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Summary: You walk back home from your job at the library to find your house broken in and torn to shreds. You turn around to find the culprit, but you find yourself with a cloth on your mouth slowly falling to sleep.

Pairings: ReaderXTaehyung

Warning: Kidnapping and Mental!Taehyung

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7 Days of Heaven (Day 2 – Mark)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-JaebumDay 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam  Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 Members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Pierced!Mark (ASKDLHGDLKJ NEED I SAY MORE) 


A/N:  Day 2 of the sinful trip to heaven enjooooooooy!!!  

Also, shoutout to my bestie @kpopandfitness for helping me in writing this fic hahaha!!  I love you!

“How about Mark?  What do you think about him, _______?”  Jaebum leaned his chin against his palms.  You lay back on Mark’s lap and stared at him for a few seconds.  Mark looked at Jaebum and Jinyoung, worried that you might have recognized him already.

“Mark Tuan?  The silent one?  Ohhhh he had those tongue piercings recently, right?”  You tapped Mark’s nose and he sighed in relief.

“Yes, do you like that on him, hmm?”  Mark asks you before brushing his fingers against your face.

“Of course… who wouldn’t?  I would love to feel those piercings against my lips…”  You grabbed Mark’s hand and brush it over your lips by instinct and Mark swallowed.

“Which lips, _____?  The upper…”  He pinches your lips before licking his own.

“Or… Lower?”

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{Monsta X Scenario/Reaction} to S/O wrapped in a towel at a bathhouse

Scene: It’s been a rough few months for you and your S/O. Your jobs have been working you to the bone and all you guys want is a break. So a mutual friend tells you about a private bathhouse just up the mountains, giving it a good review. Seeing as it was secluded and private, you both pack somethings and head out, ready to shed some stress and find mental balance.

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hi, do u have any stories where either tae or guk are a single parent??

I hope it’s okay that a few of these are mpreg^^

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?” Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand. Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Be Your Forever, Be Your Fling by seikou - “As long as you want me, I’ll stay. I’ll be in love with you; for eternity, forever. I don’t think that will ever change,” Jeongguk says, a smile to his voice.“You’re my first love. My only love.”

My Boyfriend’s Kids and I by Doeeyedmisfit - “Well, what do you do for a living?” “At this rate meeting my parents would have been easier for you.” Taehyung comments dryly.

just one day (on night of all days before) by goldensuns - “Daddy, when are you marrying Taehyung oppa?“

higher ground by larkis - He has a six-year-old kid with mood swings of a yo-yo, two dead-end jobs (one that he loathes more than the other because some people can’t keep their busy hands to themselves.), and pushy managers. He depends on no one else but himself because the last time he trusted someone, back when he was young and foolish, they had bad intentions and he walked out with his feverish son in his arms and a backpack carrying all they owned. This life he has now without the monster isn’t ideal, but it’s better.

Children’s Motrin by taetertot - When Jeongguk’s parents die on his 18th birthday, he decides to take guardianship of his 3 year old brother, Jimin. One year later, he’s slumped on a dirty grocery store tile floor with a 4 year old with glassy eyes and flushed cheeks. 13 dollars in his pocket will pay for his cheap bread and eggs, but it won’t pay for cheap bread and eggs and $9.89 Motrin for his little brother’s fever. And he’s not going to let the boy who approached them with lavender hair and golden skin pay for it, no matter how sweet he is.

(jimin is actually guk’s younger brother but guk basically becomes his dad)

love, taehyung by ataezingkookie - take a deep breathe
and start at the beginning

tell them how we first met
tell them how we shared our dreams
even your weirdest ones

no, keep that as our secret

tell them that this is
that this has to be
one of the happiest days
of your life.

OR the one where Taehyung and Jeongguk just keep missing each other

I knew I loved you then (but you’d never know) by nutaella - ‘You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I’m married with a baby’ AU

Of Angels, Dicks, and Chance Encounters by NeraB - Jeon Jungkook is one of Seoul’s leading corporate attorneys, and when he isn’t making his clients billions, he’s taking care of his son. All seems to be going well, until he gets called to the principle’s office. Don’t get him wrong, he’s seen his fair share of principle’s offices growing up, but Jinyoung was different. Kim Taehyung was one of Seoul’s most creative architects, on the fast track to becoming the top designer at his firm, until a sudden accident killed his brother and sister-in-law, leaving their four year old son in his care. Two years later, they’re making things work. It’s taken some time, but Taehyung is finally in the swing of things. Well, until he gets a call that Minjun has been caught fighting at school. Taehyung is ready for a lot of things, but he’s definitely not ready to meet Jeon Jungkook…

Free Fall by trashsae - Jeongguk wants to fall for Taehyung, Taehyung doesn’t think he’s worth the risk.

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Bang bang alley ~ Part two, series two

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A/N ~ I’m uploading this early to make up for teasing you, especially @sherlocks-doctor-john, I went too far but I love making you squirm. So anyway for the purpose of the story the parts that are in italics are when they are speaking English. I didn’t want to keep having to say ‘in english’ or 'in korean’

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seunghyun x Reader

Rating ~ Angst, Fluff

Warnings ~ Language and violence

Series one

Series two | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

“No absolutely not” Seung hyun yelled as his fist came down with a loud bang on Jiyongs desk.

