forever will think of this on 4th of july

i was looking at pictures of ford’s room and i noticed (ignore the hilarious dippers)

the mirror was covered up

the mirror was broken

at first i thought it was ford because it’s his room, but ford wasn’t the last to live there. the last one to live in this room was stan. who was probably disgusted with himself after ford’s disappearance. disgusted enough to break a bathroom mirror and throw a sheet over one that faced the couch where he slept

stan sealed up this room because it was where he lived for a few months of the darkest times of his life, not just dealing with poverty and failure, but being completely told off by his brother right before losing him to forces he didn’t understand. i think the 4th of july that was circled on the calendar was the day he opened the mystery shack or faked ‘stanley’s death, but either way it was the day he sealed up this room and forgot about it forever and tried to completely move past his depression and self loathing

George and Jack come out feels!

Ok. So.

I was thinking about Jack Zimmermann and Georgia Martin. And I was thinking about that panel where George is looking at Jack and Bitty like we all look at Jack and Bitty. And then I was thinking about Jack, after July 4th, returning to Providence from Georgia and realizing he’s head over heels for Bitty, and that he doesn’t want to hide forever.

So, he asks George for a meeting to discuss something “Very Important”, capital letters included. But George is smart, she knows where Jack’s been this past week. She’s /seen/ them together.

So, instead of inviting Jack to her office, she says “Of course, Jack. Why don’t you come over to my house for dinner tonight, and we cab talk about whatever you want.”

Jack arrives at the address George gave him, rings the bell, waits anxiously, texting Bitty for reassurance. And then, the for opens, and there’s a beautiful woman who is definitely not Georgia smiling at him, and just as he’s about to double check the address and apologize for the mistake, she says “You must be Jack,” all warm and motherly. George calls out “Honey was that the door?” as she makes her way into Jack’s view.

Jack is standing awkwardly, not sure that he’s catching what’s happening properly. Then Georgia is ushering him inside, smiling in that way she has that settles Jack and she’s saying “I’m so glad you found the place alright, Jack. Let me introduce you to my wife, Steph. Steph, this is Jack, our new star player.”

And Jack sputters for a moment, processing the new information slowly through his surprise before his whole body relaxes and he lets out a deep breath, sticking his hand out and saying “It is. It is really good to meet you, Steph.” He looks at George, and she’s still smiling at him gently, and he kind of laughs to himself and mutters in French before saying “About that thing I wanted to talk about? Uh, I’m. I’m gay, George. I’m gay and I’m in a relationship, and I need your help”

And George laughs a little, and Steph says “Oh, honey, good for you. Let’s go eat and you can tell us all about it, eh?”

And George really laughs now, “What she said, I guess. C'mon. And how is Eric, doing?” as they walk to the dining room and Jack sneaks a text to Bitty and starts talking happily about his vacation with his boyfriend.

I’m having EMOTIONS about this, and I might have to write it, but PLEASE SOMEONE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS! I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS RN!

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*cough-cough* how do i even start, sooo today is my 2 year tumblr anniversary. Honestly this is like really lame and mainstream but time really passes too fast, i don’t think i could have imagined how important tumblr would become for me. Oh, 4th of July it is~ So happy 4th of July Americans. Anyway, back to where i was going, to me tumblr is not just passing time i really love what im doing here, i love making gifs, graphics and interacting. Thank you!!! really you all have inspired me so much. Thank you so much again *wink*.

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