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Fangirl Challenge ⇨ [1/10] Favorite Pairings
↳ Kazehaya Shōta & Kuronuma Sawako

❝ Let me take it. It’s a perk of having a boyfriend…It’s my privilege to help you out. ❞  - Kazehaya Shōta


The most AMAZING and SWEET scene in the movie in my opinion 💛 💛 💛 💛love ya guys!!
Lena: “What are you yelling at me for?” 
Ethan: “You want to be a normal human? What do you think that is? We don’t have powers to just change things whenever we like. Being human is feeling bad. It’s feeling pissed off. It’s feeling scared and not being able to do anything about it until you don’t feel that way anymore, until you can just see your way out of it. And I yelled at you because I care about you. That’s what normal people do when they love each other when one of them is acting like a brat. Now would you please stop raining on me.” 

rickk-sanchez  asked:

I'm glad to see another Rick and Morty storyboard artist on tumblr! How would you describe a typical day at work?

Here’s my typical day at work, in chronological order:

-Drink Coffee
-Draw Morty doing something stupid on the whiteboard in the kitchen
-Sit down at my work station trying to keep my eyes open cause I didn’t get enough sleep then spill my coffee on my desk and burn my hand.
-I dry off then open whatever sequence I’ve been working on and start drawing – and drawing and drawing. Right now I’m drawing a cool scene where Rick ******** and then Jerry *****. And Morty is like “*******!!!!” (sorry, I can’t give out spoilers for season 3)
-I laugh at my own jokes like I did just now.
-I return to my desk and draw some more. It’s routine but fun … until I have to draw Beth.
-I think to myself, “Why is it so difficult to draw Beth correctly?! I’ve redrawn her about 5 times and she just looks weird to me.” 
-Ted the storyboard artist next to me is yelling on his phone at customer service. I choose to ignore him. 
-I draw Beth correctly on the 6th try. Success! “It took forever but this is the best Beth scene I’ve ever drawn!”
-”I am so proud!” – then we get notes. First note: “We have rewritten the Beth scene. It will have to be completely redrawn.” Normally whatever you spend the most time on is what gets cut or changed. It just works that way somehow. 
-I draw the Beth scene again. The drawings aren’t as good this time but the story works better. I’m glad the scene was rewritten. 
-Time to go home!
-I put on my superhero costume, fight crime, stay up too late and don’t get enough sleep for the next day.

So yeah, this is a typical day but not an exciting day.  


make me choose → asked by westillbelieveinheroes
Crowley or Lucifer?


Hey there, Christine. It’s me, your father. Dad, Dada, Daddy. If you’re watching this right now, I’m dead. If I was a good father to you, you’re sad right now. If we had some sort of, like, falling out, let’s just forget about it and move on. It’s not worth it. You know, personally, I’m doing everything I can to get into heaven right now. But your mother believes…well, she thinks that…I tell you what, why don’t you ask her? It’s complicated. These are the last words that I’m going to speak in this world, so here goes.


Talk to me, Rust.


chasing life appreciation week: favourite episode | S01E08 “death becomes her”

“I hate cancer. I hate cancer so much I made it my life’s worth to destroy it. And I know that our greatest chance of beating this is to deal with it head on. Just look it straight in the eye and kill the bastard.”


Yes I cover our connection with hostility- because yes I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away like you said and never come back, then yes I will be honest with you, I will be honest with you about what I want.