“I don’t see what the problem is, she did great last time, maybe we should recruit her” Seungri joked.

“That’s exactly the fucking problem. Last time you showed her some moves she thought it was ok to go back to that psycho just to help me and you guys fucking let her, even after you promised me that you wouldn’t let her get in harms way. There’s not a fucking chance in hell that I’m going to risk something like that happening again” he snarled back.

“I think it’s a good idea” Jiyong stated making Seung hyun look at him with a fire in his eyes.

“Her nightmares are getting worse, this could help stop them” Daesung told him, Seung hyun closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair.

“No” he simply responded.

“Hyung, you didn’t see her last night, she was as white as a ghost and she looked terrified. It wasn’t like the other ones, something’s different, something scared the shit out of her” Daesung said, he noticed Jiyong and Taeyang exchange a look out of the corner of his eye.

“Isn’t it better to be prepared if something happens?” Seungri asked, Seung hyun let out a long sigh.

“Fine, but I don’t want a repeat of last time” he said sternly before walking out and slamming the door behind him.

“What is his problem? She’s a born killer” Seungri said with a small chuckle.

“Seungri I need you to go and help restock the bar for tonight” Jiyong told him making him laugh.

“Are you serious?” he asked raising his brow.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” he replied with a cold expression, Seungri shook his head and left muttering something under his breath.

“Alright, what’s going on?” Daesung asked and both men looked at him.

“What do you mean?” Jiyong asked cocking his head to the side.

“I mean the look you gave each other when I said something scared the shit out of _____, what do you know” he asked, Jiyong looked at Taeyang before giving him a nod.

“Someone was following us yesterday, I don’t know who he was, all I know is that he’s a foreigner like her and she freaked when she saw him” Taeyang said as he sat on Jiyongs desk.

“Is he an older guy?” Daesung asked, Taeyang narrowed his eyes at him.

“Yeah…..” he replied.

“I think it’s the same guy that’s been hanging around here, he appeared about a week ago and he was outside last night when I got back”

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Jiyong asked with an almost angry tone.

“I wanted to see what he was up to first, do you think it could be someone from her past?”

“We don’t know, we can’t find anything about her before she moved to Korea” Jiyong said leaning back in his chair.

“Actually I found out this morning that she moved to the area with her grandparents when she was ten, just after that fire at the hospital a few towns over I mentioned. The people there say they lived out of town and kept to themselves and she was home schooled, they died just before her eighteenth birthday of natural causes and then she just disappeared” Taeyang said looking at Jiyong.

“That must have been when she moved here, look into that fire and see if anything else suspect happened in that town. Daesung I want you to try and probe her during training for anything you can get about her life before she came here that could explain this man hanging around. And nobody tell hyung about this yet, I don’t need him going on a warpath, we were lucky the cops didn’t get involved last time”

Seung hyun practically ran up the stairs, he was filled with anger at the memory of the guys putting you in danger when they used you to get to him, he told them that no matter what happened or what you said to never let that happen. He couldn’t let it happen again, Seungri was right, it was better to be prepared for the worst. All the anger he felt subsided when he found you asleep on the couch, you had been so exhausted lately due to the little amount of sleep you got each night and he was glad that you seemed to be sleeping peacefully for the moment.

He gently picked you up and carried you to the bedroom where he laid down with you, placing you on his chest. He watched you as you slept, his mind wandering back to when he woke up in hospital. As soon as his eyes opened they looked for you, he tried to get up but his head was groggy and his chest felt as if a weight were sitting on it, restricting him from moving. As soon as he called your name you appeared, your face was covered in yellow stains, old bruises that were soon to disappear.

“I thought he got you” he said with a strained voice as he began to cry, he grabbed your hand and pulled you into him.

“Oppa” you stirred bringing his mind back to the present.

“Hmmm” he hummed as he looked at you, your eyes were still closed.

“Oppa please” you said as you lightly pushed him.

'She’s still asleep’ he thought to himself.

“No don’t touch him” you yelled waking yourself up.

“I’m right here” he said as he ran his fingers through your hair, you didn’t say a word, you only nuzzled into him to hide your face, you didn’t want him to see the pain that you knew was written all over it. “I wish I could get inside your head and fight off these nightmares”

“You can’t protect me forever” you whispered back as you stared at the wall, the dream still playing over in your head.

“I know….. That’s why I’m going to let you train with Daesung, so you’ll have a fighting chance if something happens when I’m not there”

“Really?” you asked as you pushed yourself off his chest so you could look at him.

“Yes, I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to you just because I was too stubborn” his lip curled up on one side as he looked down at you, his heart raced as he noticed your eyes sparkling back at him.

“Are you ready yet?” Hyorin called through the door.

“I don’t think this dress is me” you called back as you looked yourself up and down in the mirror, Hyorin had picked out the dress for you. It was a tight bright blue strapless dress that ended mid thigh, you never wore them because you always felt as though you were forever pulling it back up in fear of exposing yourself.

