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i’ve never done a follow forever but i thought i could do one now since i’m close to my next hundred! i lov these ppl! 

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a thousand years or more ago, when I was newly sewn, there lived four wizards of renown, whose names are still well known: BOLD GRYFFINDOR, from wild moor, FAIR RAVENCLAW, from glen, SWEET HUFFLEPUFF, from valley broad, SHREWD SLYTHERIN, from fen. they shared a wish, a hope, a dream, they hatched a daring plan to educate young sorcerers. thus hogwarts school began.

santiago cabrera as godric gryffindor
rebecca ferguson as helga hufflepuff
ruth negga as rowena ravenclaw
rick yune as salazar slytherin.

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Light of the lighthouse shine on me oh let it shine, shine on.

Lighthouses rule. If you don’t like the lighthouse you SUCK. What is this, seahorse captain? Wuh, seahorse seashell party? Who didn’t invite me? Why didn’t I get invited seahorse seahell. What is this, get real. I’m in love with the seahorses, i’m in love with them they’re so beautiful and cute i’m in love with the seahorses. They’re fuckin Un-Real I love them. They’re like all the clocks I love ‘em I love seahorses, and i love lookin’ at 'em and i love seashells, i love seashell things, i love things with seashells and seahorses on 'em like blankets, towels, little bags. I love 'em, seahorses. Forever.

Okay okay, ., ,, .Tenel Ka is one of my favorite SW characters ever. She inspired a lot of weird braid hairstyles when I was a kid. I’ve gotta go back and read all those books again sometime, ., , ,,. good stuff.

The tale of the greatest love story of WWE (Mega #Ambreigns Post)

I know nobody asked but… 

I feel the need to tell everyone why Ambreigns is real.

I mean…We all already know and agree but let me take you down to a memory lane anyways…

You see Roman is not so shy to lay his claim on Ambooty publicly…

Not that Dean complains…He’s proud to be Roman’s Baby Boy.

Anyone who can explain to me why would Dean feel the need to publicly cuddle with Roman for absolute no reason at all, I’ll let you deny Ambreigns. But you see, you cannot explain it. 

Then we have had moments like these…

Mind you Roman Reigns has claimed he doesnt like guys in his personal space…Well, Dean is special. He gets all the special treatment because he’s not just a guy…he’s Roman’s baby boy.

Who he feels the need to carry, catch, ruffle his hair, hold his hand, grab suggestively…& the list goes on…

Now onto Needy!Dean who just cannot help his love for the big dog…

He likes to publicly nom nom on Roman’s hair/neck…He gets extra cuddly when he’s around Roman…

Do you know that Dean likes to play dead…

..Or you could say sell extra hard when he’s around Roman just so he has an excuse to fall into Roman’s arms publicly?…Yeah, but he ain’t fooling no one…we see right through him…

Emm…Dean…What are you doing?

Dean also has a tendency to get lost in Roman’s beauty like a teenage fangirl and he sometimes cannot control himself and give away too much…Shameless hussy…

but he is Roman’s hussy so all is good…

Now lets get onto Dean being a legit puppy of Roman’s….

Lets talk about why Seth actually left them, shall we?

I mean, can you really blame him? Dean & Roman were trying hard to show who Dean belonged to even when Seth was lending a helping hand. Kinda rude.

It was getting too hard to handle…All the Ambreigns and Seth being a third wheel…

Now back to just Roman & Dean and their forever growing love story…

Em…What are you doing Roman? 

Who can forget Protective!Roman though…

They also had a wedding in disguise…Don’t believe me? Explain this…

How many ships got this lucky & this far? That’s right. None. 

You see my point? No wonder WWE had to embrace Ambreigns. No wonder its the most popular ship of this fandom.

Roman ships it…

Dean ships it…Right?

& they can be silly too…

They give zero fucks as they spill what they really are to each other…

Bonus; Roman has claimed him & Dean were the tightest of The Shield. Dean has always referred to Seth more as a best friend but Roman is his family. Brother. If that doesnt scream ship to you then I do not understand you.  

Point is, Lets sing together….AMBREGINS IS REALEST OF ÉM ALL!

*wipes a tear out of my eye* 

Can you honestly believe we have an OTP that is so giving and such a blessing?

It hits right in the feels. Of course I am not alright.

(None of the gifs are mine. Credit goes to the wonderful creators.)

Elementary is so much better than Sherlock I spent so long hating on it before I even watched it just cause I was such a BBC bitch but holy fuck elementary is phenomenal the characters the story lines the development the representation all amazing Bellissimo !!

book review: E.M. Forster’s ‘Maurice’ (or a defence of Clive Durham)

Strap in. I’ve got a lot of feelings about Maurice

I thought this was going to be a coming of age novel about a young gay man’s sexual awakening, but it was really a meditation on loneliness and how much loneliness a person can endure. Without rehashing the whole plot, at the centre of the novel is the relationship between Maurice, the title character, and his friend Clive who fall in love at Cambridge and have a platonic love affair for three years until Clive’s feeling change and he decides to marry, leaving Maurice heartbroken and completely alone.    

In his Terminal Note Forster admits to being unfair to Clive and I have to agree. I read Clive as a biromantic asexual. I don’t believe he was suppressing his true nature by marrying, I think he was yielding to it. I’m not convinced his decision to marry Anne was any more calculating than his decision to be with Maurice. He didn’t enjoy a physical relationship with Maurice and, even though they consummate their relationship, he doesn’t enjoy sex with Anne; the difference is, Anne doesn’t enjoy sex either! Unlike Maurice, that kind of intimacy is unimportant to her, making her a more ideal partner for Clive.

While Maurice’s loneliness is characterized by lack of human contact, Clive’s is more cerebral. Even when they were together, Clive sought passion and companionship in classical texts rather than human contact, whereas Maurice had no need for those texts once he found Clive. When he’s older, Clive’s love of ideas manifests itself in society and political aspirations. I think you can read this two ways 1. He’s a snob willing to betray a lover to maintain his social status or 2. His one true love is and always has been a communion with ideas, not any one person. 

If Clive is guilty of anything it’s not leaving Maurice but remaining his friend and banishing him to a purgatory where Maurice couldn’t have Clive but wasn’t given the emotional space to get over him either. This was the most compelling and convincing part of the novel and what I loved most about it (the angst! dear god the angst!). Toward the end, however, when Clive becomes a villain and blatantly prejudiced, it felt disingenuous of the author, like I was reading Forster’s prejudice against Clive and not Clive’s prejudice against “the unspeakable vice of the Greeks.” 

I have a soft spot for frigid intellectuals so I thought I was just biased, until I watched the movie where they clearly try to remedy this discrepancy in the novel with the Risley-arrest subplot to give Clive a clear motive–fear–to cowardly back out of his relationship with Maurice. But fear was not the motive in the novel nor was the motive a deep attraction to women. In fact, he even tried to enter a sexual relationship with Maurice before he left for Greece! 

I don’t know what a satisfying resolution for Clive’s character would be. I can say what I wanted: I wanted Clive to feel grief. I wanted him to grieve Maurice’s decision to run away with Alec, not because he thought it was morally wrong but because he didn’t want to lose him.  

I 100% wanted Maurice to end up with Alec but I think the ending could have honoured his love for Clive and Clive’s love for him. Their love story was central to the novel and not all great love stories involve sex or last forever.