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I know I literally requested these asks in my tags, BUT THANK YOU FOR OBLIGING ME SO BEAUTIFULLY. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to talking about 2jae’s Extremely Close Interview because I haven’t had much time to keep up with GOT7 lately, and I know that the wonderful @huggableyoungjae already talked about it so beautifully, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT AS WELL BECAUSE:

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What would be the end arc for your character, if you could write it yourself? I actually don’t know because of how last season left off. There are so many options. She could run with Littlefinger and become a villain and sadistic. Or she could also team up with her brother Jon. I’ve actually just got the scripts for [season] seven, so I don’t want to say too much because I’ll probably end up slipping some truths out.


musical theatre meme → [3/10] female characters → carrie white
I will not cry. I’m okay. I’ve tried so hard to play their way. Why do they find it so hard to say ‘Carrie’? If I could, I’d bring them all down to their knees. I’d make them sorry forever for teasing Carrie.

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Leo it’s not that deep 😂

Tinder F*ck

So I’ve always been too careful to meet up with people from the Internet.

Until this morning.

Yesterday evening I started talking to a guy who was intellectual, sexy, and extremely open about his sexual desires. Although he didn’t express his wants in the mainstream way a man usually will via social media. It was poetic, the way he described how he wanted to hurt me. He promised he would be there before work.

4:45 a.m. I unlocked my front door and went back to bed. 5:30 a.m. I wake up to a stranger on top of me. He kisses me like he’s known me forever. Then starts to tease me like he owes me the unbearable angst he’s causing. He goes down on me and demands that I cum. He slaps my breasts. Twists my pierced nipples until tears came to my eyes. He slaps my pussy hard and then licks it tenderly. He insisted my hands stay in his hair, squeezing his thick locks so he knows how well he’s doing.

He’s finally ready to cum, sometime after my third orgasm. He becomes animalistic. He thrusted me upwards towards the headboard and crawled between my knees, wiped his mouth, told me how sweet I taste, and forced himself inside me. He is an animal. He’s now choking me so tightly I can’t breathe, looking at me gasping with such admiration in his eyes. “Good girl” he says. “Embrace the pain, it’s only getting me closer to see you struggle.” Every time he caused me pain, made me gasp, or choke I could feel a twinge inside me, him getting harder with every cry. Finally he came. He filled me with his cum and, cradled my pussy, brought his hand to my face, and made me taste myself and the remnants of him.

He was then calm. Like the ocean after a storm. He stroked my hair and told me how beautiful I was. My lion quickly became a lamb folded into my arms. But his teeth marks lie on my neck/between my thighs to remind me, just how ferocious he can be.

He put on his scrubs and left for work. He looked so innocent, so professional. I also put on my business casual and hurried to work. I’ve been wet all day thinking about what he will do to me next time.. What he will make me do to him..


It’s only fair and in line with their obvious parallels to each other that Phoenix would endear himself quickly to almost every Ace Attorney: Investigations character while Miles is forever the one being teased.

Raymond recognizes Phoenix as ‘that man’ ™ as well as the boy from Gregory’s stories about the friends Miles made at school. He soon realizes that Phoenix returns Miles’ admiration and that he cares very deeply about him. It’s easy to like the man with how he invests himself in others’ well-being.

Kay latches onto the chance to get to know ‘that man’ ™, and WOW, he’s really nice! Sure, he gets easily as exasperated as Mr. Edgeworth at her, but man is it easy to see how early and much he cares about her - knowing her for only for about a few hours. And it’s more than that she’s a friend of Miles. He just cares. Plus she gets to know Trucy and they bond over the hijinks they do! She’d make an awesome thief for the truth if she ever wanted to expand on her magician’s act.

Sebastian gets another Dad. Phoenix adopting other people is just a thing he does. (I don’t know Sebastian as well so I haven’t got any ideas for him yet.)

Phoenix even manages to endear himself to Lang’s people. Lang is baffled to no end about how that happened - especially that they like Phoenix so much that they give Lang dirty glares if he bothers the man. So he has to accept that the defense attorney now has taken up the ‘mom’ act next to his own ‘dad’ act as long as he’s going to work next to Interpol / stands under their protection.

It helps that he witnessed Phoenix break down a steel door by himself on the third day after meeting him. So that prosecutor pretty guy has at least good taste in friends.



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He couldn’t help it. He just couldn’t stop himself from smiling every time you came into the room. It was childish, he knew that, and if anyone realised what he was doing, they’d tease him forever but he just couldn’t stop himself. It didn’t matter if he was in a foul mood, one smile from you and he was happy. That’s how he knew he had it bad.

Jungkook Appreciation

Happy Jungkook day!! This is the last day of appreciation week but of course as always, these are just 10 reasons that Jungkook is amazing, it’s far from being every single reason but these are some of my personal favorites

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