“What are you taking about? It looks fantastic on you” Hyorin said, she had let herself in.

“But I don’t feel comfortable” you said as you pulled it up.

“Well you don’t have time to change, the guys are waiting down stairs” she said picking up your clutch and handing it to you.

The guys went all out, they dressed up in suits and took you to a Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Seoul where the waiters wore tuxedoes and the other diners dressed equally well.

“So how did you two meet?” you asked looking between Seung hyun and Jiyong.

“Well after we broke up, I dropped out of college just to spite my parents. It didn’t take long for me to run out of money so I decided to start my mandatory enlistment, where I met this punk” Seung hyun told you and Jiyong gasped.

“Me, the punk? I don’t think so. This guy was the punk, he was forever starting fights and I had to jump in and help him” he said as they both laughed. “He was so angry all the time and I never knew why, I guess now I do”

“What about you two?” Seung hyun asked changing the subject.

“She used to work for me but she was terrible with the customers, so I had to fire her” you said before taking a sip of your wine.

“I was not” Hyorin said with a pout.

“You told a customer she looked fat” you said bluntly and you heard the two men laugh.

“Well she did, that cut looked terrible on her” she said defensively.

“But I liked how obnoxiously direct she was, it was refreshing to have someone around that was so brutally honest, so I decided to become friends with her”

“Sweetie, lets not get this twisted, I let you be my friend”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night” you said and the table went quiet, your nightmares were no secret to any of them, Seung hyun placed his hand on your back.

“We should get back” he said softly as he gave it a rub.

As the hummer pulled up to the club Seung hyun noticed a man sitting in a car across the street, it was to dark to see his face clearly but he could tell the man was watching them, Seung hyun stopped the driver and got out.

“Take the girls inside” he said before closing the door.

As soon as you were inside the garage Seung hyun began to walk over to the car, the man’s face became a lot clearer. He was older, much older and he was a foreigner, like you.

Hey, what are you doing here?” Seung hyun called from half way across the road, he heard the car start up and the man sped away before Seung hyun could reach him.

Seung hyun stood in the street and watched as the tail lights disappeared before heading back to the garage.

“Is everything ok oppa?” you asked as you got out of the car.

“Yeah, he was just lost and wanted directions” he lied as he lead you inside looking back over his shoulder to make sure everything was clear.

“When you punch, you want to follow through, like this” Daesung instructed as he demonstrated what he was telling you.

“Ok I think I’ve got it” you said before throwing a punch at the punching bag. Seung hyun had organised one of the spare rooms to be decked out with equipment for your practice.

“No, keep your wrist straight, don’t let it go limp or you’ll break it if you hit hard enough” Daesung scolded, he was taking this more seriously then you thought he would.

“Is this ok?” you asked throwing another punch.

“It’s better, keep practising” he said, he noticed that you were concentrating hard on your movements which meant your defences were down, it was the perfect time to ask questions. “So tell me about your grandparents, what were they like?”

“Strict” you said between punches. “But they were good people, they were only strict because they wanted me to be strong, so I could take care of myself”

“That’s why they taught you how to shot?” Daesung asked as he stepped behind the bag to hold it in place so it was easier to hit.

“My Pop thought it was important to know the ins and outs of a gun so if anything were to happen…” you stopped the sentence before you could finish it, you had already said to much.

“What did he think could happen?” he asked trying to bait you to reveal more.

“I’m not sure” you said as you gave the bag an extra hard punch making Daesung take a couple of steps back as a result.

“What about your parents, what were they like?” he asked stepping back up to the bag.

“I don’t remember” you said as you furrowed your brow, why was he asking all these questions.

“You don’t remember them?” he asked trying to act surprised.

“I need a break” you said as you stopped punching.

“Keep going, you need to push yourself”

“Just give me a minute” you asked and he shook his head at you.

“If you get tired in a fight the other person won’t give you a break, that could be the difference between life and death” he scolded.

“You think I don’t fucking know that?” you snapped at him instantly regretting it, he was only trying to help but his incessant questions and the lack of sleep was making you cranky.

“I think that’s enough for today” he said as he picked up a towel and threw it to you, you sighed knowing you had pissed him off.

“M-my Mother was kind hearted, she always saw the best in people no matter who or what they were. She spoiled my brothers and I with whatever she could, she loved us all equally” you said not bothering to look at Daesung.

“You had brothers?” he asked as he approached you and you nodded.

“Two, they were twins. They were the cheekiest pair of kids, always getting into trouble” you smiled as you thought about them, you hadn’t allowed yourself to think about any of them in so long that you weren’t sure if you would even remember them. “They were so young when they died”

“How old?”

“Six, they were practically still babies” you said as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“How old were you?”

“Ten, I couldn’t save them. By the time I got to them he, the fire was already at their room” you closed your eyes as their screams rang through your head.

“What about your father?” Daesung asked trying to push his luck. Your eyes snapped open at his question and you glanced at him before grabbing your drink bottle.

“I don’t remember him, he died before the twins were born” you said before taking a sip of your drink.

