"Remember when we couldn’t take the heat/ I walked out and said, ‘I’m setting you free,’/ But the monsters turned out to be just trees/ And when the sun came up, you were looking at me.“ Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 04 Out of the Woods

Finally! ! A lyric comic to one of my fav songs for one of my fav games :) the comic starts around 1:45 in the song, god imagine how long this would be if if i did the whole song? anyways, enjoy!! more under the cut :)

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So one of the first headcanons I ever read about for NZ was that Edward can play the Violin. And I was like “YES” (So much so that for a second I believed it was a canon thing until somebody told me otherwise haha) But I have had this chilling in my sketchbook forever and I am so happy to have finally done it. Edward can absolutely fucking shred the violin, even if he doesn’t do it often….I mean…have you seen those hands?!