Hello, kids. Ready to break your little and young hearts? I hope so.

  • What if Sirius and Remus made an Unbreakable Vow, promising that they would care and love each other for good? It’s a stupid vow to make, they knew it deep inside, because love is independent of one’s will. But they were not known for their prudence anyway (and also because of course I’ll love this dork forever, how could I not?), so they did.

  • Friendly reminder that you die if you break an unbreakable vow.

  • Sirius is arrested for the murder of three of their best friends.

  • Sirius is the traitor and all he and Remus have lived so far was a lie, despite of so deep, and so beautiful and all the times Sirius looked him in the eyes and hasn’t to say “i love you” because these words were all spread in his face, Remus knew.

  • Remus and Sirius are still alive.

  • What means that: the unbreakable vow was not broken.

  • What means that: If Sirius was the traitor, if he killed James, Lily and Peter, why he’s still alive? It means that he loves me? He truly loves me? So, why?

  • What means that Remus lived 12 years with no clue of what had happened.

  • Remus is alive. Just this little, almost insignificant detail was a painful reminder that Remus still loved Sirius during twelve years, otherwise he would be dead for breaking the vow.

  • He felt stupid everyday of the said twelve years, startled every morning when he opened his eyes again and realized that he is still alive literally because he still loves Sirius. Against his will.

  • He hated himself because how could he feel a shadow of happiness everyday when he opens the prophet diary and it is not announcing Sirius’ death because it necessary means that he still loves me.


  • Perhaps that was the reason for Sirius’ survival over twelve years with the dementors. 

  • Just…unbreakable vow.

NamIdiot being his usual self. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Aigoo, Woohyun. If you weren’t so cute~~ ^_^* #ILoveFancams

{temporally forgotten wife}


The words spilling from Dewey’s mouth held no comprehension.
Knees gave way as she perched at the end of the man’s bed.
Fingers edged out and she grabbed a hold of his left hand, slipping her
digits between his. Their rings interlocking.

“Dewey, do not fuck with me. I’m Gale, you know, your wife.”

Dewey – was that his name? God, he hoped not.
A firm shake of his head signaled he didn’t believe
a word of what she said, despite the identical rings
on their fingers.

"I don’t think I could forget being married to someone so beautiful.’