“That would have made you about four? Surely you remember something about him?” he asked, instead of answering you just shook your head. “Come on you have to remember something, like what he looked like, what colour his eyes or his hair was, did he have a beard or was he clean shaven, his build, the sound of his laugh, something”

You stared off in a catatonic state as the sound of his laugh rang through your head.

“Hey, you ok?” Daesung asked as he placed his hand on your shoulder, the sudden contact frightened you out of your zombie like state and something inside your brain snapped making you punch Daesung in the face. You gasped as soon as you realised what you were doing, Daesung looked back at you in shock.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t even know why I did that” you apologised as you held your hands over your mouth, you were shocked at your reaction just as much as him.

“What’s going on with you?” he asked with genuine concern as he furrowed his brow.

“I’m sorry, I’m just tired” you replied rubbing your hand over your face.

“Go get some rest, we’ll try this again tomorrow” he said with a small smile but his brow was still furrowed.

You could see the van, you were almost there, just a few hundred metres and you were free. A shot echoed through the snow filled field and you felt as if your heart stopped when the noise rang out, something pulled you to the ground. You looked over to see Seung hyun laying beside you reaching out, he was yelling something but you couldn’t hear it, the only thing audible was the thudding of your heart beat. You caught sight of a dark figure behind him before another gun shot, Seung hyun went limp as blood trickled from his temple, his eyes still open but soulless as they stared at you. You screamed as you turned around to see who was standing behind him, you went silent as soon as you saw who it was. your body was frozen still as you looked back at yourself, a smirk was plastered on your face as you placed the gun against your lips.

“Shhhhhh he’s sleeping”

You woke up with a large gasp, as if someone had just deprived you of air, stopping just shy of successfully suffocating you. You looked next to you but Seung hyun wasn’t there, you jumped out of bed and headed to the lounge but stopped in front of the door when you heard a low murmur of voices from the other side.

“I’m telling you something doesn’t add up” Daesung said in a clearly frustrated tone.

“And I told you you’re being paranoid” Seung hyun chuckled.

“You didn’t see what we saw, what I saw. She shot him point blank and didn’t even bat an eyelash and then……”

“Fuck” Seung hyun shouted cutting the other man off.

“What is it?”

“That car is back again”

“Hyung I don’t know if you should go out…” Daesung’s voice trailed off before you heard a door closing.

You opened the bedroom door and looked around, no one was there, you walked over to the window and looked out on to the street below. A black car was sat a few buildings back, you could see someone in the drivers seat but it was too far away to make out who it was. You saw Seung hyun walk out of the building closely followed by Daesung, they were headed for the car.

Hey you” Seung hyun yelled as he approached the car. “Daesung stand in front of the car so he can’t drive off” Seung hyun ordered pointing to the front of the car. He walked up and tapped on the window, the man wound down the window and smiled at Seung hyun.

I’m sorry if I frightened you” the man said smiling.

What are you doing here, are you lost?” Seung hyun asked as he crouched beside the car.

No, I’m right where I should be” the man replied making Seung hyun furrow his brow.

Oh really? And where is that?” Seung hyun said with a scoff, the man just smiled back at him.

Where my daughter is, you see she was taken away from me a long time ago and I’ve finally found her”

Seung hyun paused from a moment, staring at the man. Could he be? He looked as if he were the right age but he couldn’t be.

What’s her name?”

I would hope you would know the name of your own girlfriend” the man replied with a chuckle. Seung hyun stared at the man shocked at his confession of being your father, why would your family lie to you and tell you he was dead?

Seung hyun’s head turned towards the building, you knew he saw you in the window watching what he was doing. He turned back and said a few words to the man in the car before getting up and heading back to the building, Daesung trailing closely behind again.

You waited, watching the car drive off as they made their way back upstairs.

“You’re up” Seung hyun said as he entered the room.

“Who was that?” you asked still looking out the window.

“Nobody” he lied as he wrapped his arms around you. “Now come to bed, you need your rest for your training with this hard ass tomorrow” Seung hyun chuckled as he lead you to the bedroom.

You looked at Daesung, something about the look in his eyes made you uneasy.

To Shinhwa, from a Shinhwa Changjo: 

I, Mema (MsMemaaaa), promise that I’ll always support Shinhwa, always stand by them, in thick and thin. I won’t let haters bring the fandom down or break Shinhwa apart. I’ll do my very best to always defend Shinhwa.
I won’t allow haters to make me leave the fandom or dislike any Shinhwa member, or give up on Shinhwa. Simply put, I’ll forever be a Shinhwa fan, forever by their side, no matter what happens. My love & support for Shinhwa will never waver or fade away for any reason.

I don’t care if the members are all married, don’t care if they all have children .. As long as Shinhwa goes on & as long as they are 2gether 4ever, that’s all what matters to me.
To Shinhwa oppas, we don’t own you. Your personal lives are only yours, so get married, have kids & do whatever you want. And we, fans, our personal lives are only ours as well. So we’ll get married too & have kids.. we’re not responsible for each others’ lives. 

One day, I’ll celebrate with you the establishment of “Shinhwa Museum” along with your nth comeback, and the formation of “Shinhwa Juniors” group .. I’ll make sure my kids will be fans of that Shinhwa Junior group just like their mother is to Shinhwa ^^
As you’ve always protected us, SHCJ, I’ll always protect you as well. And make sure we walk together for many more years to come.
I didn’t come to this fandom to leave. I’m here to stay. Stay by your side. Always have, always will.

