So my birthday was 4 days ago but I’m posting a follow forever now, bc I feel like it tbh… And sorry for how bad that is ^^, I’m lazy sometimes.

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yeah ik i follow a lot of people but they all have amazing blogs so if you aren’t following any of them already, please do

Untitled #301 by inspirene featuring silver bracelet jewelry

Cleobella rayon top, 475 AUD / AG Adriano Goldschmied destructed skinny jeans, 295 AUD / Madewell lace bralette bra, 42 AUD / Isabel Marant ballerina pumps / Yves Saint Laurent yves saint laurent tote / Silver bracelet jewelry, 1 245 AUD / Forever 21 stackable band ring, 7.77 AUD / Estella Bartlett silver plated jewelry, 18 AUD

anonymous asked:

If you had to pick only 1 band to listen to who would it be, and if you had to pick 1 who you love to give up who would it be

i would pick panic! over any other band forever

if i had to give up one band it would be cobra starship probably because im less attached to the band members u know

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I was tagged by the supa cute adventureeyed :)
name: Dakota Cheyenne ___
nickname; koda dak dk kody dakots birthday: July 1st
zodiac sign; cancer
gender: female
height: 6ft
sexual orientation: bisexual
favourite colour: mossy green
time right now: 3:35
Average hours of sleep: there is no average either 17 hours or 2.7 😂
Last thing googled: bus schedule for whistler
Number of blankets I sleep under: winter 4 summer 2
Fave fictional character: Hagrid from Harry Potter
Fav/crush on famous person: river Phoenix or Heath ledger RIP
Fav books: recipe for bees, Harry Potter series, lord of the rings, night, on the road, the secret garden, the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, the dharma bums so many so many I could go on forever.
Fav bands: Steve miller band , fleet wood Mac, Neil young, led Zeppelin, the police, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, the Rolling Stones, the growlers, alt-j, Gregory Alan isakov, shakey graves, way too many again
Latest movies; haven’t seen anything new in along time but dazed and confused, Wayne’s world, little miss sunshine, and without a paddle
Dream trip: any long road trip hitting every national/provincial parks with my love and my dog.
Dream job: artist, art teacher, or environmentalist.
What I am currently wearing: nothing ;)))
Tag 10 you wanna know:
friendly-neighbourhood-introvert elijahswan fadedstateofmind m0rethenjustadream earthismyheaven flower-hearted-hippie irvingbizarre @whoeverelsewantstodothis


“Oh Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love with all my heart… With all my heart.”

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My dash is way too dead. This is a problem. If you post ANY of these bands or related ones, like/reblog and I’ll follow you!
As It Is
Real Friends
The Amity Affliction
Set It Off
The Story So Far
Neck Deep
With Confidence
5 Seconds of Summer
State Champs
Forever Ends Here
Knuckle Puck