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Shopping With Your SD

So I just received an ask about tips for shopping with your SD, so I just decided to make a post about it.

  • Go for quality over quantity. Try and have him take you to a store like Barney’s, Bergdorffs’, Saks, etc. as opposed to “regular stores.” I love H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitter too ladies, but I can buy that shit for myself. If I’m shopping with someone else’s money, I want the best, not the most.
  • First Priorities: Clothing for dates, things like expensive dresses, shoes, lingerie etc. and luxury basics, such as a perfect pair of jeans, perfect white T, leather jacket, etc. The date stuff is obviously useful for, well, going on dates, and usually your SD likes to see you in things he buys for you. The luxury basics, on the other hand, give you the most bang for your buck in terms of elevating your overall wardrobe, because you have those great pieces to build on. These items will be useful even if you SD left you the next day. You have the wardrobe necessary to get a new one fast, and those piece will last you for years to come. I would also include anything you NEED on this level of priority, so if you needed a new winter coat, make sure you get one.
  • Second Priorities: After getting a good base of date clothing and basics, next time he takes you shopping, aim for things you want but wouldn’t buy for yourself. For example, I do shop with my allowance, but would probably never drop a couple grand on a handbag or a pair of Loubs. But my SD might in addition to my allowance, so I’d get them then. This is also the time when you can buy more “trendy” items that you just want to have.
  • Jewelry is always a great option not because it’s practical, but because you can always sell it in a pinch for a high resale value.
  • On that note, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep tags, certificates of authenticity, and receipts, and put them someone you won’t lose track of them. It’s really hard to resell something for a good price without proof that it’s authentic, and authenticating something without that proof is really hard as well. In the case of selling things like designer bags, the difference in values is THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • Don’t stop until you get enough. Don’t worry about looking greedy. Your SD will let you know when he’s ready to stop. Remember, he brought you here to buy things, so don’t get too anxious about whether or not you can get something. He’ll let you know if you can’t.
  • Keep your SD involved. Shopping can get boring for SD’s and they don’t want to be made to feel like a walking credit card. So keep him involved! Show him what you try on, ask for opinions, always say thank you! Try to keep it fun for him, and then he’s more likely to want to take you again.

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Hey darling, how has your day been??? You haven't been active and I'm (and maybe more) are worried about you. I know you've queue post but that's it. Don't force yourself to write prompts if you can't. Losing a best friend is tough but try to talk to other friends. They can help. I love you

Hey huni, my day wasn’t the best. I’m exhausted and my prom date informed me that they will be going with another person… 

Yes I know I haven’t been active, I’ve had no motivation/energy to do anything  :( 

I need to write the prompts because I feel bad every time I see them I feel guilty because they’ve been there forever. 

I didn’t think losing a best friend would effect me like this. I literally can’t take care of myself atm. I hate to say it but I have no other friends to confide in. I go to a very small school and people don’t usually like me. They also give me anxiety whenever I have to talk to them, about a personal problem. Also I don’t want to burden people with my domb problems when other people have there own. 

That’s why it hurts so much to lose Ty as a friend because I never had anxiety talking to him, I told him everything. Now I can’t tell people and I’m just bottling it up :( 

Sorry for ranting. I know it’s stupid. 

While you’re waiting on someone to ask you to dance, maybe it’s best you take this time to learn to dance alone.
—  The only advice a single person needs to hear
criticalum’s prompts

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soooo these are some prompts that you can request and please give credit if you use these; just tell me the number and boy you want and ill try my best to write it  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

1. “i can always tell who you are by just your eyes, but now all i see is a completely different person

2. “no one ever listens to me, so why do you?

3. “i may not be able to call you mine anymore, but i can miss you all i want

4. “you are not allowed to use me

5. “please don’t leave

6. “you can say sorry all you want, but you cant take back all the hurt and pain you caused

7. “i dont have hope anymore

8. “im not scared to love you, im scared to lose you

9. “ive told you so many times but you dont even listen

10. “i havent played a single note or uttered a single lyric ever since you left

11. “waking up to an empty bed hurts every morning and still i do nothing about it

12. “is that my fucking diary?!

13. “you dont know how to love me when youre sober

14. “maybe its time to call it quits

15. “please tell me that its fake

16. “do you not love me anymore?

17. “i will not date you, so stop asking me to

18. “i get that were not dating anymore but i kinda left my most favorite thing in the world in this apartment, and i need it back, like pronto

19. "it’s four am and youre probably sleeping but im sitting here crying

20. ”stop being cute im trying to be mad at you

21. “we’re like parallel lines, close but never together

22. “i wish i could believe you

23. “i was doing so well until you showed up

24. “i really shouldnt have read our old texts but i did and now i miss you a lot

25. “you never even told me why

26. “ive tried to move on from you but you always stop me from doing so

27. “i’m not tired because i need sleep im tired because of this relationship” 

28. “so i meant nothing to you?” 

29. “are you ashamed of me?” 