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 08

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

             ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01 | chap 02 |chap 03 |chap 04 | chap05 | chap 06| chap07

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

note sorry for the late update i was fixing my pc please let me know if you’re reading and sorry for any mistake @@


jimin grinned slightly his heart flattered it was a dream a really nice one your face who was really close to his neck his hand that rested on your thin waist warming your body he also saw the little angel resting between your bodies

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[BTS-JIN] I Need U (A)

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I do not own the GIF. Credit to the rightful owner(s).

*NOTE: a little scenario I came up with according BTS song “I Need U.” I wrote down their part in the song and then wrote a little short scenario based on the lyrics lol. Hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 511

하늘이 파래서 햇살이 빛나서 - The sky is blue and the sun is shining

내 눈물이 더 잘 보이나 봐 - So my tears are even more noticeable

왜 나는 너인지 왜 하필 너인지 - Why is it you? Why did it have to be you?

왜 너를 떠날 수가 없는지 - Why can’t I leave you?

“Jagi…. What do you mean, what are you trying to tell me…” Jin stuttered.

“You know exactly what I mean, Jin,” you said, looking at him with a blank face. “I’m not happy anymore.. I don’t think I have been for a long time. I need to go explore… something, anything. I don’t want to stay here all my life and be known as BTS Kim Seokjin’s girlfriend and nothing else… I want to make a name for myself too.”

“You’re not happy? Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I would’ve done anything for you Y/N! Quit the idol life, quit BTS, quit EVERYTHING!!! You can’t just leave like this! What happened to forever? What happened to thick and thin? What happened to ride or die?!” Jin screamed at you.

“Oh Jin, I wanted to but- I can’t do that to you. You’ve gone through so much to be where you are now, I didn’t want you to sacrifice your life’s work just for me, that would be way too selfish,” you chuckled darkly. You walked towards him slightly resting your right hand on his shoulder, holding your already packed suitcase in your left hand.

“Oppa… I’m sorry I couldn’t be the one for you. Please don’t waste your breath, and time, chasing and fighting for me. You only live once, go find someone else who can give you everything, someone who can take you to the finish line. Not someone like me, who can only crawl slowly halfway. I’m sorry things had to turn out this way,” you whispered softly as you saw the tears forming in his delicate eyes. You leaned in to peck him slightly on the cheek before walking away from all that you’ve built together.

“She’s gone,” Jin thought. He was curled into a ball, on the bed. He tried to cry, he really did, but no tears came out. The pain was indescribable though. It felt as if there was a weight on his chest, trying to cave his chest in, his stomach was doing backflips, not the pretty kind, the kind where you wanted to vomit and puke your insides out. You were his everything. You were the only normal thing in his eccentric life. The only one who could keep him sane and happy. 

“I’m not happy anymore…”

That one little sentence had crushed him, any hopes he had left for your relationship turned to dust, floating away in the wind. If it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have cared. He wouldn’t have felt what he felt. Any other girl, he would’ve let them go. But why, why did it had to be you? Why did you have to be the one to leave him?

“I’m not happy anymore…”

The sunlight glared beautifully into the empty bedroom that you both once shared, the sky, a clear, pure blue. A beautiful day it was, not a cloud in sight, yet on the inside, all Jin felt was a thunderstorm, rain falling in every direction.

“Why did it have to be you…” Jin thought as the tears slowly trickled down.

So, remember that threesome smut feat. Jin and Rapmon that I told you guys about yesterday?

Well here it is! I finally found it after forever. I don’t want to spoil anything about it, so I guess you just have to read it, also it’s long, ENJOY!

- Devi ;)


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Hello! Your blog is so beautiful !Like a candy for the eyes.Ok enough sweet talk, let's speak business ! RFA HC about MC being a sassy smart-ass, puns at every occasion and call them by nicknames...I do that all the time, try to guess 'em : "Ambiguous Flirting Narcissist", "Sleeping Coffee", "Slave 2.0", "50 shades of Han" (I also like to go by "Sebastian" if you get the reference lol), and my little fav "Absolutely any number from 1 to 99 excluding every 7" I hope you have fun with this, love !

LOL thanks, you’re funny!!!

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung was deeply focused on LOLOL
  • lazer focused
  • he had his headset on and everything
  • but MC wanted attention
  • “Yoosungieee”
  • they whined, watching him play at his desk from the bed
  • he doesn’t even flinch
  • MC crosses their arms in frustration
  • “Yoosung! gimmie attention!”
  • the only thing coming out of Yoosung is murmured curse words as he struggles to pick up his guild members slack
  • “geez…”
  • MC rolls their eyes
  • they raise their voice a bit
  • “hey, blondy!”
  • Yoosung moves one side of his headset off his ear
  • “sup?”
  • they scoot to the edge of the bed so they can wrap their arms around Yoosungs neck
  • “stop playing League of Losers of Life and pay attention to me”
  • “League of Loneliness of Life”
  • Yoosung corrects MC, still staring at his computer
  • as if that’s really any better….
  • “yea, yea. League of Lousy of Lame-os”
  • Yoosung rips his headset off and turns around to face MC, a menacing smile on his face
  • “you want attention that bad, do you?”
  • oh boy, they’ve really done it now
  • MC tries to scramble away from Yoosung, but he climbs onto the bed and grabs them, pulling them into his lap and squeezing them
  • “call me a lame-o again, MC! i dare you!” 
  • MC, still struggling against Yoosung, decides to play along spitefully
  • “lame-o! loser! forever-alone!”
  • Yoosung spins MC around and kisses them
  • “yea, but i’m your loser”


