forever 21 jeans


I got this red choker bodysuit from Forever 21, playing with my style a little bit. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been wanting to wear shirts more tucked in recently, but I just don’t know how to move or something because they always come out. 😒

This one is a light jersey-type fabric with a snap button crotch. It’s a little thin, but more than a standard tank. Very comfortable. 👌

Sugar Baby Shopping Tips

Every sugar baby needs a good wardrobe so when a sugar daddy takes you shopping try to keep these in mind to get the most bang for your buck.

1) Your best friends are silk and cashmere:

It’s tempting to want to pick up the slinky polyester dress that is going to hug all of your curves but shop with his wallet as your budget and not yours. Silk and cashmere are timeless and luxurious textiles. They cost a bit more to launder (dry cleaners) but if you maintain them well they won’t need to be laundered as often as something cotton, poly, linen, rayon or a blend. A silk blouse or dress and cashmere sweater will be classic pieces that you can literally wear for years and layer when and if you decide to enter the corporate world.. and they’re great for looking classy on dates with other men (including sugar daddies or potentials) because of their elegance. Not all of your events and outings are going to need a tight little dress.

2) Pick up handbags that are either limited edition or classic in nature:

Canvas gucci bags show everyone that you have a gucci bag. Well in a year canvas will get dirty and start to deteriorate. Leather gucci bags, again, will last for years if properly maintained because they are well constructed and made of durable materials. Just using Gucci as an example this goes for every other brand as well. Limited edition bags have higher resale value, you don’t know what life may throw your way and if you have to throw that bad boy on eBay at least you know you can get your money’s worth. Also, when a sugar daddy is buying you a purse ask the SA (sales associate) for aftercare products like a leather cleaner or suede brush or whatever else they recommend and purchase it on his dime. It will only be $20-$30 more and if you’re buying someone a $2-3k purse that’s peanuts.

3) When shopping stick to big name brands:

This is again for the resale value. Would you rather have 10 pairs of Forever 21 jeans that will be worthless in a year or 2 pairs of J. Brand jeans that you can sell for at least 50% of the original price when you’re sick of wearing them? Same thing as having 20 pairs of bakers shoes or 1 pair of Christian Louboutins. You may have less clothes but if you do things this way  your clothes will be higher quality and you can integrate them in to your wardrobe easily because they’re more staple pieces and less likely to be on trend.

4) Be sure you have your accessory wardrobe staples covered before you get frivolous things:

No matter how much your total outfit costs, as long as your accessories are on point you will look MONEY:

  • 1 pair of classic black leather pumps
  • 1 good pair of leather flats: this can be flat sandals, flat boots, ballet flats, etc. depending on what you like to wear. You can’t ALWAYS be in heels no matter who you are (Looking at you, Mariah Carey).
  • 1 timeless handbag in a neutral shade
  • 1 smart wool coat if you live in an area where the weather gets cold – Burberry is a good brand for this
  • 1 pair of diamond or pearl stud style earrings
  • 1 luxury brand watch
  • 1 good set of luggage including a roller bag and a carry on<- SO vital
  • 1 pair of high fashion sunglasses
  • Classic leather belts in different neutrals (black, brown)


And the box and the receipt. Keep tags for anything that costs over $50. This is because of resale. Items with a tag will get you more on eBay or etsy or ASOS marketplace or wherever else. Set up an organization method so that you don’t just have a pile of retail mess in some corner in your room. This is especially important with luxury goods, you can’t even sell old Tiffany’s jewelry on eBay without the box and papers because you can’t prove it’s real. All you need to do is keep the box with the certificate of authenticity and you have money in your pocket when you need it. So ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep everything.


Some of you guys have asked me to make a winter version of my outfit ideas for school so here it is! You can always add or remove layers depending on where you live. I just realized all the colors on this are black, white, maroon, and blue lol. Outfit details under the cut. ❄

1st outfit: shirt - a’gaci // cardigan - no brand // pants - hue // boots - forever 21
2nd outfit: shirt - joe fresh // jacket - gift // leggings - saks fifth avenue // shoes - h&m
3rd outfit: denim jacket and bralette - charlotte russe // top - american eagle // pants - hue // boots - nine west
4th outfit: sweater - a’gaci // jeans - american eagle // boots - a’gaci // scarf - van heusen
5th outfit: sweater - jcpenney // skirt - a’gaci // scarf - h&m // tights - american eagle // boots - a’gaci
6th outfit: flannel - charlotte russe // jeans - forever 21 // boots - white mountain