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Prompts from the “Summer Hearts” verse

See here and here, for context.

Anonymous said:Oh boy. Things are getting intense for the summer fey’s human boyfriend. Got any prompts for the prince teaching him how to defend himself? (Or else imma have to agree with the princesses and say that he’s not gonna last long there)

Anonymous said:Oh shiiiit! Lmao say hello to your newest Spring faerie princess and winter faerie princess fan! Goddamn! I must have more prompts about those two!! You write faeries so beautifully!

Anonymous said:Don’t mean to request this so soon, but now IM DYING to see the human meet his boyfriend’s (summer fey prince) ex lover(s)!!! 

1) “Alright,” the fey prince planted his feet firmly on the grass. “Give it your best shot.”
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
A small smile flickered his boyfriend’s lips, familiar and mischievous like it had been before things got a little too serious. “You’re not going to hurt me.”
“I might!” the human said, a bit offended by the complete certainty. “Look at you, skinny little prick.” 
“Love, I can turn into a dragon. You know that. You’re not going to hurt me.”
“Well - I - I play a lot of sports and go to the gym,” 
“Yes, and you’re in very good shape, babe. Now try and hit me already.” 

2) “I thought you were teaching me how to fight.” 
“You win a fight against my kind with your wits, not your fists.” His boyfriend caught his hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles - the teasing gesture belief by the look on his face. The intent focus. He nudged the textbook on Fey law closer and settled back. “Knowledge is power. Summarize the first chapter for me so we can go do something fun. You can have a kiss if you get it right,”

3) When meeting the two of them, humans had the habit of expecting Spring to be kind. Spring was warm, youthful, harvest and rebirth. She was a flush of life, dark brown skin and eyes like the earth. Winter, privately, adored to watch her. Fascinated by the way flowers sprung to life beneath her feet and everything bloomed to life under her hands just like with her half brother, of the Summer Court. But life was hungry for all of her bountifulness, and Winter had never met someone so ambitious beneath their sweetness. Spring lacked the hedonistic laziness, the playfulness, of summer. Most of all, perhaps, Spring was forever waiting and trying to make Winter melt. She tossed an apple across as she swept into Winter’s diamondesque court, a burst of colour among the white as she threw herself into Winter’s lap as she fumbled to catch. Promptly plucked up the apple again from Winter’s hand and took a bite. “I have a seed of an idea for you, I think you’ll like it. You can nurture it for me.” “No.”
“You haven’t heard it yet.”
“I don’t have to, I know that look on your face.”

4) “Haven’t you ever heard that the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter?” Spring purred. She enjoyed the slight pink on Winter’s pale cheek, delighted to coax colour and life even in a place that most of the world mistakenly thought frozen and dead.
“You’re not forbidden.”
“Jealous? You can touch too if you like.”
Spring sighed. “I may as well be forbidden, for all your pragmatism. Tension between the courts, impractical to ruling, blah blah blah. With me on your side, we could rule everything. It’s a perfect alliance.”   

5) Considering what they knew now, they hadn’t expected…this when they saw their boyfriend’s ex. They’d expected a broken heart, some pitiful thing. A wraith of a person. This one was positively cheery and not in the slightest bit ruined.
“Such a good summer.” The old ex punched the Fey Prince in the shoulder, face wrinkled now with age and fondness. “Ever want to hide from the court, the two of you are welcome to come round. Just bring some of those sweets I like.” They looked at the other human. “The stories I could tell you about this one, oh lord.”

6) “You should be careful,” the ex lover said. “Bit of sunshine is wonderful, too much gives you skin cancer. Not the sun’s fault, but he forgets.”
“Who are you talking to?” their boyfriend called across the room. “We’re going to be late, come on.” The Fey Prince practically jumped on the spot. 
 “…actually forgets?” Something curdled in the human’s stomach.
“He doesn’t do well with old age nor goodbyes. Or pain. Or anything too serious as you might have noticed. Prefers to goof off. Anything human is a distraction to him from his duties, however sweet he finds you.”
“We’re engaged.”
“You’re a blip in his timeline. Human rituals mean nothing to a kindly one and that boy is old.” The ex lover glanced over, for the first time, grabbing their bags as the Fey Prince finally got bored of waiting and came over. “He hasn’t aged a day since he was with me.”

7) “It will be the best summer of your life if you don’t expect it to last.” 

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Summer Hearts Verse so far

Basically what the title says. I was curious how much I’d actually written for these guys, so I spliced the new prompt requests in chronological order with (most) of the story so far. Might even have a novel at the end of this haha :P

“Easy there,” the human said. They steadied the young man in front of them in the forest, stumbling, wild-eyed – handsome. “You alright, mate? Bit of a heavy night’s drinking?”
What the hell was anyone doing in the middle of nowhere!?
The man clutched at him, eyes going up and down him, assessing the human’s rucksack, his hiking gear. By comparison, the stranger was dressed in little more than – oh god, they were dressed in goddamn flower garlands. Nothing else. Just flowers. Like some risqué version of Midsummer’s Night Dream. A stag night?
“Now,” the stranger declared. “You’re just lovely. Are you running away too?”

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Hiii. So I’ve been waiting until I reached my goal of 1,000 followers to do this and I’m so happy I reached it before 2015! Thank you guys so much. To those of you who have been here from the beginning you’re amazing and I’m sorry you had to see my transition into a full on One Direction blog and Larry blog (I swear I didn’t mean to become this invested in their lives). I love getting messages from you guys so if you ever just want someone to talk to about anything, I’m here. Thanks for sticking around you guys! (p.s. sorry for the terrible edit :P) My favorite mutuals are bolded, sorry if I left anyone out, that does not mean I don’t love you, I just had a lot of names to go through and I’m only human!


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To the faceless bore-farts of the fandom...
SO… I see the rats have been running around the back-alley garbage bins looking for their discarded brain cells. Festering gossip and drama are an unhealthy dose of claptrap. It’s enough to want me to puke up last month’s dinner.You believe in so much ASSumption, why are you still here?Music festivals, hand holding speculation, a Drama Queen who calls herself a singer (thinly veiled words there) more like a childish diva not long out of high school (time to pull up those big girl pants and get in touch with the real world)If you choose to believe in gossip, then i think it’s high time you crawled back into ‘Narnia’ and wait for the Snow Queen to bring it forever winter, because common sense is like the magical wardrobe you stepped through (neither really exist)Bashing a young man you know absolutely nothing about, except for the bullshit you believe in tabloid rubbish and online fools fiction, does not make you worthy of speaking his name. Nevermind running around proclaiming to be his fans or having glass balls to run a site, based on how many times you rub yourself up and down his posters. As for bitching about the young woman who owns all her haters asses (yes she does, or you wouldn’t be shit scared of cryptic messages or instagram photos) you’re not in the same league as her so pipe down poisonous bitches and ask the Wizard for a brain (one is better than none)TPQ