  • MC visits Zen at work often
  • and they just live to embarrass him
  • they would lean over the set railing frantically, waving their arms and taking photos
  • “Zen oppa!!!”
  • “Zenny please look over here!! i love you, Zen oppa!!!”
  • MC could see Zen start to blush
  • he walked over to them, happy to see MC there despite the fact that they insist on acting like a crazed fangirl
  • “i’m glad you came to visit, babe”
  • he smiles sweetly at MC and grabs their hands
  • oh, Zenny! you finally noticed me! your hands are so manly!! i’m feeling faint!”
  • MC lets their knees collapse, forcing Zen to catch them
  • he laughs a bit at their antics
  • “I fell in love with you because you were able to look through Zen the actor and see Zen the man…”
  • he pulls MC close to him, whispering in their ear
  • “but i must admit, seeing you fawn over me is a little exciting”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up, but they refuse to drop the joke
  • “oh, how scandalous! dont get so close to a fan or the papers will post our affair for the whole world to see! you career will be ruined!”
  • Zen kisses MC, still laughing a bit
  • “why do you insist on fueling my ego?”
  • MC breaks out of their fake fangirl voice for a moment
  • “because we both know you’re God’s ultimate mistake”
  • they immediately bring the voice back
  • “too perfect for this world! Zen oppa, you outshine the morning sun! you outshine all the stars in the sky!”
  • “baby, you’re just too much”


  • “did someone order a trenta soy milk mocha latte with two pumps of caramel and three shots of espresso?”
  • Jaehee looks up from the pile of documents she was sifting through to see MC standing in the doorway of her office with two giant starbucks coffees
  • “MC, you’re a total life saver”
  • Jaehee grabs the coffee and immediately takes six giant sips in a row
  • “so, Jaehee, your blood is pretty much just coffee by now, right?”
  • “i dont really think thats how it works-”
  • “cause i was thinking, if you drink enough coffee maybe eventually you’ll just become part-coffee. kind of like how spiderman is part spider”
  • Jaehee keeps quiet, curious to see how far MC is going to take this
  • “so, naturally, i’ve been coming up with some super hero names for you”
  • “like coffee girl”
  • she shakes her head
  • “it’s so unoriginal! you can do better than that, MC”
  • “Java Jaehee?”
  • “not…super enough”
  • “Americano avenger?”
  • “americano isn’t my favorite”
  • “Decaf defender?”
  • “MC, when have i ever had decaf coffee? ever?”
  • “okay, i got it now”
  • Jaehee sips her drink, waiting for the big reveal
  • MC stands on their chair, gesturing grandly
  • “Captain Cappuccino!”
  • Jaehee starts laughing so hard she nearly spits out her soy milk mocha
  • “and how does ‘captain cappuccino’ fight crime?”
  • “with her intelligence and diligence, of course”
  • Jaehee giggles again
  • there was never a boring moment with MC


  • Jumin was still getting used to MC’s sense of humor
  • “Jumin, come look at this thing I made”
  • MC was sitting in bed with their laptop, waving Jumin toward them excitedly
  • he sat beside them in bed, putting an arm around them and looking at the laptop screen
  • on the screen was a photo set of two pictures
  • one was a picture MC took of Jumin in their room, he was a little blurry and looked like he had just come into the room
  • it was labeled “Jumin”
  • the next photo was a picture of him, still blurry, halfway out of the doorway to the same room
  • it was labeled “Jumout”
  • he stared at the photos, trying to understand them
  • as he examined the screen, MC suddenly burst into laughter, startling him
  • he jumped a little as they giggled uncontrollably and clapped their hands together
  • they leaned on Jumin, laughing too hard to even be able to sit up
  • after laughing for a few more minutes, they noticed Jumin wasnt
  • MC wipes a tear away from their eye
  • “get it? like you’re jumIN the room? and then when you leave it’s like you’re jumOUT? in? out? get it?”
  • Jumin stared at the images for a few more seconds
  • he started to smile a little, and it grew into a giggle
  • Jumin’s genuine laugh was so cute, and something MC didnt hear very often
  • “you’re quite clever, my love”
  • “Seven said you’d never get it, but i just knew you’d love it!”
  • Jumin continued to giggle, hugging MC