30. “tonight i will love you, but tomorrow you wont even care

31. “id rather you yell at me;the silence is worse

32. “um, this is a box of your stuff i had after we broke up and im returning it now because well its been a year and a half

33. “out of all of the people in the world, it had to be you, a limpet of a human, to be my soulmate

34. “if you keep straddling me like this i am not responsible for what im about to do to you“ 

35. “god, you annoy me” 

36. “youre so soft and warm and i could cuddle you all da—hey stop trying to leave me! baby stay with me some more” 

37. “is that all i am to you?” 

38. “hold my hand and never let go” 

39. “i never thought itd be you im having this conversation with” 

40. “i could totally beat you at a contest to see who can go the longest without kissing the other” 

41. “one day im gonna call you mine” 

42. “i feel empty without you” 

43. “can i do your makeup, baby?” 

44. “if you want to break up with me, dont be a wimp and just do it!” 

45. “it doesnt matter how much i drink, how many people i fuck, how often i get high, it’s always you on my mind and i hate that” 

46. “ive hated you since the day my eyes landed on your gremlin face so why do i have the sudden urge to kiss you?” 

47. “you have me but i dont have you” 

 48. “stop messing with my feelings” 

 49. “do you seriously love me or is this just your sarcasm again?” 

 50. “i miss having you in my arms” 

 51. “i refuse to be the little spoon, dont do this to me” 

 52. “im not saying i love you because im drunk i promise you i mean it” 

 53. “i never learned how to say goodbye because people often leave without saying it” 

 54. “i believe that we can be extraordinary together instead of ordinary apart” 

55. “i thought you were different” 

 56. “i never thought it would end like this

 57. “i dont care about your boyfriend/girlfriend! i care about you and i just wishes you cared about me the same way” 

 58. “youll regret breaking my heart” 

 59. “leaving you was the biggest mistake ive ever made” 

 60. “its either me or him/her—choose” 

 61. “did you just call me babe?” 

 62. “you make my heart ache and my head hurt but i still adore you

 63. “why wont you let me love you?” 

 64. “grab your keys because were going on a drive to clear our minds

65. “what do you mean you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” 

66. “i havent seen you since our breakup but um wow you look very nice like really really nice” 

67. “can i kiss you or would that be weird?

68. “i didnt know you could sing!” 

69. “is that what i think it is?” 

70. “id rather you break my heart than any other guy/girl” 

71. “i wish you were here with me” 

72. “you’re physically here but not mentally and that kills me” 

73. “are you really that blind?” 

74. “i just need you to hold me” 

75. “i shouldve kept my mouth shut” 

76. “we never got closure” 

77. “i think you have the wrong number” 

78. “i can just sense the sexual tension“ 

79. ”are you trying to make me jealous?

80. “i could kiss you forever and i would never get tired of it

81. “i snapchatted you for nudes stop sending me selfies of you using the worst filters

82. “take your shirt off

83. “i dont get it, im literally throwing myself at you but you still dont acknowledge me

84. “im not playing hard to get im actually just really hard to get

85. “this is not the time for your terrible sex jokes, we are literally lost in the middle of nowhere

86. “did you just throw a ball at my head to get my attention?

87. “i cant date you; you’re my best friend’s brother/sister

88. “im not who you think i am

89. “youre my home

90. “i cant believe i gave you the power to destroy me

91. “why have you been avoiding me?

92. “stop quoting my songs or i am leaving you

93. “we are gonna look back at today and all we’ll feel is nostalgia

94. “i miss being yours

95. “i know we arent exclusive but it breaks my heart to see you with him/her

96. “im better than this. i deserve more than this half assed relationship

97. “do you ever miss me?

98. “do you really think you can sing to me to fix what you did wrong

99. “what do you mean that you hate my band?

100. “that was the worst pickup line ive ever heard

Shawn Mendes - Mistletoe (based on the video)

Request:  Hey do you think you could make a Shawn imagine based on the mistletoe music video by Justin Bieber? X


“Tell me everything!” Shawn told me putting two cups of coffee to the table. I laughed taking the cup in my hands and feeling its warmness. He always did it. When he was back he wanted to know about everything that happened since he left, but he already knew everything, because we talked on the phone almost every day.

“What do you want to hear?” I asked smiling at him.

“I don’t know, just tell me something. I like to hear your voice,” he chuckled and I felt myself blush.

Shawn and I had been friends since forever. Our moms were friends, so we spent half of our lives together. He was one of my best friends and I was glad that our friendship didn’t vanish when he became a star. Lately I noticed that he had been acting differently with me, but in a good way. He always compliments me, and says how beautiful he thinks I am, he tries to make me laugh all the time and he takes every opportunity to touch me in any way. I wasn’t that good in dating or anything, I had never had a real relationship, my first kiss was accidental, because Mike Clayton mixed me up with one of his classmates and kissed me on the school dance, then realized I wasn’t the person he was looking for so he just left me to find the real girl. Awkward, isn’t it? Well, my lack of experience didn’t let me be 100% sure about what Shawn might had wanted from me, so I never did anything that could be flirty or anything like that. And I also didn’t believe that Shawn would want to date me out of all the girls. He had some really beautiful fans out there, there weren’t many chances that he would choose me.

