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I have a 28D(uk) and I find it so hard to find cute underwear in my size that aren't padded or underwired. I use to feel confident about myself but now I just feel like i'm supposed to be ashamed of who I am so its upsetting me quite a bit.. I never feel sexy or pretty anymore. I don't want a fake bigger chest or clevage I just want something pretty to make me feel good with what I've got. Do you know of any companies that cater to the proud small chested comunity? Oh btw I LOVE your blog! :3 <3

I know what you mean :{ that’s the size I was fitted into and because it’s hard to find and the boutique I was at had virtually nothing in that size, I also had to try on some of the sister sizes, 30C and 32B because they actually had some options in those sizes

and that’s not even getting into finding something without lots of padding, that just finding anything at all ; A;

I remember once in high school reading an issue of seventeen magazine and they had bra recommendations.  every single bra they recommended for the smallest size was padded to hell and back, and it made me feel so sad about myself.  I think it’s completely fine for people to use padding if they’d like, but I’m really bothered by the idea that it’s like, the only thing we should be wearing if we’ve got a small bust because small breasts are something to be ashamed of :{

these are some sites I found that say they sell 28Ds

some may have repeats due to stores selling the same handful of brands that make size 28D.  I tried to only put sites on this list that have at least 10 bras in the size

I also found some sites that didn’t have 28D, but at least carry 30C which you still may be interested in checking out

it might sound counterintuitive, but many sites that sell 28Ds cater to larger busts and start at a D cup, and every once in a while you can get lucky and find a site or two that starts at a 28 band, even though 28D is not a particularly large size.  some of the sites I listed have bras without underwire as well, but those seem to be a lot harder to come by

oh my gosh this got really long but I hope it can be of some help to you and others!!!