  • Seven was working
  • when, as per usual, MC decided to bother him
  • they pulled up a chair to his desk and munched on a bag of honey buddah chips nonchalantly
  • “so, Seven”
  • he was used to them “bothering” him while he worked
  • “yes, MC?”
  • bother is in quotations bc he lowkey loves it
  • “is it true that you ate nine?”
  • he turns away from his computer, tilting his head at MC
  • “what?”
  • “yknow. why was six afraid of seven? cause Seven ate nine. you’re Seven, right?”
  • “no. my full name is Seven Zero Seven. man, MC, i thought we were close enough for you to know that”
  • “whatever. i still think you ate nine”
  • Seven rolls his eyes playfully and turns back to his monitor
  • MC wasnt done with the conversation yet, though
  • “but why 707? why not 611, like your birthday?”
  • “name myself after my birthday and practically hand my identity to these hackers on a silver platter? as if.”
  • MC eats a few more chips thoughtfully
  • “well if your nickname has no real meaning than i might as well just call you whatever i want”
  • Seven pauses
  • this sounds like trouble
  • “anyway, i’m gonna make lunch. you want anything, Eight?”
  • “really, MC? eight? thats the best you can do?”
  • he shakes his head in disappointment
  • “sorry, i shouldve known. i wont make a joke that lame ever again, Six-hundred and Sixty-Six”
  • a smile creeps onto Seven’s face
  • “maybe you should stick to Seven. it’s a lucky number, after all”
  • “really? my lucky number is sixty-nine. anyway, ill catch ya later, agent Four Twenty”
  • the smirk on Seven’s face grows as he returns to typing



The fics are all divided to which Admins wrote which. Titles that are bold are series that we have done. Scenarios are organised by the member’s age [Jin to Jungkook]. 

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  • Taehyung - Life Changing 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 [on-going]

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Remind Me

Shownu X You

*Monsta X*

Rated: Explicit for Very Detailed Smut

Word Count: 1529


chokonhanbin(AO3) Request :: “I need a smut continuation to this (Need I Remind You?)”

AN: No comment on this one. Just enjoy. Lol.

Cross Posted to AO3.

“I can’t have my baby girl thinking those types of thoughts, now can I.” He whispers against your lips. He then grabs the back of your thighs and lifts you up. Pressing you harder into the wall he grinds once more into you. “I’m going to fuck that thought right out of your head.”

“Fuck, Oppa, stop. Don’t you have a party to get back to?” You breath out, words releasing in a soft moan.

“Let the other guys moniter the party. I’d much rather stay right here. This is a much better party.” Hyunwoo says, breath cascading across your neck with every word. His hips move in slow circles, rubbing against your clothed sex.

The combination of his hips and the sinful kisses he placed on your neck causes your brain to short circuit and you to forget what it was you were even talking about.

He removes one of his hands from your thigh and slips it underneath your skirt grasping one of your breasts in a firm grip. He massages your breast over your bra while he sucks hickies into your neck.

Several minutes and many, many hickies later, Hyunwoo detaches his lips from your neck and repositions his hand on your thigh. He pulls you tighter into him and turns to walk over to his bed. He tosses you into the air and you land in the middle with a bounce.

You barely have time to situate yourself before Hyunwoo is crawling over you. He kisses you deeply as his right hand slides down your body and begins to unbutton your pants.

He makes quick work of your pants and underwear. He straddles your hips and sits up, pulling you up with him so that he could take off your shirt and bra as well. You lay back down as Hyunwoo nibbles his way from your neck to the top of your left breast, making sure to leave marks as he goes.

You hold your breath as he glides his tongue down to your nipple. He sucks on it as his hand comes up to keep the other one occupied. He grabs your arms, pinning them above your head. Your eyes meet his, shocked and excited, as he switches to the other breast.

Hyunwoo begins to move his hips just a little, letting you feel how hard he was, the length of him pressing right between your lips. Your clit pulses against his clothed erection, making your pussy throb and your head pound.

You meet Hyunwoo’s eyes one more and your hips move up with the tiniest, almost imperceptible rock. Hyunwoo presses into you, squeezing your wrists once, before letting you go. Your pussy aches, your clit a humming little swell between your thighs.

Hyunwoo moves back up as his thumbs move down to your nipples, circling around the hard nubs. You gasp as he begins to kiss you again. His tongue slips into your mouth and licks into it.

Hyunwoo kisses his way back down your body, this time brushing over your breast and continuing down to your core. He spreads your lips with his fingers and sucks your clit into his mouth, sending you over the edge so fast you begin to quiver and tremble from the delicious throbbing wetness between your thighs.

“Oh FUCK Hyunwoo!” You moan when Hyunwoo’s fingers open you up wider, finding your center. He slips two fingers inside moving them in and out of you as you ride out your orgasm.

“Oh God.” You groan, rocking against his hand, staring up at the ceiling, quickly working you back up. “Please.” You plead, as Hyunwoo bends down once more and licks over you, his tongue finding your clit and focusing right there, a wet little flicker that went on and on. You pull back, lifting your hips. Understanding what you want, Hyunwoo slides his fingers back inside of you, twisting them as he started to move in and out.

“Yes,” you hiss, his tongue sending the most delicious sensations along your spine. “Oh God, Oppa! Harder!”

