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“I have always been kinda determined. I have always had a vision of things I have wanted to do and goals I have wanted to reach and nothing could stop me getting that. I am focused and I know what I want to achieve and I won’t get side-tracked. And even though I get down sometimes, I keep running the race of endurance to achieve those goals. It keeps me on track. I am dedicated.” Michael Jackson 1958- ∞

Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you

Happy birth day @caretaker-au

I feel shy a little to send this pic ><

i hope you will like this pic bud. I really fun at you comic so much. You do awesome work at it. ahhh I don’t know what to say with this. I have too many for tell you about awesome comic . I not a big fan of you comic but I’ll following and enjoy with you comic forever till that end bud. Thankie so much for make me Enjoy with this bud ^^

My thoughts on Fairy Tail Chapter 527

This scene…

and this one…

I don’t exactly know how I feel for this chapter… I’m happy that both Mavis and Zeref be together in heaven since both of them were dead and the curse probably lifted because we could see that they both holding hands and I’m sad that they didn’t became a normal humans. 

I’m surprise that Mashima didn’t even give these characters a hint of them having a child before they died. It’s the only thing they realize that their love for each other was exists through Augusts’ existence. 

But overall. I’m happy for this tragic couple, in the end, they still love each other despite the contradictions of the Ankseram curse. This is the first time that my fave canon couple eventually together and I will treasure Zervis in my entire life and I hope Mashima will create a spin off of them being the central characters. 


1. First notice this couple back in 2015 and when  they became canon on chapter 450…I’ve began to fall in love with this crack pairing and then I’ve began following Fairy Tail until now. 

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  • Catherine DeBourgh: Are you nodding because you agree with me?
  • Mr. Collins: Yes, I do agree with you. I agree with you on all things. Throughout history and till the end of time forever.

I cannot fucking believe that Hiveswap is going to a thing that I am playing in motherfucking ~2 days. hooopy shit. I hope there’s many bits and pieces of mystery to over analyze. I hope joey mentions roxy/mom a lot. I hope there’s hints of sburb lore, and however grandpa harley came to do the things he does (but that’s probably gonna be more hauntswitch territory) 

I already know the art and the autumn/90′s/alien atmosphere is gonna be great. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love all the characters. I can’t wait for in-depth alternia info, and a glimpse into the lives of the average alternian troll. 

and I love point and click adventure games so this is just, my shit in every way, holy flip