him. Leon is standing at the door and in a pair of sweatpants, clutching his heart and laughing hysterically at my reaction. A slew of swearwords follows on my part and I spring up from the bed and throw myself at him, punching any part of him that I can reach as he wraps his arms around me and attempts to hug me, still laughing.

I realize then that my eyes were tearing up both as a result of fear and how much I’d missed him. I finally give up resisting and let myself melt into his arms, which I notice have a stronger grip due to intensified training this past month. “Why did you do that?” I mumble meekly into his shirt and he chuckles yet again.

“Sorry, Liebe, I wanted to surprise you.” Leon leads us to our bed and sits down with me on his lap, still embracing him tightly. “I’ve missed you so, so much. I wish you could have been with me.”

He tries to kiss me and I push him away, deciding to give him a hard time instead. “I’ve missed you too. When did you get here?”

“A few hours ago,” he flashes a cheeky smile. “I saw the place was a mess and decided to clean up a little. I’m seeing now it has creeped you out a little. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

I laugh and nuzzle my face into his neck, breathing in the warm scent of him. “Don’t you ever do that again, Leon. And I’m not just talking about this; I don’t care if my entire body is in a cast, next time, I’m going with you.”

Leon nods, smiling, before he leans in and tries to kiss me. This time I let him.


Sorry I only just posted this; I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and spent most of today in my bed sulking. I’m almost done with the Max Meyer request, so to the anon who asked me, sorry it took longer, it just took a while for me to think of something, it’ll be up in an hour or two!

Anyway to the anon who requested this, I really hope you enjoyed it, tell me how you liked it! :D

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Amy before u leave i got some gofts 4 u(gives her a hug and a present )i will miss u😢😢😭

Awww! Thank you! But I’m not gone yet. I still have a few things to do on here, and even when I leave, it won’t be forever. I’ll use my sketchbook to plan out future asks for the blog, and when I come back they’ll all be up and ready!
Thank you though! ^^ *huggles ma boi*