He was talking about something in connection with the tour when a gorgeous, blonde girl sat down to our table. I furrowed my eyebrows at her as she cheerfully greeted Shawn with a hug.

“Hey, I hadn’t seen you in forever! Can’t believe you are back!” she jabbered not even noticing me at the table.

“Hey Jessica, what’s up?” he asked. It felt more than awkward to just sit there and listen to their conversation. I was jealous of how out-going the girl was, she had a great response to everything, I always wished to be like her.

While they were having a sweet talk I was just focusing on my coffee and I waited until the girl left, still not acknowledging my existence.

“Sorry, she is just a friend,” Shawn explained when we were alone again.

“No problem,” I gave him a fake smile hoping he wouldn’t notice it that it actually was a problem.

He didn’t question it, so I just moved on. When we finished our coffees Shawn suggested to take a walk at the advent fair. That was one of my favourite parts around Christmas. The atmosphere, the lights and the music, I just loved everything in it.

We found a photobooth and of course that we made some random, and silly photos of us. Shawn let me keep them, so I quickly put them into the book I had in my bag. We stopped at one of the booths and I tried on a silly hat.

“How do I look?” I asked giving him my best model look. He laughed taking his phone out and he took a photo of me posing in that crazy hat.

“Amazing, you should buy it,” he told me searching for another funny hat, but than that annoying blonde girl came up to us again.

“How little is the world?” he giggled taking a look at the scarfs.

“Yeah, sure,” Shawn nodded. I felt left-out again, I didn’t know if he just wanted to be nice or he didn’t notice how bad I felt around her, but he didn’t sent her away. So as they were discussing something about a stripped scarf I walked over to a shop. A beautiful dress was on the Paris doll, but seeing the price tag I knew I would never be able to wear it. I sighed taking one last look at it, and then seeing Shawn still talking with that girl I decided to just go home.

I won’t lie, it hurt that Shawn “ditched” me over that blonde girl. I was expecting a nice evening only with him, but I guess I wasn’t that important to him to only focus on me.

I changed into my pj’s early that night and sat in my window looking at the snow falling. I thought I would read some more chapters and then go to sleep. Opening the book I found out photos from earlier. I bitterly smiled and put them to my desk.

“Honey, you have a gift,” my mom told me entering my room and putting a huge box to my bed.

“A gift? From who?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows. I had no idea who could send me a gift.

“I don’t know,” she said but I could see through her, she knew who sent it. But instead of asking more questions I just opened the box. That gorgeous dress was folded in it with a card lying on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I took the dress out. Putting it down to my bed I started to read the card.

“You’re My Christmas wish. Meet me outside. –Love, Shawn”

I ran to my window looking out and there he was, standing on the street, waiting for me. I quickly changed to the dress, needless to say that it was perfect and I just wanted to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Especially because it was from Shawn.

When I ran down the stairs my mom just gave me a smile and a wink. Then I stepped out of the house catching Shawn’s attention.

“You look breathtaking,” he said taking a long look at me from head to toe.

“Thank you. And thank you for the dress,” I smiled at him blushing. “Where are we going?”

“To the dance,” he said winking at me.

Our town had a beautiful dance at Christmas time, but I never attended it since I didn’t have a partner. I was happy that Shawn could be the first one to take me there and secretly I wished he would be the last one. He escorted me to the middle of the dancing crowd and immediately put his arms around me. I tried to control myself and not get nervous, but it was hard, since his face was so close to mine.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I should have been focused only on you,” he said as we were slow dancing. I shrugged.

“It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. Because you are my priority.” My heart started to beat really fast hearing his words. He glanced upwards and I followed his gaze. We were standing right under a mistletoe. “What a coincidence,” he whispered looking back at me.

“You think so?” I asked smiling. A sweet smile spread across his face before he leaned closer and finally kissed me. His lips worked perfectly against mine, I wished this moment would never end. Shawn was a really good kisser, much better than Mike Clayton, if you ask me.

When we pulled away neither of us said anything, no words were needed. I just got my best Christmas gift ever.

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How do you know your bf is the one? Aren't you scared of only being with one person your whole life?

No he’s the best guy I have ever met, he’s the sweetest person, and he will literally do anything for me. He’s the most loyal and loving person ever. I don’t want any other guy or picture myself with anyone else. Anytime I go on twitter or ig or see them out in public and see how guys are I am SO grateful for my bf, like I feel like god sent me a perfect man from above just for me🙏, I could never ever ever be with any other guy. They are immature, gross, and douchebags. We’ve been dating for 4 years and we are together everyday and it’s still fun and we miss each other and can’t stand being apart, I mean yeah sometimes I want to punch him in the face but I only want to punch HIM in the face not some other guy, I never imagined myself with someone forever until I started dating my bf. He’s the best, he does anything to make me smile and anytime I’m sad he takes me to sephora.