He groans, the vibration of his voice moving right through you as his fingers move faster, harder, slamming into you as he works your clit with his tongue. You roll your head from side to side, dizzy with the feeling, wanting it to last forever and knowing you couldn’t possibly hold out against the soft lapping of his tongue and the pounding of his fingers into your pelvis.

“So close,” you whisper. It makes him lick faster, fuck you harder, making little encouraging noises in his throat that sent shivers through you. You feel the mix of your juices and his saliva running down your ass toward the blanket.

“Ohhhhhhh now, NOW!” You cry, unable to keep it back any more.

Your second orgasm comes like a tidal wave, sweeping over and drowning you in your own pleasure until you gasp for air, shuddering and arching against his mouth, his fingers still working between your thighs. It moves through you so long you think you are going to die right there, spread open on a blanket with Hyunwoo’s face buried between your legs. It soon begins to edd, in hot, pulsing waves, like a tide receding.

“Good girl,” Hyunwoo whispers against your pussy, feathering kisses all over you mound, giving you goose bumps. You pull at him until he comes up and kisses you. You groan as you taste yourself on his tongue.

“Please, Oppa.” You pant, your eyes half-lidded. “I want you to fuck me.”

Hyunwoo groans and flips you onto your stomach. “Hands and knees, Baby Girl.”

You scramble up and look back over your shoulder as he finally removes his clothes and grabs a condom from his bedside table. He slips the condom on and positions himself behind him. You feel the fat head of his cock rubbing up and down you slick cleft causing a shiver to tear through your body as he brushes your still sensitive clit. He slides back up and cicles once, twice around your entrance. He eases in, groaning the whole way, and your pussy, still fluttering from your climax, squeezes around him.

“God dammit!” He grips your hips and presses all the way in. “How are you still so fucking tight?”

Hyunwoo pulls his cock almost all the way out before slamming back into you again. You moan loudly as you press your face into the pillow below you. His grip tightens even more when he really starts to fuck into to you, driving you forward into the sheets. He spreads your legs wider with his thick thighs, pressing you open and thrusting his cock deeper.

“Do you like that?” Hyunwoo grits out, hand coming up to fist in your hair, pulling your head back at an awkward angle.

You become breathless, panting, as Hyunwoo fucks into you impossibly harder. “YES!” You arch your back “Oh God, you feel so good.”

You groan, feeling heat creep through your chest. Hyunwoo continues to pound into you from behind as you lift your hips for better access. The new angle cause Hyunwoo to hit the spot in you that causes you to scramble forward and for your fingers to clench into the sheets below you.

“Oh God!” You moan, feeling his cock swell inside of you, his balls slapping against your pussy with every thrust. “Oh yes, yes.” You gasp. “I love your big cock inside of me. Fuck me, Oppa! Fuck me, hard!”

Hyunwoo groans, his fingers digging into your hips further and his hand tightening into your hair. You feel yourself near the edge once more.

“I’m going to come!” You scream, as you bury your face further into the sheets. Hyunwoo swoops down and kissing the back of your neck again and again as he give pumps into you harder still, making you shake all over. Hyunwoo latches his teeth into your shoulder causing you to moan and hiss as your orgasm hits, slick walls clenching tight around the shaft of his cock and sucking him further into you.

“Oh fuck!” Hyunwoo cries and you feel his cock getting bigger inside of you, full to bursting. His thrust became erratic as he continues to thrust into you, driving you forward to collapse onto the bed. He snaps his hips into you one, two, three more times before he comes, growling and grunting as he grips your ass.

Hyunwoo collapses on top of you, resting for a minute before rolling off and disposing of the condom. He kisses you as he pulls you in to lay across his chest.

“Jesus, fucking Christ. Noona, what the hell mauled you?” Minhyuk asks, as you push a bunch of red solo cups on the floor so that you can sit in between him and Hyunwoo.

Your face heats up as you turn to hid your face in Hyunwoo’s chest.

“Isn’t it obvious? Clearly, Hyung got a little hungry in the middle of the night.” Hoseok provides, laughing softly as he leaned up against the giant fraternity letters that hung on the wall behind him.

“Nah, I just had to remind her who it was she belonged to.”


Another day in the world of K-Pop & things are going out of hand.

Today, JYP’s rising rookie girl group TWICE was at Gimpo Airport, heading to a schedule in China when talented main vocalist & leader Jihyo got hit by a fan. Apparently Jihyo was in the way of the fan’s TWICE bias and the fan hit Jihyo to get a better camera angle.

Jihyo was noted to have looked hurt and stated, “Please don’t hit me…I’m also a member of TWICE.”

This is not the first time an idol has been hit. It has mainly been due to anti-fans but once TVXQ/JYJ’s Yoochun got slapped by a sasaeng fan who hope to be remembered by oppa forever. I know this makes zero sense.

However, the many instances does not making hitting an idol anymore okay.

Idols are people too and deserve just the same amount of respect. No matter how much you love your bias or want a photo of them, hitting another person, let alone a fellow member and the leader of your bias’ group IS A BIG NO-NO.

If you would like to support Jihyo & send a message against rude and ridiculous behaviour to idols, join the #JIHYOPROTECTIONSQUAD campaign on Twitter & TWICE’s official Instagram.